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Honda XLV750R, ,

XL1000 Varadero
, cc996cc
244 kg
(/)23 km/L (at the time of 60 km travelling)
(**), 2300 mm x 950 mm x 1500 mm
(Tokyo area) 960,000 Yen
Water cooling 4 stroke DOHC4 valve V type 2 cylinder
type SD01E
, cc996 cc
()98.0 mm
()66.0 mm
Full transistor type battery ignition
Force splash combined use system
Self system
()- 4.2 L
()24 L
, (..) /.80 kw (94 ps)/7500 rpm
*(*)/.98 N m (9.9 kg m)/6000 rpm
, /-
, 23 km/L (at the time of 60 km travelling)
, 2.8 m
Semi-double cradle
27 degrees/30 minutes
110/80-R19 59H
150/70-R17 69H
. 296 4,5 3-
. 256 5 3-
, 43 . 155 .
Pro-Link, . 145 .
Wet multiple plate coil springs
type Regular gearing type6 step return
1st gear
2nd gear
3rd gear
4th gear
5 speeds
Variable speed car change gear ratio -


Продажа Honda XLV750R статистика — MotoBAY.SU

2935BDS KANTO14 июня 2017HondaXLV750R1984750RD01RD01-100013631 3373200 000 ¥100 000 ¥SOLDбелый, красный, синий

192 300 р.*199 800 р.*

2780BDS KANTO31 мая 2017HondaXLV750R1984750RD01RD01-100013631 3363226 000 ¥100 000 ¥SOLDбелый, красный, синий

206 800 р.*214 300 р.*

5355BDS KANTO14 декабря 2016HondaXLV750R1984750RD01RD01-100013631 3353268 000 ¥260 000 ¥SOLDбелый, красный, синий

230 100 р.*237 600 р.*

0641BDS KANTO8 июня 2016HondaXLV750R1985750RD01RD01-100002712 3094502 000 ¥250 000 ¥SOLDбелый, красный, синий

360 200 р.*367 700 р.*

7053JBA YOKOHAMA13 мая 2016HondaXLV750R1984750RD01RD01-10000511 8113200 000 ¥170 000 ¥SOLDтриколор

192 300 р.*199 800 р.*

0458BDS KANTO20 апреля 2016HondaXLV750R2002750RD01RD01-100009828 5673396 000 ¥200 000 ¥SOLDбелый, красный, синий

315 000 р.*322 500 р.*

2831BDS KANTO27 января 2016HondaXLV750R1986750RD01RD01-10000383 3994492 000 ¥380 000 ¥SOLDбелый, красный, синий

354 600 р.*362 100 р.*

8246BDS KANTO27 мая 2015HondaXLV750R1983750RD01RD01-100003649 6524284 000 ¥150 000 ¥SOLDбелый, красный, синий

239 000 р.*246 500 р.*

8409BDS KANTO8 апреля 2015HondaXLV750R1985750RD01RD01-10000892 9744404 000 ¥100 000 ¥SOLDбелый, красный, синий

305 700 р.*313 200 р.*

0356BDS KANTO3 декабря 2014HondaXLV750R1983750RD01RD01-100023614 0484338 000 ¥150 000 ¥SOLDбелый, красный, синий

269 000 р.*276 500 р.*

7238JBA YOKOHAMA14 ноября 2014HondaXLV750R1984750RD01RD01-100022811 7932238 000 ¥100 000 ¥SOLDтриколор

213 500 р.*221 000 р.*

2609BDS KYUSHU29 августа 2014HondaXLV750R1984750RD01RD01-100012317 3374376 000 ¥240 000 ¥SOLDбелый, красный, синий

290 200 р.*297 700 р.*

8051BDS KANTO18 июня 2014HondaXLV750R1983750RD01RD01-100007321 2884242 000 ¥0 ¥SOLDбелый, красный, синий

215 700 р.*223 200 р.*


honda xlv750r - The Full Wiki

Honda XLV750R(D) Manufacturer Production Predecessor Successor Class Engine Power Torque Transmission Wheelbase Seat height Weight Fuel capacity
[[File:|300px|Honda XLV750R(D)]]
XL600V Transalp and XRV650 Africa Twin
Type: four stroke, 749cc, air-/oil-cooled, 45° V-twin with 90° crank pin offset

Bore and Stroke: 79.5mm x 75.5mmCompression Ratio: 8.4:1Valve Train: SOHC; three valves with hydraulic tappets per cylinderCarburetion: two 36mm Keihin suction carburetors

Ignition: CDI, two spark plugs per cylinder
45.5 kW (61.0 hp) @ 7,000 rpm
Template:Convert/Nm @ 5,500 rpm
five-speed; final drive: shaft
1,480 mm
860 mm
189 kg (416 lbs) (dry), 220 kg (484 lbs) (wet)
19.5 liters (including the 5 liter reserve)

The Honda XLV750R is a dual-sport motorcycle manufactured from 1983 to 1986 by Honda Motor Company, Japan. A first prototype of the motorcycle was introduced to the public at the Paris motor show ("Salon de la Moto") in October 1982. The XLV was initially intended for the European market only, but from 1985 to 1986, it was also sold in Australia.

The XLV750R (Honda type designation: RD01) was Honda's first dual-sport motorcycle with two cylinders. It has an air-/oil-cooled V-twin engine with hydraulic valve tappets and a shaft drive. Those two construction features make the XLV a very low maintenance motorcycle. Other technical highlights at the time of introduction were the dry sump lubrication system (with the main frame acting as an oil tank), the three valves per cylinder (two inlet valves / one exhaust valve), the two spark plugs per cylinder and the crankshaft with off-set pins.

[[File:|thumb|left|Honda XLV750R(D)]]

The distinctive air scoops mounted below the fuel tank on either side of the motorbike provide additional cooling for the rear cylinder. They were only installed after tests of prototype models revealed thermal problems of the engine.

Honda had intended the XLV to be a tourer with limited off-road capabilities. It is therefore hard to understand why the XLV was presented to the press on a motocross track. In the early 1980s, most dual-sport motorcycles had only one cylinder and weighed about 120 to 150 kilos - compared to them, the XLV with its 220 kilos (fully fueled) seemed to be unfit for sporty off-road driving.

Initially the XLV was sold in the aggressive colours of the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), namely blue, white, and red, with a red engine, red fork rods and red hubs. This model bears the additional designation "D".

[[File:|thumb|left|Honda XLV750R(F)]]

In 1985, a revised version of the XLV750R was introduced, bearing the additional designation "F". The XLV750R(F)-models were improved in some details (tamer cams resulting in 6hp less power, improved automatic cam chain tensioners, improved carburetor setup, among other minor modifications) and had a black engine and golden rims with black hubs. These motorcycles were painted in the colour combinations black/blue metallic, black/red metallic and black/silver grey and were mainly marketed in Italy, France, and Australia. Honda never officially offered them in Germany, probably because the demand was very low due to the mainly negative press the XLV had received there.

In 1986, the production of the XLV750R (RD01) was discontinued. Up to this day, Honda never again produced a dual-sport motorcycle with a shaft drive. Officially, the RD-genealogy was continued with the solely chain driven models NX650 Dominator (RD02 and RD 08), XRV650/750 Africa Twin (RD03, RD04, RD07), XR650L (RD06), SLR650/FX650 Vigor (RD09), XL650V/XL700V Transalp (RD10, RD11, RD13) and FMX650 (RD12). The type designation "RD05" was not assigned.

Due to its (in Honda proportions) low production numbers of approximately no more than 10,000 units worldwide ("D"- and "F"-models combined), the XLV750R is quite seldom seen - and in many countries, especially outside of Europe and Australia, it is an extremely rare bird.

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