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Honda Amaze Price, Specs, Review, Pics & Mileage in India


Honda Cars India launched the Amaze sedan on 11th April and since then they have managed to sell it in very good numbers. It was one of the most anticipated sedan in 2013. It is available in both diesel and petrol. As per the company claims, Honda Amaze diesel is the most fuel efficient sedan in its class with mileage of 25.8 kmpl!! This car will try to snatch the crown of India’s largest selling compact sedan from Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire. Honda India has priced the Amaze very aggressively at INR 4.99 lakhs for the basic model of petrol and INR 5.99 lakhs for the basic model of diesel. Does it have the potential?

Fast Facts
  • Available in both petrol and diesel
  • Amaze is Honda’s 1st diesel sedan for India
  • Honda claims that Amaze is the most fuel efficient car in India
  • Mileage of Honda Amaze diesel is 25.8 kmpl as per ARAI
  • Available in ten variants: 6 of petrol and 4 of diesel
  • Petrol engine - 88 bhp at 6000 rpm, 110 Nm at 4800 rpm
  • Diesel engine - 98.6 bhp at 3600 rpm, 200 Nm 1750 rpm
  • The 1.5 litre diesel engine is the most powerful in its segment
  • Transmission - 5 speed manual (Petrol and Diesel), 5 speed automatic (Petrol only)
  • Top variants (VX) comes with safety features like 2 SRS airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution)
  • Basic variant of Honda Amaze petrol is priced at INR 4.99 lakhs
  • Honda Amaze diesel's basic variant is priced at INR 5.99 lakhs
  • Available in six shades: Majestic Blue Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Carnelian Red Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Urban Titanium Metallic and Taffeta White
  • Honda Amaze also features heat absorbing front windshield (a first for a car of this segment)
  • ABS and EBD is standard in all diesel and petrol automatic variants

In India compact sedan means a hatch car with a boot and Amaze is no different. It’s a Brio based sedan and shares most of the styling bits with its younger sibling. To make it look different and fresh, Honda has restyled the face of this car. The radiator grille and front bumper of this car completely differentiates it from its younger sibling. The twin layered chrome grille makes it look classy and goes well with its pointed headlights. Its bumper has a small air dam but the sharp cuts and lines on it make it look extremely aerodynamic.

In fact, we would say the flowing and noticeable lines are the best part of this car. The shoulder line and wheel arches enhance the sporty stance of Amaze when seen from sideways. Amaze shares it side panels and wheel size with Brio. The biggest difference between Brio and Amaze lies at the back. Honda engineers have paid a lot of attention while fixing its boot and we must say they have done a commendable job. Maruti Dzire may be the largest selling compact sedan but people aren’t much satisfied with its tail looks. The trunk fitment becomes the biggest task while you convert a hatch into sedan without increasing much of its length. This car certainly looks well designed and proportionate than any other compact sedan in India. The tail section features full size clear lens tail lights which sits high on its broad rear bumper. The lip spoiler and chrome plate on its trunk adds premium touch to this car.


Honda Amaze gets the interiors of Brio with no major changes. It doesn’t look premium but can be accepted for an entry level compact sedan. The front seats of Amaze are similar to Brio which gives you enough space and support. This car has a seating capacity of five people and feels quite comfortable thanks to the extended wheelbase. The rear space of Amaze is better than Dzire in terms of head room and knee room. The top variant 'VX' features power windows, AC with heater, central locking, tilt steering, 2 DIN integrated music system with steering mounted buttons, driver seat height adjustment, rear seat armrest, dual tone seat fabric and heat absorbing front windshield (a first in its class).

External Dimensions

The Honda Amaze measures 3990mm in overall length, 1680mm in overall width and 1505mm in overall height. The 2405mm wheelbase offer spacious interiors also the ground clearance of 165mm remains same with both the petrol as well as diesel variants. It comes with minimum turning radius of 4.5 m for the petrol variant and 4.7 m for the diesel one. The width between the front wheels is 1470mm and 1460mm between the rear wheels.

Internal Dimensions

Honda Amaze is very spacious and offers enough legroom as well as headroom to its passengers. For the passengers at the back the leg room goes from min 740mm to max 980mm while at the front it stretches from min 620mm to max 840mm. Also the headroom at the front is of 990mm and at the back is of 920mm that makes sure comfort during long journeys. The kerb weight for the manual petrol E variant is measured at 950 kg, for the EX variant it is 955 kg and 965 kg for both the S and the VX variants. Whereas the automatic variants Honda Amaze S and Honda Amaze VX are offered with 1005 kg and 1010 kg respectively. The diesel variants are available only with the manual transmission and it weighs 1060 kg for Honda Amaze E, 1065 kg for Honda Amaze EX and 1075 kg for both the Honda Amaze S and Honda Amaze VX variants.

Boot Space and Capacities

Honda Amaze offers comfortable sitting arrangement for 5 passengers. While the boot space for the Amaze sedan is very spacious at 400 litres. Also the interiors are being offered with two cup holders as well as four bottle holders. The fuel tank capacity of 35 litres is also the same for both the petrol as well as the diesel powered Amaze.

Comfort and Convenience

Honda Amaze comes with all the essential comfort features like power windows, power steering, music system, remote central locking (keyless entry), powerful AC and defogger. The top variant also features front fog lights, electrically operated outside rear-view mirrors and adjustable power steering, rear seat centre armrest with glass holders and front fog lamps.

Dashboard and Storage

The neatly designed dual tone dashboard of Brio can also be seen in Amaze. Its small central console features circular AC vents on either sides. Its instrument console and three spoke steering wheel is very stylish and futuristic. The dashboard of Honda Amaze has an integrated spacious glove box which can be used to carry essentials. Amaze has two cup holders in its gear console while it features roomy pockets on its all four doors. Boot capacity of Honda Amaze is 400 litres and it certainly looks more spacious than any other compact sedan available in India.

Music System

The 'EX' variant of Honda Amaze features a single DIN music player with Aux-in and USB port. The 'S' and 'VX' variants of Honda Amaze come equipped with a double DIN music player with Aux-in and USB port. It also comes equipped with steering mounted controls similar to Brio. The basic variant 'E' comes with an option to get music system installed by making extra payment (1 DIN or 2 DIN).

Engine and Gearbox

Honda Amaze is available with two engine options; one each of petrol and diesel. The 1.2L petrol motor is already doing duty in its hatch variant, Brio. It generates maxmimum power of 88 bhp at 6000 rpm while its maximum torque of 110 Nm, which arrives at 4800 rpm. Amaze is Honda’s first car to feature a diesel engine in India. It is a 1.5L i-DTEC engine, which has been specially designed for Indian market. It generates maximum power of 98.6 bhp with a peak torque output of around 200 Nm. The diesel engine features Honda's Earth Dreams Technology. Honda's 1.5 litre i-DTEC diesel engine is India's one of the most clean and fuel-efficient engines. The engines are mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. There is also an option of 5-speed automatic gearbox in petrol model.

Acceleration and Performance

The petrol engine has already been tested and the performance is almost similar to the Brio hatchback. Honda Amaze takes around 13 seconds to reach 0-100km/hr. It’s a very refined engine which performs best at high rpms. The light weight of this car will help it get the best power to weight ratio in its segment. The 1.5 litre i-DTEC diesel engine of Honda Amaze is very powerful and most fuel efficient in its class. As far as performance is concerned it can easily outrun its main diesel compact sedans including the Maruti Swift DZire, Chevrolet Sail and Toyota Etios.


Honda cars have always been popular to be very frugal and environment friendly. Honda Amaze is no different; Honda claims that Amaze diesel is the most fuel efficient saloon in India with mileage of 25.8 kmpl!! The petrol motor is also very fuel efficient with respectable mileage figures. Amaze petrol with manual transmission returns mileage of 18 kmpl and automatic petrol variant returns mileage of 15.5 kmpl.

Safety Features

The top variant 'VX' of Honda Amaze sedan comes equipped with safety features like front fog lamps, engine immobilizer, 2 SRS airbags and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution). ABS plus EBD is standard in all diesel and automatic (petrol) variants.

Suspension and Brakes

Honda Amaze shares the suspension and braking system with Brio. Honda is offering ventilated disc brakes at its front with drum brakes at the back. The front suspension is Independent McPherson Struts and rear features Torsion Beam Axle.

Ride and Handling

The increased wheelbase (2405mm) makes this car different than Brio in terms of ride and handling. Amaze has the electronic steering of Brio which add the right feel to this car. The low ground clearance (150) increases its aerodynamics and we expect it to be more stable than its rivals.


Honda is providing 40000kms/2 Years warranty on Honda Amaze, whichever is earlier. The customers can also get 40000 kms/2 Years maintenance package for Honda Amaze.


Honda Amaze is available in ten variants: 6 of petrol and 4 of diesel. The basic variant of Honda Amaze petrol is E, then EX, S and VX. Same is with diesel - E, EX, S and VX. The petrol model is also available with automatic transmission and it is available in two variants: S and VX.

The basic variant of Honda Amaze is ‘E’ and it comes equipped with electric power steering, front & rear power windows, manual AC with heater, central locking, tilt steering, front chrome grille, body coloured front and rear bumpers, immobilizer, rear micro antenna, eco lamp, fuel consumption display. The next variant is ‘EX’, in addition to the features of ‘E’ it comes with 1 DIN music system with front speakers, body coloured door handles and body coloured outside rear-view mirrors.

In addition to the features of ‘EX’ variant, the Honda Amaze ‘S’ features 2 DIN integrated audio system with steering mounted audio controls, driver seat height adjustment, rear seat armrest with glass holders, keyless entry, power adjustable outside rear-view mirrors and full wheel covers. The top variant is ‘VX’ and in addition to the features of ‘EX’, it comes with front dual SRS airbags, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution), alloy wheels, power foldable outside rear-view mirrors with turn indicators, front fog lamps, rear defogger, dual tone seat fabric, heat absorbing front windshield and dual horn.


Honda has priced the Amaze very competitively; the basic variant of petrol (E) s available for INR 4.99 lakhs and basic model of diesel (E) is priced at INR 5.99 lakhs. The price of Petrol EX is INR 5,24,000, Petrol S is INR 5,62,000 and Petrol VX is priced at INR 6,60,000. The Diesel EX is priced at INR 6,24,000, Diesel S at INR 6,67,000 and Diesel VX is priced at INR 7,60,000. The Automatic S is available for INR 6,62,000 and Automatic VX is priced at INR 7,50,000.


Honda Amaze is available in six shades: Majestic Blue Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, Carnelian Red Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Urban Titanium Metallic and Taffeta White.

Pros and Cons

Pros: The Amaze sedan is equipped with a powerful diesel engine that offers best in class fuel efficiency. It has excellent cabin space that makes sure comfortable ride for the passengers as well as the driver. Also the sedan comes in proper three-box proportion arrangement that is the boot integration does not look abrupt or truncated as with the other sub-four metre sedans.

Cons: The powerful diesel engine beyond 4500rpm becomes too noisy. Also the basic petrol variants lack the basic safety features such as ABS, EBD and airbags. The petrol motor has weak mid-range that makes you to shift down the gear every time you need to accelerate quickly.

Honda Amaze vs Maruti Dzire

Styling: Both the Honda Amaze and the Maruti Dzire are based on a hatchback. The Amaze is based on the Brio and the Dzire on the Swift hatchback. With the proper three-box design the Honda Amaze looks like a saloon designed from the very beginning. Whereas the Swift DZire is not the best looking car in our country with the boot unwillingly slapped on it, which makes it look very odd. The 400 litre boot of Amaze lets you squeeze more than that of the 310 litre boot on the Dzire. Amaze features a 25mm shorter wheelbase than the Dzire but still is very spacious from the inside thanks to clever packaging.

Interiors: Both the cars carry the same dashboard as their hatchback siblings. The moment you get inside the Dzire the stylish dashboard is much more pleasing than in the case of Amaze. The Amaze’s dashboard lacks in style as it looks a bit basic and doesn't give any classy feel. The Amaze offers typical Honda fashioned driving position, with lower dashboard which results in great visibility. But the front seats are better in Swift Dzire with superb cushioning as well as the driving position. Move on to the back the Dzire is not that good. It does not offer much legroom and headroom as that of the Amaze's. The Amaze can get a third passenger comfortably at the rear but not so in Dzire.

Performance: Honda has packed its first diesel sedan with an all-aluminium, common rail, twin-cam 1498cc diesel motor. Tuned to deliver 98.6 bhp at 3600 rpm with 200 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm, it pulls clearly from the 1200rpm and has a strong mid-range. The Amaze is significantly powerful, drives much better and also has very little turbo lag. Which is not the case with Dzire, though it features a 1248cc Multijet diesel engine that belts out 75bhp power at 4000 rpm and 190 Nm of peak torque at 2000 rpm. But it has noticeably more turbo lag and it also waits till 1800rpm to get full turbo boost.

The Amaze is quickest of the two with hitting 100 kmph in 12.97seconds which is half a second quicker than 13.40 seconds taken by Dzire. Press on to the 140kmph mark the Amaze extends the gap to 3.2 seconds. But the biggest disappointment with the Amaze is that the diesel engine gets vocal when you accelerate hard. Whereas the Dzire motor is much quieter and smoother than the Honda Amaze. Both the diesel engine delivers almost same mileage figures. Amaze returns 15.2kmpl in the city and 20.8kmpl on the highways. Maruti Swift Dzire returns mileage of 14.6kmpl in the city and 19.8kmpl on the highways. But the major difference here makes is the fuel tank capacity. Dzire has a 42 litre tank to the Amaze's 35 litre, which means the Dzire can travel a 100km more than the Amaze.


Honda India has priced Amaze very aggressively at INR 4.99 lakhs for the basic model of petrol and INR 5.99 lakhs for the basic model of diesel. This segment is soon to become the most popular segment of cars in India and to mark its strong presence; Amaze has an acceptable price tag. At this price point it is for sure that Honda Amaze is going to sell in huge numbers.

Honda Amaze Diesel vs. Hyundai Xcent Diesel

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Honda Amaze Price in India, Images, Mileage, Features, Reviews

Deprived of diesel powered models in its Indian portfolio, Honda took the diesel route with a new model christened Amaze. Introduced to Indian customers in 2013, the compact sedan quickly climbed the popularity chart emerging a strong threat to arch rival Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire. Three years post its debut; the company felt the need to upgrade the model in a bid to keep abreast with the rising competition and rolled out new Honda Amaze encompassing significant cosmetic updates. While the engine line-up remains unchanged, the compact sedan has received a new CVT and NVH levels are claimed to be improved.

New Honda Amaze encompasses cosmetic change primarily bestowed on the inside, whereas exterior remains largely unchanged with a couple of updates. Priced at Rs 5.41 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) new Honda Amaze is a viable choice in the thriving compact sedan segment. A breakthrough for the Japanese brand as far as diesel models go, Amaze has touched new high in the sub-four meter sedan space. With Amaze, Honda not just dived into the diesel engine space but it also forayed in the compact sedan segment which by then wasn’t as popular as today. Launched in 2013, the model received minor additions through the years, but with choices piling up in the segment, Honda had to bestow a proper upgrade upon the compact sedan to keep abreast with the rivals. Tweaks made to Amaze are largely cosmetic, exterior has changed subtly but major changes are visible on the inside. An all new dashboard and a much up-market cabin brings Amaze a notch up from the preceding model. Honda has added a couple of new features to the compact sedan adding to its credentials. Mechanicals remain unchanged, although Honda claims to have tuned engines to yield enhanced performance. Considering that it measures under four-meters, the compact sedan offers a roomy boot. The new Amaze line-up is available in four variants E, S, SX and VX in both petrol and diesel guise. Transmission choices include a manual and a CVT options with latter available only on selected petrol trims. With the new updates upping the ante for the compact sedan, Honda Amaze price in India has witnessed insignificant change.

Honda Amaze Exteriors

To start with, exterior changes are not copious but they do lend a new look to the compact sedan. Most of the tweaks are visible on front profile featuring a reworked thick chrome grille, redesigned fog lamp enclosures and a revamped bumper. Retaining the radical silhouette, Amaze does not sport any design change. The blackened head lamp units have also been tweaked appearing larger even the bonnet has been widened. Flanks feature conspicuously rising belt line supported by character lines. The raised boot features a thick chrome band running across the width of boot lid. Rear side of the compact sedan features renewed tail lights, other than this rest remains largely unchanged.

Honda Amaze Interiors

Moving to cabin, Honda Amaze gets prominent change there, especially the dashboard is all new. Adorned by the new design, the dashboard gets new air con vents, dials and buttons on the changed centre console. The floor console gets three cup holders, coin holder and a useful cubby hole beneath climate control. Plastic quality has visibly improved; the instrument cluster is large and easily viewable. A hint of chrome is seen around the AC vents in the middle and around glove-box. A three-spoke steering wheel is present inside; storage space is ample too especially around the door pockets featuring bottle holder and storage bins. The cabin wears a dual tone colour theme featuring black and beige (beige more on a lighter side). In terms of space, the cabin scores well offering good room to passengers seated in front as well as at the back.

Honda Amaze Engine Specifications & Transmission

Variants  Fuel Type Displacement (cc) Power Output  Transmission  Fuel Efficienty (ARAI)
E Petrol 1198cc 87bhp 5-Speed  17.8
S 5-Speed  17.8
S-CVT CVT  18.1
SX 5-Speed  17.8
VX 5-Speed  17.8
VX CVT CVT  18.1
E Diesel  1498cc 99bhp 5-Speed 25.8

 Engines powering the petrol and diesel versions are taken from the predecessor. Petrol variants use a 1.2 litre i-VTEC petrol mill churning out peak power and torque of 87bhp and 109Nm respectively. Diesel version houses Honda’s 1.5 litre i-DTEC engine pumping out max power of 99bhp along with 200Nm of top torque. Both the engines come mated to a five-speed manual gearbox along with an automatic transmission available only on the S and VX petrol variants. The engines have been tuned to deliver improved performance as per Honda. Furthermore, the company claims to have worked on the NVH level which has been reduced as compared to the previous model.

Honda Amaze Features

On the outside dual chrome grille is equipped in front; flanks get body painted ORVMs with turn indicators and body coloured outside door handles. Mudguard is available across range in front and rear, save for the base trim. Inside the cabin Amaze gets climate control, new dashboard and a new instrument cluster reminiscent of Jazz. Moreover the new 3D speedometer comes with multi-information display, there is a tachometer, eco lamp, shift positioning indication, instantaneous fuel economy, clock and an information display flashing average fuel economy, cruising range, dual trip meter and total km run.

Honda Amaze Performance & Mileage

The petrol powered Amaze is capable of delivering 17.8 kmpl for the manual variant whereas the CVT version claims to deliver 18.1 kmpl, slightly up from the manual trim. Diesel powered Amaze on the other hand can return ARAI rated fuel economy of 25.8 kmpl.

Honda Amaze Accessories & Infotainment

HondaConnectApp is available at an additional cost on the new Amaze. The audio system with Bluetooth and HFT is also available inside along with steering mounted audio controls. 

Honda Amaze Braking & Handling

Power to stop speed comes from disc units in front whereas rear features drum units. Since there is no change in the mechanical set-up, the handling remains akin to the preceding model.

Honda Amaze Safety & Security

Prominent safety equipment such as dual airbags for driver and co-passenger and anti-lock-braking system with electronic brakeforce distribution are available. Other significant safety features on board are front fog lamps, rear defogger, front seat belt pretensioner with load limiter, driver seat belt reminder, WAVE key, high mount stop lamp and immobilizer.

Honda Amaze Comfort & Convenience

Vital comfort features such as collapsible electric power steering, digital AC controls, automatic AC, power windows in front and rear, front power window auto down for driver side, keyless entry, height adjuster for driver, power folding as well as adjusting outside rear view mirrors, rear seat centre arm rest with cup holder, accessory socket, 3 cup holders on floor console, seat back pocket and four bottle holders (one on each door) are loaded inside.

Honda Amaze Wheels & Tyres

Alloy wheels are available only on the range topping variants while rest of the variants have to make do with full trim wheels. These alloy rims are shod to tyres measuring 175/65 R 14.

Honda Amaze Competition

The compact sedan segment has grown over the years with the launch of new models like Honda Amaze, Hyundai Xcent and Ford Aspire. In terms of popularity, Maruti Suzuki’s Swift Dzire remains the favourite, but as mentioned above Amaze has a number of rivals such as Hyundai Xcent, Ford Figo Aspire, Tata Zest and Volkswagen Ameo.


Honda has made prominent changes to the interior like new dashboard designChrome treatmentImproved plastic qualityYet another significant change is the addition of new features such as climate controlNew dashboard and instrument clusterHonda claims to have worked on the NVH level and there is a new CVT tranny available on select petrol variants


Too much use of chrome in frontInside the cabin.

Honda Amaze Price in India, Images, Specs, Mileage

Honda Amaze Overview

Based on the Brio hatchback, Honda Amaze is the brand's first compact sedan. With its unbelievable price and mileage numbers, the car has been designed to meet the small car norms of being less than 4m in length, thereby gaining tax concessions. The car comes with a 1.2-litre i-vtec petrol engine and an all-new 1.5-litre i-dtec diesel motor. It is also Honda's first car with a diesel engine. With the Amaze, Honda hopes to regain its dwindling sales.

Honda Amaze Exterior

Honda Amaze is a rather nice-looking car. The car is visually appealing and ticks most of the right boxes. Although Honda Amaze might just seem like a Brio with an added boot, it's much more. The front grille and bumper of Honda Amaze have been redesigned to make it look easily distinguishable from the Brio. The front bonnet and front fender almost seem to be carved as if the engineers at Honda kept aerodynamics in mind. The car seems chiselled with lines running across the body, as if sculpted by air. The side profile of Honda Amaze carries two strong shoulder lines running from each end, finishing in parallel at the front door. The front fascia features a rather large air intake grill under the headlamp cluster and the front grill. The front grill has a dual chrome lining with the proud Honda logo sitting at the top. The wheel arches of the Honda Amaze aren't as profound as you'd expect them to be, but they're subtly Honda. The boot of Honda Amaze is neatly integrated into the body and the car has a nice rear end to it. The rear of this car is much better than most of its competitors, especially the rear of the Maruti Suzuki DZire. The beautiful clear lens tail lamps are the highlight of the rear. The wheelbase of Honda Amaze has been increased for more room inside and it measures 2405 mm. Therefore, the car offers a lot of space inside as compared to the Brio, thanks also to the clever interior design. The Honda Amaze is 3990 mm in length, which gives it the tax advantage of being under 4 metres. The width of Honda Amaze stands at 1680 mm and the height is 1505 mm. With 165 mm of ground clearance, the Honda Amaze is a good city run about. The car rides on 14-inch alloy wheels, which look very elegant. They come wrapped in 175/65 section tyres, which provide decent grip. Overall, Amaze is a modern and funky-looking car.

Honda Amaze Interior

The interiors of Honda Amaze, in whatever way you put it, are similar to the Brio hatchback in design. The quality, fit and finish of the plastics are the same as that in the Brio, which is average, and comes in a dual tone design with black and beige shades. However, the design is slightly uninspiring and it is very evident that Honda has done some cost cutting. For example, the rear tail gate is made entirely of glass and looks cheap, and so does the brownish colour of the dash, which isn’t the best quality either. What has improved over the Brio is the overall cabin space, due to the extended wheelbase. There is enough space for five fully-grown over-sized Indians in the car and that too in comfort. The seats are nice, and offer enough thigh and lumbar support. There is a lot of knee room, while the head room is just about enough. Thanks to the big windows, the cabin feels airy, as compared to the Maruti Suzuki Dzire, which feels cramped. The Amaze also has far more boot space than the Dzire, measuring 400 litres. The ergonomics of Honda Amaze are spot on and one feels instantly at home in the car. It's great to find a good driving position with the pedals and steering falling into place right where you want them to be. If not so, the steering wheel is adjustable for a better position. The audio system and air conditioning unit is close to the driver to provide more comfort. Equipment level is decent and includes features such as driver info display, steering-mounted audio controls, ABS, airbags, keyless entry, cup holders, etc. The top-end version of the Honda Amaze also gets a rear central arm-rest with built-in cup holders if you fancy yourself some chauffeur-driven indulgence.

Honda Amaze Engine & Transmission

Honda Amaze gets the same 1.2-litre four-cylinder i-vtec petrol motor that the Brio hatchback has. The engine develops 88 PS of power at 6000 rpm while the torque produced is 109 Nm at 4500 rpm. The engine is super responsive in the city traffic and like all i-vtecs, this too develops peaky power and really comes alive beyond 3000 rpm. The petrol engine gets the choice of a manual and automatic variant too. Amaze also features a diesel variant in its kitty and is responsible for most of the car’s sales. The 1.5-litre i-dtec diesel engine makes 100 PS of power at 3600 rpm and 200 Nm torque from as low as 1750 rpm. This brand new mil is essentially the same 1.6-litre diesel engine that Honda has for the international market with 100 cc of volume chopped off for tax savings. This 4-cylinder motor is also the world's lightest 1.5-litre diesel engine, which has been possible due to use of aluminium in the construction.

Honda Amaze Mileage

Honda Amaze returns a claimed mileage of 18 kmpl with the 1.2-litre petrol engine coupled to manual transmission and while mated to the automatic gearbox, it is considerably less. On the other hand, Honda Amaze diesel is the surprise package with a claimed mileage of 25.8 kmpl and is clearly the most fuel efficient sedan in the Indian market!

Honda Amaze Braking and Safety

Braking is good as well with Honda offering ABS on the higher versions which helps in emergency braking situations. The 175/65 R14 MRF tyres also work well and offer good grip during braking. Safety features in the Honda Amaze include ABS, airbags, etc. The car has also been tested for crash worthiness.

Honda Amaze Performance and Handling

While the petrol Honda Amaze is no different than its younger sibling, the Brio, it's the diesel that has the sprightliest performance from the word go. It's i-dtec diesel motor is the lightest 1.5-litre diesel engine in the world. With 100 PS power on tap, the car has great acceleration and pick-up. The car pulls cleanly from just about idling all the way to 3500 rpm and being a diesel motor, the torquey delivery aids in city driving. Stick this to a light chassis, Honda Amaze, and you have a real performer. The Amaze diesel leaves Swift DZire trailing in its wake and can out run almost anything in its segment. The car is bonkers fast and you have to drive it to believe it. However, the NVH levels are a bit too high with diesel under the hood. There is a lot of clatter, which filters into the cabin and is just not natural for a Honda. Handling of Honda Amaze is good and justifiable for its price segment. It is nimble and the steering is light. The car is predictable till a limit; however, when pushed hard, the rear does step out. The car rides on 14-inch allow wheels wrapped with 175/65 tyres, though we feel that car does appear to be slightly “under-tyred.” Having said that, the tyres are comfortable, providing low road noise, and absorb minor undulations with ease.

What do we think about Honda Amaze?

With prices starting at Rs. 5.2 lac, Amaze is a value-for-money car in a price-conscious market. Factor in the Honda badging, and the Amaze seems a compelling buy, if you're in the market for an entry level sedan. The car is fuel efficient, a good handler, fairly well built and has the all-important Honda badging to its name.

Honda Amaze Competitors

Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire is the chief competitor of Honda Amaze. However, Amaze has more powerful engines, more space and a lot more character. Tata Indigo Manza, Toyota Etios, Mahindra Verito and Chevrolet Sail are other entry-level sedans that one can consider. However, Amaze has a lot going for it in terms of space, power, reliability and the all-important Honda service back-up.

Honda Amaze - цена, фото, тест-драйв, характеристики, видео и отзывы владельцев

Японский автоконцерн Honda, прочно занимающий лидирующие позиции на мировом подиуме гигантов автомобилестроения, анонсировал новый седан Honda Amaze .

Сильное конкурентное давление, со стороны ведущих авто корпорации, заставляет этот концерн постоянно обновлять линейку своих машин. Это позволяет ей удерживать лидирующие позиции во всех сегментах рынка . Honda наращивает своё присутствие в сегменте дешевых, бюджетных автомобилей запуская в производство новую модель, Хонда Амазе. Эта модель рассчитана на бурно растущие рынки Юго-Восточной Азии ,где компания продаёт дешёвый хэтчбек Brio. Новая модель, получившая кузов седан, позволит японскому автоконцерну сильно потеснить конкурентов ввиду высокого комфорта и низкой стоимости данной модели. Давайте посмотрим, чем ещё кроме цены цепляет Amaze своего покупателя. Чтобы поближе познакомиться с новой моделью, давайте ознакомимся с её характеристиками, посмотрим видео и фото машины, почитаем отзывы владельцев. Провести тест-драйв мы не сможем потому, что модель пока не поставляется на рынки России.Обзор-описание автомобиля.

Хонда Амазе - это пятидверный седан, сконструированный на базе модели Brio. Седан выглядит довольно стильно, прижатый к дорожному полотну передок машины и поднятая вверх корма намёк на скорость и устойчивость машины. Кузов модели опоясывают плавные заострённые линии, добавляя норова этой машине. Впереди установлен большой бампер с новой формой решётки радиатора .На задней части кузова установили большие фонари и добавили в отделку хромированные элементы. На модель установили новой формы колесные диски. По дизайну машина явно обходить своих конкурентов в этом сегменте рынка “бюджетных” авто. Посмотрим, чем нафарширована машина внутри.

Технические характеристики и комплектация

Объем двигателя 1.2
Мощность, л/с 90
Расход топлива, 100 км/ч 5
Количество дверей 4
Количество мест 5

Размеры нового японского автомобиля довольно компактные, длина его четыре метра, ширина сто шестьдесят восемь см, высота машины сто сорок восемь см, а длина колёсной базы-240,5 см. Вес машины небольшой и составляет 925 кг. Из официальных источников известно, что компания планирует поставлять четыре бензиновые версии и пару дизельных, только двигателей будет использоваться всего два. Основное достоинство новой модели это проверенный силовой бензиновый агрегат мощностью девяносто лошадиных сил. Его объём 1,2 литра с четырьмя цилиндрами ,шестнадцатью клапанами и оборудованный системой I-VTEC ,средний расход топлива в смешанном режиме движения составляет всего 5 литров на 100км. Этот двигатель полностью по своим параметрам соответствует требованиям стандарта Евро-4. Дизельный двигатель будет совершенно новый. Это дизель 1,5 i-DTEC из линейки Earth Dreams мощностью в девяносто лошадей. Это немного видоизменённый вариант 1,6 –литрового дизеля установленный на новом Сивике.

Копания возлагает большие надежды на новый дизель седана Хонда Амазе, который поможет ей покорить индийский автомобильный рынок. Коробка передач может быть механической пятиступенчатой или может устанавливаться вариатор. Система EPS и шестерня рулевого вала делает машину очень маневренной с малым радиусом поворота 4,6 метра. Что предлагает производитель в базовой комплектации данной модели? В неё входят антиблокировочная система тормозов,2 DIN аудиосистема, оснащённая входом USB , центральный замок с пультом ДУ, две фронтальные подушки безопасности, центральный подлокотник заднего ряда сидений с встроенными подстаканниками. Как видим даже базовая комплектация модели довольно внушительная для седана бюджетного класса машин. Какую же цену просить японский концерн Honda за свою новую модель?

Хонда Амазе цена

Седан Honda Amaze предназначен для продаж на рынках Юго-Восточной Азии. Там очень высокая конкуренция ,со стороны других автопроизводителей ,поэтому цена модели стартует с 6870 евро за машину в самой дешёвой комплектации . Навороченная версия этой же машины может стоить в районе 14000 долларов. Средняя цена машины будет в районе 9000 долларов. Небольшая цена будет способствовать большим объёмам продаж машин данной модели, именно на это рассчитывают менеджеры компании. Новый седан гармонично сочетает маневренность, стильный дизайн, большой салон, богатую комплектацию в базовой версии. Приобретая эту машину, Вы получаете надежного, экономичного, экологически чистого, с богатым набором функции безопасности, помощника для повседневного передвижения по городу и путешествии по красивым загородным магистралям.

Тест-драйв (видео)

Honda Amaze отзывы владельцев

Модель только недавно пошла в серию и владельцы машины не накопили достаточно информации, чтобы увидеть сильные и слабые стороны этой машины. По этой причине отзывы об авто пока отсутствуют.

Фото и тюнинг

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