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Кроссовер Honda BR-V 2016 | Автоновости

Ранее появлялась информация о концепте кроссовера Honda BR-V, но теперь в Индонезии автомобиль представлен официально. Автомобиль является совместным проектом и построен по проекту минивэна Mobilio.

Официальная премьера состоялась в августе 2015 года, и там производитель огласил большинство характеристик. Уже по представленным фото мы можем сделать некоторый обзор новой модели. Передняя часть имеет радиаторную решетку в стиле своих собратьев CR-V и HR-V. Задняя часть выделяется диодными фонарями, а в стандартное оснащение входят колесные диски размером 16 дюймов. Боковые части кузова получили очень рельефный вид, что придает автомобилю уникальный дизайн.

По заявлению производителя данная модель должна отлично подходить для путешествий всей семьей, ведь с достаточной производительностью и просторным вместительным салоном путешествия станут комфортными и безопасными. Двигатель в кроссовере не столь мощный, но и этого достаточно для хорошей езды. При объеме в 1, 5 литров и с 4-мя цилиндрами бензиновый мотор выдает мощность в 120 лошадиных сил и крутящий момент в 145 Нм. Автомобиль позиционируется как переднеприводный, а управлять им можно с помощью механической коробки на 6 скоростей либо при помощи вариатора.

К сожалению, скоростные характеристики производитель решил не упоминать, но не стоит ожидать больших результатов от семейного кроссовера. Но есть характеристики салона и предоставляемого оборудования. В его состав войдет система ABS, подушки безопасности спереди, мультимедийная система с экраном по центру, система для помощи при подъеме,  а также сзади салона расположились воздуховоды. В числе оборудования также имеется система стабилизации.

Цена Honda BR-V 2016 должна составить 16 605 долларов в базовом исполнении. За топовую версию придется выложить 19  130 $. Уже в начале следующего года кроссовер станет на конвейер, а местом производства выступит завод в Индонезии. А через какое-то время в том же 2016-м автомобиль должен появиться в других странах Азии.

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Honda BR-V vs Honda Mobilio Comparison, Price, Specs

Honda has planned to gatecrash the Hyundai Creta‘s party in 2016 with its rendition of the small SUV, a category that is easily one of the most popular in India right now. The car in question is the BR-V, yet another product derived from the Brio‘s platform. Honda scrapped its initial plans of bringing the HR-V to India citing high production costs and decided to develop an all-new product instead. The BR-V shares a lot with existing Honda products in order to keep costs in check. Although the SUV is positioned above the Mobilio MPV, there is still a price overlap, which could lead to a slight bit of cannibalism within the ranks of Honda. We take a look at exactly what sets the BR-V and Mobilio apart and how they compare with each other in our Honda BR-V vs Honda Mobilio spec sheet comparison.

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Honda BR-V vs Honda Mobilio Price Comparison

Currently, the petrol Mobilio retails for INR 7.10 lacs – INR 10.60 lacs while the diesel costs INR 8.60 lacs- 12.25 lacs. The BR-V costs around two lakhs more retailing in the INR 8.75-13 lac region. For the extra money, all you get is increased ground clearance, better looks, and more features. Such pricing places it bang in the Hyundai Creta territory. Also, with 7 seats on offer, the BR-V could also end up rivaling MPVs such as the Renault Lodgy and the upcoming Toyota Innova Crysta. Here’s how the expected prices of the Honda BR-V compare with the ex-showroom, Delhi prices of the Mobilio.

Model Honda BR-V Honda Mobilio
E INR 8.99 Lakhs INR 7.10 Lakhs
S INR 9.40 Lakhs INR 8.19 Lakhs
V INR 11.29 Lakhs INR 9.49 lacs
V (O) INR 10.06 lakhs
VX INR 11.84 lakhs
V CVT INR 11.99 Lakhs
E INR 10.40 Lakhs INR 8.60 Lakhs
S INR 11.10 Lakhs INR 9.36 Lakhs
V INR 12.20 Lakhs INR 10.55 Lakhs
V (O) INR 11.12 Lakhs
VX INR 12.90 Lakhs

The BR-V commands a significant premium over the Mobilio, which is a little hard to justify considering all you really get is a slightly better exterior and probably a couple more features. Honda’s high pricing could also turn out to be a disadvantage for the BR-V when compared with the Hyundai Creta and Renault Duster.

Honda BR-V Video

Honda BR-V vs Honda Mobilio Specifications Comparison

  Honda BR-V Honda Mobilio
Length x Width x Height 4456x1735x1666 mm 4386x1683x1603 mm
Kerb Weight -NA- 1246 kg
Wheel Type and Size 16-inch alloys 15-inch alloys
Boot Space -NA- 223 litres
Engine Type/ Displacement 1.5 L Petrol/1.5 L diesel 1.5 L Petrol/1.5 L diesel
Power 119 bhp/98.6 bhp 118 bhp/99 bhp
Torque 145 Nm/200 Nm 145 Nm/200 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed MT/6-speed MT/CVT 5-speed MT/5-speed MT
Mileage 16 kpl/21.9 kpl 17.3 kpl/24.2 kpl

The BR-V borrows the Mobilio’s engines without much change in specifications. Additionally, Honda is offering the small SUV with a CVT borrowed from the Honda City, but only in the petrol guise. The diesel motor comes with a 6-speed manual and the petrol gets a 6-speed manual as well. There isn’t a significant difference in terms of specifications as both models are powered by the same engines. Which means, the diesel Honda BR-V is the least powerful amongst its direct competitors like the Hyundai Creta and Renault Duster. Also, it will be a little disadvantaged by the lack of a diesel automatic variant. The specifications of the Honda BR-V do little justice to the price premium one will have to pay for the SUV over the Mobilio.

No Diesel automatic variant for the Honda BR-V

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The Honda BR-V features a new, aggressive front end complete with projector headlamps, LED pilot lamps and black cladding. Adding to the SUV appeal are roof rails, beefier tyres, and faux skid plates at the front and the back. The taillamp design is interesting as the units are connected via a thin strip running through the boot. In side profile, both cars are almost identical featuring the same, slightly unconventional window line and a very large glass house. It also gets an increased ride height, and new front and rear bumpers.

On the inside, Honda has, thankfully, ditched the Brio’s spartan, low rent interiors for a more premium design that is reminiscent of the Honda Jazz and identical to what we have seen in the recently launched Amaze facelift. Both cars offer seven seats and almost the same amount of interior space. However, the Mobilio facelift that will be launched this year will get the same interiors as the BR-V. Therefore, essentially, both models will have the exact same cabin.

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In comparison to the Mobilio, the BR-V gets some extra equipment. This includes automatic climate control, push-button start, standard dual front airbags and more. Other additions include leather upholstery and a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear knob. LED tail lamps, projector headlamps, and LED DRLs are also being offered, at least on the top spec trims. However, some significant omissions include a touchscreen AVN, parking sensors, and reverse parking camera.

Surprisingly, the Honda BR-V does not get a touchscreen AVN

Honda BR-V vs Honda Mobilio – Expert Verdict

Both cars are powered by the same set of engines, offer seven seats and are underpinned by the same platform. The Honda BR-V looks and feels more upmarket than the Mobilio. Then there is the SUV appeal and the added advantage of an optional automatic transmission. However, following the price announcement made by Honda, the BR-V does not make a very strong case for itself, but could still end up poaching Mobilio’s customers.

  • Design – The BR-V is definitely the better looking of the two with its beefy styling, SUV-ish styling, and improved interiors. However, both models possess that unmistakable MPV silhouette.
  • Features – Honda offers the BR-V with more features than the Mobilio. However, the facelifted Mobilio, when launched, could get the additional features as well.
  • Specifications – Apart from the optional CVT, everything else is shared by the two Honda products. The BR-V is be powered by the same 1.5-litre diesel from Honda known for its high NVH and low refinement levels.
  • Price – The BR-V sits in the 9-13 lacs price bracket making it considerably more expensive than the Mobilio MPV.

We hope our Honda BR-V vs Honda Mobilio comparison helped you in figuring out which of these two makes more sense.

Stay tuned to Car Blog India for more updates on Honda BR-V vs Honda Mobilio. Also stay tuned for car news, test drive reviews and more posts like the Honda BR-V vs Honda Mobilio comparison story we have here.

2016 Honda BR-V Review Design Price Release Date Specs

Honda presented its 2016 BR-V crossover which has its premiere at 2015 Gaikindo Indonesian International Auto Show. You are probably wondering why you haven’t heard about this car. Well, this crossover was developed by Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (HRAP) which is its own entity and this is the third model developed buy them. This model should not be confused with the HR-V and the company said that 2016 Honda BR-V represents its new generation crossover utility vehicle which is designed to receive seven people. It is based on Brio hatchback, Amaze sedan and the Mobilio MPV and it has very aggressive and modern look. We can expected this car to hit the market sometimes in 2016.

Exterior and interior design

Honda Motor Company states the BR-V adopts a rather bold design (motivated a little bit by Mobilio), however production version is expected to be sweetened down. However, the description shouldn’t transform drastically, like hostile/ rugged exterior charm, large blend wheels, sleek roof covering rails and charitable ground clearance. The Japanese automaker has actually verified that BR-V will certainly be loaded with an excellent number of safety features, as common across all versions; and offer of 2 transmission alternatives, meaning an automated gearbox in employment. The design additionally supplies a comfy and also spacious cabin with 7 seats in 3 row setup.

Interior design of 2016 BR-V

If we speak about the interior decoration of new Honda BR-V, it looks largely much like the current Honda City and also Honda Jazz, as seen in the facility console, steering wheel, instrument collection and HVAC vents designs.

Honda declares that the BR-V “features the combo of an SUV look and also handling, as well as terrific energy and also the roomy log cabin of an MPV”. Speaking on the latter, they have actually likewise shown the 7-seat plan along with the quantity of area offered per resident. Apparently in the 3rd row, the BR-V 2016 supplies the most effective legroom in its class.

2016 Honda BR-V release date and price

Called the BR-V, short for Bold Runabout Vehicle, the new crossover  has it world premiere at the 2015 Indonesian Auto Show on August,20. Production will take place at a plant in Thailand and the order books will open following the auto show debut which means we can expect it in early 2016. Honda says the BR-V was developed strictly with the Asian market in mind, so don’t expect it to grace American showrooms anytime soon. If we talk about price, we still don’t have any information but we expected to be around $20,000.

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BR-V Engine and specs

The firm has actually validated that Honda BR-V 2016 will certainly be powered by a 1.5-litre gasoline engine with 117 hp for Indonesia with an option to two innovative transmissions. It will certainly have 7-seats in 3-rows.

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For India, japanese company will likewise supply 2016 Honda BR-V with the 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel motor which can produce 99 hp. Competition would certainly originate from Renault Duster, Hyundai Creta, Maruti S-Cross and also Nissan Terrano, every one of which supply only 5-seats. There’s most likely to be an automated version also.

2016 Honda BR-V


Honda presented its 2016 BR-V crossover which has its premiere at 2015 Gaikindo Indonesian International Auto Show. You are probably wondering why you haven't heard about this car. Well, this crossover was developed by Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. (HRAP) which is its own entity and this is the third model developed buy them.

Honda BR-V Price in India, Images, Mileage, Features, Reviews

Honda’s first compact SUV, BR-V shares underpinnings with Brio, Amaze and Mobilio. The front profile is assertive featuring bold chrome grille and rear gets an up-market appeal. Side panels are reminiscent of Mobilio with similar sharp character lines. The seven-seater gets dark themed interiors and offer comfortable space in front and middle rows. Power is derived from 1.5 litre petrol and diesel engines available with six-speed manual transmission across range and a CVT on petrol variants only. Honda claims segment best fuel economy for the diesel powered BR-V rated at 21.9 km/l.

Honda’s affinity for contemporary design is evident in its products, the company stuck to high priced premium models initially, but change is inevitable, and so Honda had to alter its strategy for the Indian market. The company has been foraying in volume segments lately and has finally rolled out its first product in the compact SUV space-the BR-V. Honda already has a much premium model in its product range for India- CR-V, and so it was a challenge to build a car that lived up to customers' expectation. Hence, Honda played smart and used the versatile Brio platform for BR-V that has been used in other models like Amaze and Mobilio. But, the question remains will customers really like a similar looking model yet again? Well, maybe. Coming back to the new BR-V, it shares strong resemblance with Mobilio MPV, flanks in particular, while the front and rear profiles have been redesigned. Featuring the seven seat layout as standard, the cabin offers ample space, although it is a bit disappointing in terms of equipment and design. Engine set up comprises of 1.5 litre units in both fuel types and transmission duties are handled by a manual unit along with a CVT. Honda has kept the pricing on par with rivals, the Honda BR-V price in India falls in the same price band as competitors.

Honda BR-V Exterior

Based on the Brio platform, the SUV looks quite similar to Mobilio MPV, although the front end and rear profile bear no resemblance to the MPV. The SUV is low and has a van like stance which takes away the SUVish appeal from it. Front gets bold dual chrome slats set on the backdrop of honeycomb grille. The headlamps long and swept back head lamps go well with the two-part chrome grille, giving edge to the square-like bonnet. Lower side of the bumper features rounded fog lamps accentuated by chrome surrounds and there is a silver skid plate placed under the bumper. When you view the SUV from side, it is then that you realise how strongly it resembles with the Mobilio. The sharp character lines on the flanks and similar looking window glass reminds of the MPV. Atop BR-V gets roof rails which lend it height, else the SUV appears a tad short amid rivals. To give it a SUV like flair, black plastic cladding is seen all around the body. As you get to the back, you cannot help noticing the single unit wrap-around tail lamps running across the boot lid. Besides, the rear gets an integrated spoiler, chrome garnish above the license plate and a skid plate under the bumper.

Honda BR-V Interior

The snuggery cabin has generous space split across three rows offering enough leg and head room to occupants. Even the third row offers comfortable space, but wouldn’t be advisable for long journeys. The dark interior theme coupled with hint of chrome around AC vents and dashboard lends a premium touch to the cabin. Quality of plastic used on the dash is pretty decent; it doesn’t look compromised or cheap. Interior styling is inspired form the new Amaze, the contemporarily styled dashboard gets a flat looking centre console featuring an audio system and temperature dials. The instrument cluster is large and visible clearly from behind the three-spoke steering wheel. One of the other areas Honda has worked upon is the storage space, as BR-V gets cup holders on floor-console, doors, a large glove-box and seat back pockets etc. Despite the low height, the visibility from cabin is quite good and the driver’s seat can be adjusted for height.

BR-V Engine specification & Transmission

Engines powering the BR-V range are quite familiar; the 1.5 litre units have been borrowed from Mobilio and will be available in petrol and diesel options. The 1.5 litre, petrol engine pumps out 117bhp of top power along with 145Nm of pinnacle torque. Diesel unit, on the other hand is good for 98bhp along with 200Nm of torque. A six-speed manual gearbox is offered on both the engines and there is also an option for a CVT available with petrol variants only. There will be no all-wheel drive system; the power will be directed to front wheels.

Engine 1.5-Litre Petrol 1.5-Litre Diesel
Displacement 1,497cc 1,498cc
Max Power 117bhp 98bhp
Max Torque 145Nm 200Nm
Transmission 6-Speed MT / CVT 6-Speed MT

Honda BR-V Features

Exterior feature key styling elements such as bold dual chrome slat grille, body cladding around wheel arches, black projector head lamps, power adjusting outside rear view mirrors with integrated turn indicators, roof rails, integrated spoiler at rear and single unit tail lamp. Cabin gets handful of goodies like a three-spoke steering wheel, large instrument cluster, well-cushioned front seats, cup holders, back seat pockets, rear AC vents, glove box etc.

BR-V Performance & Mileage

Fuel economy tested by ARAI stands at 21.9 kmpl for the diesel powered BR-V, petrol manual variants are claimed to deliver 15.4 kmpl, whereas the petrol automatic variants can return slightly more at 16 kmpl.

BR-V Accessories & Infotainment

Honda has surprisingly missed out on the touch-screen infotainment system, something which is available on other SUVs in the league. However, the infotainment system does come with Bluetooth for telephony and audio streaming.

BR-V Braking & Handling

Stopping power is provided by disc units in front and drum units at rear. Anti-Lock-Braking system is available as standard cross model series save for the entry level petrol variants.

Honda BR-V Safety and Security

BR-V gets dual frontal airbags for driver and co-passenger as standard fitment across the line-up. Other than this the SUV also gets preeminent safety features like vehicle safety assist and hill start assist.

Honda BR-V Comfort & Convenience

The SUV features aplenty comfort and convenience goodies like start/stop button, steering mounted-controls, roof mounted AC vents, automatic climate control, height adjuster for driver’s seat, Bluetooth connectivity among others.

Honda BR-V Wheels & Tyres

The wheels appear undersized compared to the large body of the SUV, bigger wheels would have lent BR-V a muscular appeal. Alloy rims get a modish design and are available on the high end variants.

BR-V Competition

The compact SUV space has bulged out with worthy contenders like Renault Duster, Hyundai Creta, Nisssan Terrano and Maruti Suzuki S-Cross filling up the segment. The rising popularity of Hyundai Creta makes it a prime rival to BR-V, while other models also pose a strong threat, Creta is definitely the one BR-V would have to face-off in the run up to the pinnacle. If we compare BR-V to rivals, the SUV lacks an AWD, which is available on Duster and offers CVT only on diesel variants unlike Hyundai Creta which is now also available in petrol AT variant. But what could really work for BR-V is that its fully loaded top-spec variant comes at a much lesser price as Creta, although it lacks touch-screen, but the price difference is quite substantial.

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