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  • Page 2: Important Information

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION • OPERATOR AND PASSENGER This motorcycle is designed to carry the operator and one passenger, never exceed the maximum weight capacity as shown on the accessories and loading label. • ON-ROAD USE This motorcycle is designed to be used only on the road. •...

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    All information in this publication is based on the latest production information available at the time of approval for printing. Honda Italia Industriale S.p.A. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation. No part of...

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    This information is intended to help you avoid damage to your motorcycle, other property, or the environment. When service is required, remember that your Honda dealer knows your motorcycle best. If you have the required mechanical “know-how” and tools, your dealer can supply you with an official Honda Service Manual to help you perform many maintenance and repair tasks.

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    • The illustrations here in are based on the CB1000R/RA. • Following codes in this manual indicate each country. CB1000R/RA France European direct sales Australia, New Zealand • The specifications may vary with each locale.

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    A FEW WORDS ABOUT SAFETY Your safety, and the safety of others, is very important, and operating this motorcycle safely is an important responsibility. To help you make informed decisions about safety, we have provided operating procedures and other information on labels and in this manual. This information alerts you to potential hazards that could hurt you or others.

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    You WILL be KILLED or SERIOUSLY HURT if you don’t follow n DANGER instructions. You CAN be KILLED or SERIOUSLY HURT if you don't follow n WARNING instructions. You CAN be HURT if you don't follow instructions. n CAUTION • Safety Headings - such as Important Safety Reminders or Important Safety Precautions. •...

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    OPERATION Page Page 1 MOTORCYCLE SAFETY 66 FEATURES Important safety information (Not required for operation) Protective apparel Steering lock Load Limits and Guidelines Seat Helmet Holder 8 PARTS LOCATION Storage compartment for U-shaped Instruments and Indicators anti-theft lock Document compartment 34 MAJOR COMPONENTS Luggage Tie-Down Hooks (Information you need to operate this...

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    MAINTENANCE Page Page 87 MAINTENANCE 139 CLEANING The importance of Maintenance Maintenance Safety 143 STORAGE GUIDE Safety precautions Storage Maintenance Schedule Removal from Storage Tool kit Serial Numbers 146 SPECIFICATIONS Colour Label Engine Oil 150 CATALYTIC CONVERTER Crankcase Breather Spark Plugs Throttle Operation AirCleaner Coolant...

  • Page 11: Motorcycle Safety

    MOTORCYCLE SAFETY IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Make Yourself Easy to See Your motorcycle can provide many years of Some drivers do not see motorcycles service and pleasure - if you take responsibility because they are not looking for them. To for your own safety and understand the make yourself more visible, wear bright challenges that you can meet on the road.

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    Honda for this whenever you ride. Although complete motorcycle. See page 4 for more details. protection is not possible, wearing proper gear can reduce the chance of injury when Don’t drink and ride...

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    Helmets and Eye Protection Additional Riding Gear Your helmet is your most important piece of In addition to a helmet and eye protection, riding gear because it offers the best we also recommend: protection against head injuries. A helmet • Sturdy boots with non-slip soles to help should fit your head comfortably and securely.

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    Non-Honda accessories, improper Follow all load limits and other loading modifications, and poor maintenance can also guidelines in this manual.

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    If you wish to carry more cargo, check with • To avoid possible heat damage to your your Honda dealer for advice, and be sure to motorcycle or personal belongings, do not read the information regarding accessories on block or restrict air flow around the exhaust page 6.

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    We strongly recommend that you use only Honda accessories make your genuine Honda accessories that have been motorcycle unsafe. Before you consider specifically designed and tested for your making any modifications or adding an motorcycle. Because Honda cannot test all...

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    Such changes could seriously • We remind you that Honda produces a impair your motorcycle's handling, stability wide range of genuine accessories in and braking, making it unsafe to ride.

  • Page 18: Parts Location

    PARTS LOCATION TYPE CB1000R Rearview Tachometer Speedometer Front brake fluid reservoir mirror Indicators Coolant Rearview Clutch fluid temperature Multifunction display mirror reservoir indicator Front Clutch lever brake lever Throttle grip Left handlebar controls Right handlebar controls Ignition switch Fuel fill cap...

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    Tool kit Battery Fuse Boxes Oil filler cap Main fuse FI fuse Rear brake fluid reservoir Right radial brake caliper assembly Passenger Footpeg Rear brake Engine oil Rear brake footpeg pedal inspection window caliper...

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    Document Seat lock Air cleaner compartment Helmet holder Side stand Passenger footpeg Left radial brake Gearshift Footpeg lever caliper assembly...

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    PARTS LOCATION TYPE CB1000RA Rearview Speedometer Tachometer Front brake fluid reservoir Coolant mirror Indicators temperature Rearview Clutch fluid indicator Multifunction display mirror reservoir ABS indicator Front Clutch lever brake lever Throttle grip Left handlebar controls Right handlebar controls Ignition switch Fuel fill cap...

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    Tool kit Battery Fuse Boxes Main fuse Oil filler cap FI fuse Rear brake fluid reservoir ABS-CBS Right brake caliper assembly Passenger ABS-CBS Footpeg Rear brake Engine oil footpeg Rear brake caliper pedal inspection window...

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    Document Seat lock Air cleaner compartment Helmet holder Side stand Passenger footpeg ABS-CBS Left brake Gearshift Footpeg lever caliper assembly...

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    (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13)(14) (15) INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS (7) PGM-FI indicator The indicators are contained in the instrument (8) ABS indicator (CB1000RA) panel. Their functions are described in the (9) Immobilizer system (HISS) indicator tables on the following pages. (10) Low oil pressure indicator (11) Neutral indicator INSTRUMENT...

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    (Ref. Nr.) Description Function (1) Tachometer Shows engine revolutions per minute. The tachometer graduated will swing to the maximum scale on the dial once when the ignition switch is turned ON. (2) Red zone tachometer Never allow the tachometer graduated to enter the red zone, even after the engine has been broken in.

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    (Ref. Nr.) Description Function (3) Multi-function display The display includes the following functions; This display shows the initial display (page 22). - Fuel indicator Shows approximate fuel supply available. Lights when tank fuel level is low (page 24). - Digital clock Shows hour and minute (page 31) Indicates the total mileage (page 28).

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    (Ref. Nr.) Description Function Speedometer/temperature The display includes the following functions; This display shows the initial display (page 22). meter display - Speedometer Indicates riding speed (page 28). Shows speed in kilometres per hour (km/h) or miles per hour (mph) according to the model. Shows coolant temperature (page 26).

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    It should also light for a few seconds and then go off when the ignition switch is turned ON and engine stop switch is at (RUN). If it comes on at any other time, reduce speed and take the motorcycle to your Honda dealer as soon as possible.

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    (Ref. Nr.) Description Function This indicator light normally illuminates when the (8) Anti-lock brake system (ABS) indicator ignition switch is set to ON and is extinguished when light (amber) (CB1000RA) the motorcycle is ridden at a speed of more than 10 km/h (6 mph).

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    (Ref. Nr.) Description Function (10) Low oil pressure indicator (red) Lights when the engine oil pressure is below normal operating range. Should light when ignition switch is ON and engine is not running. Should go out when the engine starts, except for occasional flickering at or near idling speed when engine is warm.

  • Page 31

    (Ref. Nr.) Description Function (14) Coolant temperature indicator (red) It lights when the coolant is over the specified temperature. If the indicator goes on while riding, stop the engine and check the reserve tank coolant level. Read pages 44-45 and do not ride the motorcycle until the problem has been corrected.

  • Page 32

    Initial display When the ignition switch is turned ON, the tachometer display (1), the multi-function display (2) and speedometer/temperature display (3) will temporarily show all the modes and digital segments so that you can make sure the liquid crystal display is functioning properly. The unit “mph”...

  • Page 33

    Multi-function display Multi-function display includes following functions: • Fuel level • Clock • Odometer (ODO) • Tripmeter A and B (TRIP) • Speed and Mileage Unit change (E type km/h only)(page 33) Speedometer/temperature display (2) includes the following functions: (1) Multi-function display •...

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    Fuel level display Fuel indicator (1) The fuel gauge liquid crystal display shows the approximate fuel supply available in a graduate display. When the segment F (2) goes on, the fuel tank capacity including reserve is: 17.0 (4.50 US gal, 3.74 Imp gal) When the segment E (3) flashes, fuel will be low and you should refill the tank as soon as possible.

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    Fuel Gauge Failure Indication: If the fuel system has an error, the fuel gauge indicators will be displayed as shown in the illustration. If this occurs, see your Honda dealer as soon as possible.

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    Coolant temperature meter The coolant temperature meter (1) shows coolant temperature digitally. Temperature display Below 34 °C “- -” is displayed. Between 35 °C and Actual coolant 132 °C temperature is indicated. The display will remain Above 132 °C “132 °C” (1) Coolant temperature meter...

  • Page 37

    Overheating message When the coolant temperature reaches 122 °C, the display begins to flash. At the same time, the red malfunction indicator (2) and the coolant temperature indicator (3) lights. If this occurs, stop the engine and check the reserve tank coolant level. Read pages 44-45 and do not ride the motorcycle until the problem has been corrected.

  • Page 38

    Speedometer/Odometer/Tripmeter Speedometer (1) Shows riding speed. Shows speed in kilometers per hour (km/h) or miles per hour (mph) according to the model. Only type E To select km/h or mph go page 33. Odometer (2) Shows accumulated mileage. This meter can be displayed from 0 to 999,999 kilometers (miles).

  • Page 39

    Tripmeter (1) Indicates the partial mileage covered. Two tripmeters are available: tripmeter A (2) (Trip A) and tripmeter B (3) (Trip B). To switch between tripmeters A and B, press the SET button (4). When you press the SET button (4) repeatedly, the following functions appear alternately on the display: odometer, tripmeter A and tripmeter B.

  • Page 40

    Light brightness selection It is possible to select instrument light brightness from 3 patterns. Light brightness regulation: 1. Turn the ignition switch ON. 2. Press and hold both the SET(1) and RESET(2) button more than two seconds. Press the RESET button repeatedly to select the light brightness as you like.

  • Page 41

    Digital clock 4. To set the hour, press the RESET button (2) Indicates hours and minutes. To set the clock, until the desired time hour is displayed. proceed as follows: • Quick setting - press and hold the RESET 1. Set the ignition switch to ON. button until the desired time hour appears.

  • Page 42

    5. Press the SET(3) button when the display Minutes will return to “00” when “60” is reached, reaches the desired hours appears. without changing the hour. T h e m i n u t e d i s p l a y w i l l b e f l a s h i n g . (3) SET button (4) RESET button 6.

  • Page 43

    Speed and Mileage Unit Change (E type only) This function can be operated after the time adjustment mode (page 31) if you push once the SET button (1). The speedometer displays either “km/h” or “mph”. km/h The odometer/tripmeter displays either “km” or “mile”.

  • Page 44

    MAJOR COMPONENTS (Information you need to operate this motorcycle) SUSPENSION 3. Make sure that both fork legs are adjusted Front Suspension to the same position. Spring Preload: Adjust the spring preload by turning the preload adjuster (1) with the 19 mm wrench provided in the tool kit.

  • Page 45

    Rebound Damping: To reduce (SOFT): Turn the adjuster counterclockwise toward SOFT for a light load and smooth road condition. To increase (HARD): Turn the adjuster clockwise toward HARD for a firmer ride and rough road condition. To adjust the adjuster to the standard position, proceed as follows: 1.

  • Page 46

    Compression Damping: To reduce (SOFT): Turn the adjuster counterclockwise toward SOFT for a light load and smooth road condition. To increase (HARD): Turn the adjuster clockwise toward HARD for a firmer ride and rough road condition. To adjust the adjuster to the standard position, proceed as follows: 1.

  • Page 47

    Rear Suspension Rebound Damping To reduce (SOFT): Turn the adjuster counterclockwise toward SOFT for a light load and smooth road condition. To increase (HARD): Turn the adjuster clockwise toward HARD for a firmer ride and rough road condition. To adjust the adjuster to the standard position, proceed as follows: 1.

  • Page 48

    Do not attempt to disassemble or service the damper; it cannot be rebuilt and must be replaced when worn out. Disposal (1) Spring preload adjuster (3) Extension bar should only be done by your Honda dealer. (2) Pin spanner (4) Protection...

  • Page 49

    As the brake pads wear, the brake fluid level drops. The recommended brake fluid is Honda DOT There are no adjustments to perform, but fluid 4 brake fluid from a sealed container or an level and pad wear must be inspected equivalent.

  • Page 50

    Front Brake Lever: The distance between the tip of the brake lever (1) and the grip can be adjusted by turning the adjuster dial (2) while pushing the lever forward. Align the numbers (3) on the adjuster dial with the index mark (4). Apply the brake several times and check for free wheel rotation after the brake lever is released.

  • Page 51

    Worn pads should be replaced. If the pads are not worn, have your brake system inspected for leaks. (1) UPPER level mark The recommended brake fluid is Honda DOT (2) LOWER level mark 4 brake fluid from a sealed container, or an equivalent.

  • Page 52

    See your Honda dealer for this service. Fluid level Check that the fluid level is above the LOWER level mark (1) with the motorcycle in an upright position.

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    Clutch lever: The distance between the tip of the clutch lever (1) and the grip can be adjusted by turning the adjuster dial (2). Turn the adjuster dial while pushing the clutch lever forward. Align the numbers (3) on the adjuster dial with index mark (4).

  • Page 54

    COOLANT The factory provides a 50/50 solution of Coolant Recommendation antifreeze distilled water this The owner must properly maintain the coolant to motorcycle. This coolant solution prevent freezing, overheating, and corrosion. recommended most operating Use only high quality ethylene glycol antifreeze temperatures and provides good corrosion containing corrosion...

  • Page 55

    Inspection The reserve tank is behind the left upper cowl near the cylinder head cover. Check the coolant level in the reserve tank (1) while the engine is at the normal operating temperature with the motorcycle in an upright position (see page 46). If the coolant level is below the LOWER level mark, proceed as follows: 1.

  • Page 56

    Installation of remaining parts can be done in the reverse order of removal. If the reserve tank is empty, or if coolant loss is excessive, check for leaks and see your Honda dealer for repair. (5) LOWER level mark (6) UPPER level mark...

  • Page 57

    FUEL Fuel tank Fuel tank capacity inclusive of reserve capacity is: 17.0 (4.50 US gal, 3.74 Imp gal) To open the fuel fill cap (1), insert the ignition key (2) and turn it clockwise. The fuel fill cap will pop up and can be lifted off. Do not overfill the tank.

  • Page 58

    If “spark knock,” or “pinking” occurs at a steady engine speed under normal load, change brands of petrol. If spark knock or pinking persists, consult your Honda dealer. Failure to do so is considered misuse, and damage caused by misuse is not covered by...

  • Page 59

    Honda cannot endorse the use of Honda. There are two types of “gasohol”: one fuels containing methanol since evidence of containing ethanol, and the other containing their suitability is as yet incomplete.

  • Page 60

    ENGINE OIL NOTICE Engine Oil Level Check Check the engine oil level each day before Running the engine with insufficient oil riding the motorcycle. pressure may cause serious engine damage. The level must be maintained between the upper (1) and lower (2) level marks in the inspection window (3).

  • Page 61

    TUBELESS TYRES Air Pressure To safely operate your motorcycle, your tyres Keeping your tyres properly inflated provides must be the proper type and size, in good the best combination of handling, tread life condition with adequate tread, and correctly and riding comfort. Generally, underinflated inflated for the load you are carrying.

  • Page 62

    Always check air pressure when your tyres Inspection are “cold”— when the motorcycle has been Whenever you check the tyre pressures, you parked for at least three hours. If you check should also examine the tyre treads and air pressure when your tyres are “warm” — sidewalls for wear, damage, and foreign when the motorcycle has been ridden for objects:...

  • Page 63

    Tread Wear Replace tyres before tread depth at the center of the tyre reaches the following limit: Minimum tread depth Front 1.5 mm (0.06 in) Rear 2.0 mm (0.08 in) For GERMANY only: German law prohibits use of tyres whose (1) Wear indicator tread depth is less than 1.6 mm.

  • Page 64

    Tyre Repair Even if a tyre is professionally repaired with a If a tyre is punctured or damaged, you should permanent internal patch plug, it will not be as replace it, not repair it. As discussed below, a good as a new tyre. You should not exceed tyre that is repaired, either temporarily or 80 km/h (50 mph) for the first 24 hours, or 130 permanently, will have lower speed and...

  • Page 65

    Tyre Replacement The recommended tyres for your motorcycle The tyres that came on your motorcycle were are: designed match performance Front 120/70ZR17M/C(58W) capabilities of your motorcycle and provide BRIDGESTONE the best combination of handling, braking, BT015F RADIAL L durability and comfort. n WARNING Installing improper tyres on your motorcycle Rear...

  • Page 66

    Important Safety Reminders • When changing tyres, use only the type • Do not install a tube inside a tubeless tyre recommended (page 55) and check the on this motorcycle. Excessive heat buildup labels on the new tyres. Using other types can cause the tube to burst.

  • Page 67: Essential Individual Components

    ESSENTIAL INDIVIDUAL COMPONENTS IGNITION SWITCH The ignition switch (1) is below the indicator panel. The headlight, position light, taillights and license light will come on whenever you turn the ignition switch ON. If your motorcycle is stopped with the ignition switch ON and the engine is not running, the headlight, position light, taillights and license light will still be on, resulting in battery discharge.

  • Page 68

    Store the plate in a safe number plate. place. To reproduce keys, bring all keys, key number plate and motorcycle to your Honda dealer. Up to four keys can be registered with the immobilizer system (HISS), including the ones in hand.

  • Page 69

    If all keys are lost, the PGM-FI unit/ignition control module must be replaced. To avoid this possibility we recommend that if only one key is left, you immediately have it reproduced to ensure that a back up is available. These keys contain electronic circuits that are activated by the immobilizer system (HISS).

  • Page 70

    IMMOBILIZER SYSTEM (HISS) When the ignition switch is turned ON and the HISS is the abbreviation of Honda Ignition engine stop switch is at (RUN), the immo- Security System. bilizer system (HISS) indicator lights for a few The immobilizer system (HISS) protects your seconds, then goes off.

  • Page 71

    The immobilizer system (HISS) indicator can continue to flash every 2 seconds during 24 hours when the ignition switch is OFF. Once the time has elapsed, the indicator lamp switches off automatically. Indicator lamp flashing can be activated or deactivated. To change the flashing setting, proceed as follows: 1.

  • Page 72

    If the system repeatedly does not recognize EC Directives the coding of your key, contact your Honda This immobilizer system complies with the dealer. R & TTE (Radio equipment and telecommu- • The system may not recognize the key’s nications terminal equipment and the mutual coding if any other immobilizer key is near recognition of their conformity) Directive.

  • Page 73

    RIGHT HANDLEBAR CONTROLS When the start button is pressed,the headlight Engine Stop Switch will automatically go out, but the taillight will The engine stop switch (1) is next to the stay on. throttle grip. When the switch is in the See page 76 for the starting procedure.

  • Page 74

    LEFT HANDLEBAR CONTROLS Headlight Dimmer Switch (1) The headlight dimmer switch is used to change between the high and low beams of the headlight. Turn the dimmer switch to (HI) to select high beam or to (LO) to select low beam. Passing Light Control Switch (2) When this switch is pressed, the headlight flashes on to signal approaching cars or when...

  • Page 75

    Hazard switch (5) Be sure to turn the switch off when the hazard This system should be used only when your warning is no longer required, or the turn motorcycle is stopped under emergency or signals will not work properly, and may hazardous conditions.

  • Page 76

    FEATURES (Not required for operation) STEERING LOCK To lock the steering, turn the handlebars all the way to the left, turn the key (1) to LOCK while pushing in. Remove the key. To unlock the steering, turn the key to OFF while pushing in.

  • Page 77

    SEAT Removing the seat To remove pillion seat (1), insert the ignition key in the seat lock (2) and turn it clockwise. Pull the seat backwards and lift. To remove the rider seat (3), unscrew the socket screw (4) with bushing (5) and pull the seat backwards and lift.

  • Page 78

    HELMET HOLDER The helmet holder is located below the pillion seat. There are two helmet holders. Remove the pillion seat (page 67). Hang the helmet on the holder hook (1). Install the pillion seat and make sure it is locked. n WARNING Riding with a helmet attached to the holder can interfere with the rear wheel or...

  • Page 79

    STORAGE COMPARTMENT FOR U-SHAPED ANTI-THEFT LOCK The rear fender has a storage compartment to store a U-shaped anti-theft lock under the seat. Some U-shaped locks may not be stored in the compartment due to their size or design. (1) U-shaped anti-theft lock...

  • Page 80

    DOCUMENT COMPARTMENT The document bag (1) is in the document compartment (2), located under the pillion seat. This owner’s manual and other documents should stored this compartment. When washing your motorcycle, be careful not to flood this area with water. (1) Document bag (2) Document compartment...

  • Page 81

    LUGGAGE TIE-DOWN HOOKS This motorcycle is equipped with the retractable luggage tie-down hook (1) on the back side of the pillion seat (2). Use this hook to secure the luggage. Never use the tie-down hooks to tow or lift the motorcycle.

  • Page 82

    SIDE COVERS 3. Disengage pin (3). Side covers (1) must be removed in order to 4. Disengage pin (4). service the air cleaner element, and the rear shock absorber. Side right To remove the left and right side covers: 1. Remove the seat (page 67). 2.

  • Page 83

    HEADLIGHT AIM VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT Vertical adjustment is possible by turning the screw (1) to move it up or down in accordance with requirements. Obey local laws and regulations. (1) Screw (A) Up (B) Down...

  • Page 84

    2. Fuel level - fill fuel tank when necessary detect any problem, be sure you take care of (page 47). Check for leaks. it, or have it corrected by your Honda dealer. 3. Coolant level - add coolant if required. Check for leaks (page 44).

  • Page 85

    8. Lights and horn - check that the headlight, brake/taillights, position light, license light, turn signals, indicators and horn function properly. 9. Engine stop switch - check for proper function (page 63). 10. Side stand ignition cut-off system-check for proper function (page 114).

  • Page 86

    STARTING THE ENGINE Your motorcycle’s exhaust contains Always follow the proper starting procedure poisonous carbon monoxide gas. High levels described below. of carbon monoxide can collect rapidly in enclosed areas such as a garage. Do not run This motorcycle is equipped with a side stand the engine with the garage door closed.

  • Page 87

    Preparation The low oil pressure indicator should go off a Before starting, insert the key, turn the ignition 2-3 seconds after the engine starts. If the light switch ON and confirm the following: keeps flashing, stop the engine immediately • The transmission is in NEUTRAL. and check the engine oil level.

  • Page 88

    Starting procedure Flooded engine This motorcycle has a fuel-injection engine If the engine fails to start after repeated with an automatic choke. attempts, flooded. Follow the procedure indicated below. 1. Leave the engine stop switch set to (RUN). Any air temperature 2.

  • Page 89

    Ignition cut-off RUNNING-IN Your motorcycle is designed to automatically Help assure your motorcycle’s future stop the engine and fuel pump if the reliability and performance by paying extra motorcycle is over-turned (a banking sensor attention to how you ride during the first 500 cuts off the ignition system).

  • Page 90

    RIDING 4. When the motorcycle attains a moderate Review Motorcycle Safety (pages 1- 7) before speed, close the throttle, pull in the clutch you ride. lever and shift to 2nd gear by raising the Make sure you understand the function of the gearshift pedal.

  • Page 91

    BRAKING Important Safety Reminders: The motorcycle CB1000RA is fitted with the • Independent use of only the front or rear Combined Brake System. When the front brake reduces stopping performance. brake lever is pulled, the front brakes are • Extreme braking may cause either wheel to applied.

  • Page 92

    • When descending a long, steep grade, use engine compression braking downshifting, with intermittent use of both brakes. Continuous brake application can overheat the brakes and reduce their effectiveness. • Riding with your foot resting on the brake pedal or your hands on the brake lever may actuate the brakelight, giving a false indication to other drivers.

  • Page 93

    Anti-lock braking system (ABS) The ABS system is self-regulating and always (CB1000RA) active. This model is also equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) designed to help prevent • The ABS system may be engaged by wheel lock-up following sudden braking on sudden upward downward...

  • Page 94

    ABS system is not working, although the normal braking system will continue to work and supply the normal stopping power. In these conditions however the system should be checked over by an authorized Honda dealer as soon as possible.

  • Page 95

    PARKING Make sure flammable materials such as dry 1. After stopping the motorcycle, shift the grass or leaves do not come in contact with transmission into neutral, turn the exhaust system when parking your handlebar fully to the left, turn the ignition motorcycle.

  • Page 96

    ANTI-THEFT TIPS 1. Always lock the steering and never leave the key in the ignition switch. This sounds simple but people do forget. 2. Be sure the registration information for your motorcycle is accurate and current. 3. Park your motorcycle in a locked garage whenever possible. 4.

  • Page 97

    THE IMPORTANCE OF MAINTENANCE If your motorcycle overturns or becomes A well-maintained motorcycle is essential for involved in a crash, be sure your Honda safe, economical and trouble-free riding. It will dealer inspects all major parts, even if you are also help reduce air pollution.

  • Page 98

    Wheel removal should normally be handled only by a Honda technician or other qualified mechanic; instructions are included in this manual only to assist in emergency services. Some most important safety precautions follow. However, we cannot warn you of every conceivable hazard that can arise when performing maintenance.

  • Page 99

    Do not run the engine unless instructed to To ensure the best quality and reliability use do so. only new genuine Honda parts or their • Read the instructions before you begin and equivalents for repair and replacement. make sure you have the tools and skills required.

  • Page 100

    * and **) may require more technical information and tools. Consult your Honda dealer. * Should be serviced by your Honda dealer, unless the owner has the proper tools and service data and is mechanically qualified. Refer to the Official Honda Shop Manual.

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  • Page 103

    TOOL KIT The tool kit (1) is in the tool box under the pillion seat. Some roadside repairs, minor adjustments and parts replacement can be performed with the tools contained in the kit. • 10 x 14 mm Open end wrench •...

  • Page 104

    SERIAL NUMBERS The frame number (1) is stamped on the right The frame and engine serial numbers are side of the steering head. required when registering your motorcycle. The engine number (2) is stamped on right They may also be required by your dealer side of the crankcase.

  • Page 105

    COLOUR LABEL The colour label (1) is attached to the frame under the seat (page 67). It is helpful when ordering replacement parts. Record the colour and code here for your reference. COLOUR CODE (1) Colour label...

  • Page 106

    API service label on the container. They may affect lubrication and clutch performance. Viscosity SAE 10W-30 JASO T 903 Standard Suggested Oil Honda “4-STROKE MOTORCYCLE OIL” NOT RECOMMENDED or equivalent. Do not use non-detergent, vegetable or castor based racing oils.

  • Page 107

    Viscosity JASO T 903 standard Viscosity grade of engine oil should be based The JASO T 903 standard is an index for on average atmospheric temperature in your engine oils for 4-stroke motorcycle engines. riding area. The following provides a guide to There are two classes: MA and MB.

  • Page 108

    If you do not specified in the maintenance schedule (page have these tools and the necessary skill, we 91). recommend that you have your Honda dealer When running in very dusty conditions, oil perform this service. changes...

  • Page 109

    1. To drain the oil, remove the oil filler cap 2. Remove the oil filter cover (3) by undoing (page 50) and crankcase oil drain plug (1) the two retaining bolts (4). and sealing washer (2). Remove the oil filter (5) using a filter tool and dispose of any oil residue.

  • Page 110

    Oil drain Plug Torque: 26 N•m (2.7 kgf•m, 19 lbf•ft) 30 N•m (3.1 kgf•m, 22 lbf•ft) Use only the Honda genuine oil filter or a 6. Fill the crankcase with the recommended filter of equivalent quality specified for your grade oil;...

  • Page 111

    CRANKCASE BREATHER Refer to the Safety Precautions on page 89. Check crankcase breather from the slit on the left side engine. Clean it as follows. 1. Remove cover drain tube (1) (page 104). 2. Remove the drain tube (2), drain deposits into a suitable container.

  • Page 112

    SPARK PLUGS This motorcycle uses the spark plugs that have an iridium coated center electrode. Use only the recommended plugs: Standard: IMR9E-9HES (NGK) or VUh37ES (DENSO) This maintenance procedure must be carried out by an authorized Honda dealer only.

  • Page 113

    THROTTLE OPERATION Refer to the Safety Precautions on page 89. 1. Check for smooth rotation of the throttle grip from the fully open to the fully closed position at both full steering positions. 2. Measure the throttle grip freeplay at the throttle grip flange.

  • Page 114

    AIR CLEANER Refer to the Safety Precautions on page 89. The air cleaner should be serviced at regular intervals (page 91). Service more frequently when riding in ununsually wet or dusty areas. 1. Remove the left side cover (page 72). 2.

  • Page 115

    5. Install a new air cleaner. Use the Honda genuine air cleaner or an equivalent air cleaner specified for your model. Using the wrong Honda air cleaner or a...

  • Page 116

    Coolant Replacement seriously scalding you. Coolant should be replaced by a Honda dealer, unless the owner has proper tools and Always let the engine and radiator cool down service data and is mechanically qualified.

  • Page 117

    DRIVE CHAIN 3. Rotate the rear wheel and check the drive Refer to the Safety Precautions on page 89. chain slack. Repeat this procedure several times. Drive chain slack should remain The service life of the drive chain is constant. If the chain is slack only in dependent upon proper lubrication and certain sections, some links are kinked adjustment.

  • Page 118

    Damaged Sprocket Worn Sprocket 4. Rotate the rear wheel slowly and inspect Teeth Teeth the drive chain and sprockets for any of the REPLACE REPLACE following conditions: DRIVE CHAIN • Damaged Rollers • Loose Pins • Dry or Rusted Links •...

  • Page 119

    Bearing holder pinch bolt torque: 74 N•m (7.5 kgf•m, 54 lbf•ft) If a torque wrench is not used for this installation, see your Honda dealer as soon as possible to verify proper assembly. 5. Recheck drive chain slack. 25-35 mm (1.0 -1.4 in)

  • Page 120

    50 mm (2.0 in) This motorcycle has a staked master link drive chain witch requires a special tool for cutting and staking. Do not use an ordinary master link with this chain. See your Honda dealer. (5) Red zone (6) Index mark...

  • Page 121

    Lubrication and cleaning: Lubricate every 1000 km (600 miles) or sooner if chain appears dry. The drive chain on this motorcycle is equipped with small O-rings between the link plates. These O-rings retain grease inside the chain to improve its service life. The O-rings in this chain can be damaged by steam cleaning, high pressure washers, and certain solvents.

  • Page 122

    Check the chain slider (1) and protection (2) of swingarm for wear. The chain slider and protection must be replaced if they are worn to the wear limit line (3). For replacement, see your Honda dealer. REAR (1) Chain slider (3) Wear limit line...

  • Page 123

    FRONT AND REAR SUSPENSION INSPECTION Refer to the Safety Precautions on page 89. 1. Check the fork assembly by locking the front brake and pumping the fork up and down vigorously. Suspension action should be smooth and there must be no oil leakage.

  • Page 124

    3. Lower the side stand. The engine should (1) Side stand spring stop as you put the side stand down. If the side stand system does not operate as described, see your Honda dealer for service.

  • Page 125

    Do not twist the brake hose. We recommend wheels removal be done only by your Honda dealer or another qualified mechanic. Do not attempt to remove the wheels on your own. Wheels removal requires mechanical skill and professional tools.

  • Page 126

    5. Withdraw the front axle shaft (5) and subsequent loss of brake fluid. If this occurs, remove the front wheel and side collars. servicing of the brake system will be necessary. See your Honda dealer for this service. (5) Front axle shaft (3) Axle pinch bolt...

  • Page 127

    Installation: 7. Operate the front brake and pump the fork 1. Install the side collars into the left and right several times. side wheel hub. Check for free wheel rotation after the 2. Position the front wheel between the fork brake is released.

  • Page 128

    • Verify proper brake operation before riding. If a torque wrench was not used for installation, see your Honda dealer as soon as possible to verify proper assembly. Improper assembly may lead to loss of braking capacity. (3) Brake disc...

  • Page 129

    Front Wheel Removal (CB1000RA) 1. Park your motorcycle on a firm, level surface. 2. Support the motorcycle securely and raise the front wheel off the ground using a safety stand or a hoist. 3. Remove the left caliper assembly (1) from the fork leg by removing the fixing bolts (2).

  • Page 130

    6. Withdraw the front axle shaft (4) and subsequent loss of brake fluid. If this occurs, remove the front wheel. servicing of the brake system will be necessary. See your Honda dealer for this service. (3) Axle pinch bolt (5) Front axle bolt...

  • Page 131

    Installation: 6. Install the caliper fixing bolts and tighten to 1. Install the side collars into the left and right the specified torque: side wheel hub. 30 N•m (3,1 kgf•m, 22 lbf•ft) Position the front wheel between the fork 7. Operate the front brake and pump the fork legs and insert the front axle shaft (4) from several times.

  • Page 132

    • Verify proper brake operation before riding. If a torque wrench was not used for installation, see your Honda dealer as soon as possible to verify proper assembly. Improper assembly may lead to loss of braking capacity. (8) Clearances...

  • Page 133

    Honda dealer. 2. Remove the exhaust muffler (1) removing bolts (2) (3). Unscrew the exhaust band muffler (4) unscrewing the bolt (5).

  • Page 134

    3. Remove the four rear wheels nuts(6). If a torque wrench was not used for 4. Remove the rear wheel (7) slowly. installation, see your Honda dealer as soon as possible to verify proper assembly. Installation Notes: Improper assembly may lead to loss of •...

  • Page 135

    Always inspect each pad in both right and left CB1000RA brake calipers. Check the cutouts (1) on each pad. If either pad is worn to the cutouts, replace both pads as a set. See your Honda dealer for this service. (1) Cutouts...

  • Page 136

    <REAR BRAKE> Rear Brake CB1000R Check the cutouts (2) in each pad. If either pad is worn to the cutouts, replace both pads as a set. See your Honda dealer for this service. CB1000RA (2) Cutouts...

  • Page 137

    (causing hard starting or other electrical troubles), contact your Honda Wear protective clothing and a face shield, or dealer. have a skilled mechanic do the battery maintenance.

  • Page 138

    Battery removal: The battery (1) is in the battery box under the seat. 1. Make sure the ignition switch is OFF. 2. Remove the seat (page 67). 3. Unhook the strap (2). 4. Disconnect the negative (-) terminal lead (3) from the battery first, then disconnect the positive (+) terminal lead (4).

  • Page 139

    Refer to the Safety Precautions on page 89. When frequent fuse failure occurs, it usually indicates a short circuit or an overload in the electrical system. See your Honda dealer for repair. NOTICE Never use a fuse with a different rating from that specified.

  • Page 140

    (3) supplied in the toolkit. If the fuse seat. The fuses specified are as follows: is burnt out, fit a replacement. 10A - 20A CB1000R The spare fuses (4) is located in the fuse 10A - 20A - 30A CB1000RA box.

  • Page 141

    Main fuse , FI fuse The main fuse and FI fuse are located under the seat near the battery. The fuses specified are as follows: FI fuse Main fuse 1. Remove the seat (page 67). 2. Open the fuse box cover (1) of FI fuse (2) and main fuse (3).

  • Page 142

    BRAKE LIGHTS SWITCH ADJUSTMENT Refer to the Safety Precautions on page 89. Check the operation of the brakelight switch (1) on the right side of the engine. The switch can be adjusted by turning the adjusting nut (2). Turn the nut in direction (A) if operation of the brakelight switch is delayed, or in direction (B) if it is anticipated (too sensitive).

  • Page 143

    BULB REPLACEMENT • Be sure to turn the ignition switch OFF Refer to the Safety Precautions on page 89. when replacing the bulb. • Do not use bulbs other than those The light bulb becomes very hot while the specified. light is ON, and remains hot for a while after it •...

  • Page 144

    Headlight bulb 2. Raise lightly the headlight and pull forward 1. Remove the headlight (1) unscrewing the carefully to extract the rubber bushings (3) two left and right bolt sockets (2). from two pins (4) of headlight frame. (4) (3) (3) Headlight bushings (1) Headlight (4) Pins...

  • Page 145

    3. Put carefully headlight on front mudguard 6. Turn bulb holder (9) counterclockwise and (5). remove bulb (10). Put a suitable protection between the headlight and the mudguard. To refit, perform the removal operations in 4. Extract the connector (7). reverse sequence ensuring you align the 5.

  • Page 146

    Position Light Bulb Position light use some LED. If there is a LED witch is not turned on, see your Honda dealer for this service. (1) Position light...

  • Page 147

    Brake/Tail Light Brake and taillight uses LEDS. If there is a LED which is not turned on, see your Honda dealer for this service. (1) Tail light (2) Brake light...

  • Page 148

    Front and Rear turn signal bulb License Light Bulb 1. Remove the screw (1). 1. Remove the two screws (1). 2. Remove the turn signal lens (2). 2. Remove the license light bulb (2). 3. Remove the bulb (3) by pressing in and 3.

  • Page 149

    CLEANING Clean your motorcycle regularly to protect the surface finishes and inspect for damage wear, and oil or brake fluid leakage. Avoid cleaning products that are not specifically designed for motorcycle or automobile surfaces. They may contain harsh detergents or chemical solvents that could damage the metal, paint, and plastic on your motorcycle.

  • Page 150

    Washing the motorcycle 4. After cleaning rinse motorcycle 1. Rinse the motorcycle thoroughly with cool thoroughly with plenty of clean water. water to remove loose dirt. Strong detergent residue can corrode alloy 2. Clean the motorcycle with a sponge or soft parts.

  • Page 151

    Finishing Touches Removing Road Salt After washing your motorcycle, consider The salt contained in the road surface using commercially-available spray freezing prevention medicine which a road cleaner/polish or quality liquid or paste wax to was sprayed with in winter and the seawater finish the job.

  • Page 152

    Painted Aluminum Wheel Maintenance Exhaust Pipe Maintenance Aluminum may corrode from contact with dirt, The exhaust pipe is steel but may become mud, or road salt. Clean the wheels after stained by oil or mud. If necessary, remove riding through any of these substances. Use a heat stains with a suitable liquid abrasive.

  • Page 153: Storage Guide

    STORAGE GUIDE Extended storage, such as for winter requires n WARNING that you take certain steps to reduce the effects of deterioration from non-use of the Petrol is highly flammable and explosive. motorcycle. In addition, necessary repairs You can be burned or seriously injured when should be made BEFORE storing the handling fuel.

  • Page 154

    4. To prevent rusting in the cylinders,contact your Honda dealer. 5. Remove the battery. Store in an area protected from freezing temperatures and direct sunlight. Slow charge the battery once a month. 6. Wash and dry the motorcycle. Wax all painted surfaces.

  • Page 155

    REMOVAL FROM STORAGE 1. Uncover and clean the motorcycle. 2. Change the engine oil if more than 4 months have passed since the start of storage. 3. Charge the battery as required. Install the battery. 4. Drain any excess aerosol rust-inhibiting oil from the fuel tank.

  • Page 156: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS Overall length 2105 mm (82.87 in) Overall width 785 mm (30.91 in) Overall height 1095 mm (42.95 in) Wheelbase 1445 mm (56.89 in) CAPACITIES Engine oil After draining After draining and oil filter change After disassembly Fuel tank 17.0 (4.50 US gal, 3.74 Imp gal) Fuel reserve...

  • Page 157

    ENGINE Bore and stroke 75,0 x 56,5 mm (2.95 x 2.22 in) Compression ratio 11,2: 1 Displacement 998,4 cm (60.92 cu-in) Spark plugs Standard IMR9E – 9HES (NGK) or VUh37ES (DENSO) Spark plug gap 0,80 – 0,90 mm (0.03-0.04 in)

  • Page 158

    CHASSIS AND SUSPENSION Caster 25° 00’ Trail 99 mm Tyre size, front 120/70ZR17M/C(58W) Tyre size, rear 180/55ZR17M/C(73W) Type (front/rear) Radial - Tubeless POWER TRANSMISSION Primary reduction 1.604 Gear ratio 1st: 2.538 2nd: 1.941 3nd: 1.578 4th: 1.363 5th: 1.217 6th: 1.115 Final reduction 2.750...

  • Page 159

    ELECTRICAL Battery 12V – 10Ah Generator 0.350kW/5.000 min (rpm) LIGHTS Headlight 12V – 60/55W Brake/Tail light Turn signal light Front: 12V – 21W x 2 Rear: 12V – 21W x 2 Instrument lights Neutral indicator light Turn signal indicator light High beam indicator light Low oil pressure indicator light Position light...

  • Page 160: Catalytic Converter

    The catalytic converter act on HC, CO, and converter ineffective. NOx. Replacement parts must be original Honda parts or equivalents. • Keep the engine tuned-up. The catalytic converter must operate at a high • Have your motorcycle diagnosed and...


    2011-2016 Honda CB1000R Motorcycle Service Manual

    Product Description

    This 2011-2016 Honda CB1000R Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 2011, 2012, 2013 2014 2015 2016 Honda CB1000R sportbike motorcycles.

    Table of Contents

    General InformationFrame/body Panels/exhaust SystemMaintenanceLubrication SystemFuel System (pgm-fi)Cooling SystemEngine Removal/installationCylinder Head/valvesClutch/starter Clutch AlternatorTransmission/gearshift LinkageCrankcase/crankshaft/balancer/piston/cylinderFront Wheel/suspension/steeringRear Wheel/suspensionHydraulic BrakeAnti-lock Brake System (abs/cbs; Cb1000ra)Battery/charging SystemIgnition SystemElectric StarterLights/meter/switchesWiring DiagramsTroubleshootingIndex

    Honda CB1000R Service Manual Index of Topics

    Abs Connector Locations (cb1000ra)Abs Indicator Circuit Troubleshooting (cb1000ra)Abs Modulator/pcv (cb1000ra)Abs Problem Code Index (cb1000ra)Abs System DiagramAbs System LocationAbs Troubleshooting (cb1000ra)Abs Troubleshooting Information (cb1000ra)Air CleanerAir Cleaner HousingAlternator Charging CoilAlternator CoverBalancerBank Angle SensorBatteryBearing HolderBody Panel LocationsBrake FluidBrake Fluid Replacement/air Bleeding (cb1000r)Brake Fluid Replacement/air Bleeding (cb1000ra)Brake Light SwitchLights/meter/switchesMaintenanceBrake Pad WearBrake Pad/discBrake SystemBrake/taillightCable & Harness RoutingCamshaft InstallationCamshaft RemovalCharging System InspectionCkpsensorClockClutchClutch FluidClutch Fluid Replacement/air BleedingClutch Master CylinderClutch Slave CylinderClutch SwitchClutch SystemCombination MeterComponent LocationAlternatorClutch/starter ClutchCrankcase/crankshaft/balancer/piston/cylinderCylinder Heada/alvesEngine Removal/installationFront Wheel/suspension/steeringHydraulic BrakeRear Wheel/suspensionTransmission/gearshift LinkageCoolant ReplacementCooling SystemCooling System Flow PatternCooling System TestingCountershaft Bearing ReplacementCrankcase AssemblyCrankcase BreatherCrankcase SeparationCrankpin BearingCrankshaftCylinder Compression TestCylinder Head AssemblyCylinder Head Cover AssemblyCylinder Head Cover DisassemblyCylinder Head Cover InstallationCylinder Head Cover RemovalCylinder Head DisassemblyCylinder Head InspectionCylinder Head InstallationCylinder Head RemovalDelay Valve (cb1000ra)DiodeDrive ChainDriven FlangeDtc IndexDtc TroubleshootingEcmEct SensorEmission Control SystemsEngine Coolant Temperature Indicator/ect SensorEngine Idle SpeedEngine InstallationEngine Oil Pressure Indicator/Eop SwitchEngine Oil/oil FilterEngine RemovalEngine Stop RelayEvap Purge Control Solenoid Valve/Canister (except Canada Type)Evaporative Emission Control System(except Canada Type)Exhaust SystemFan Control RelayFlywheelForkFront Brake Caliper (cb1000r)Front Brake Caliper (cb1000ra)Front FenderFront Master CylinderFront WheelFuel InjectorFuel Level IndicatorFuel Level SensorFuel LineFuel Line InspectionFuel PumpFuel Pump RelayFuel TankGearshift SpindleHandlebarHandlebar SwitchesHeadlightHeadlight AimHornIacvIat SensorIgnition CoilIgnition SwitchIgnition System InspectionIgnition TimingIntake Air DuctLicense LightLubrication & Seal PointsLubrication System DiagramMain Journal BearingMaintenance ScheduleMap SensorMeter VisorMil Circuit TroubleshootingModel IdentificationNeutral SwitchNuts, Bolts, Fasteners02 SensorOil CoolerOil Pressure InspectionOil PumpOil Strainer/pressure Relief ValvePgm-fi Connector LocationsPgm-fi Symptom TroubleshootingPgm-fi System DiagramPgm-fi System LocationPgm-fi Troubleshooting InformationPiston/cylinderPosition LightProtection GrillRadiatorRadiator CoolantRadiator Reserve TankRadiator ShroudRear Axle AssemblyRear Axle DisassemblyRear Axle/brake DiscRear Brake CaliperRear CowlRear Fender A/rear Fender StayRear Master Cylinder/brake PedalRear WheelRegulator/rectifierRight Crankcase Cover InstallationRight Crankcase Cover RemovalSeatSeat Rail CoverSeat Rail/rear Fender BSecondary Air Supply SystemFuel System (pgm-fi)MaintenanceService InformationAlternatorAnti-lock Brake System (cb1000ra)Battery/charging SystemClutch/starter ClutchCooling SystemCrankcase/crankshaft/balancer/piston/cylinderCylinder Head/valvesElectric StarterEngine Removal/installationFrame/body Panels/exhaust SystemFront Wheel/suspension/steeringFuel System (pgm-fi)Hydraulic BrakeIgnition SystemLights/meter/switchesLubrication SystemMaintenanceRear Wheel/suspensionTransmission/gearshift LinkageService RulesShock AbsorberSide CoverSidestandFrame/body Panels/exhaust SystemMaintenanceSidestand SwitchSpark PlugSpecificationsStarter ClutchStarter MotorStarter Relay SwitchStatorSteering Head BearingsSteering StemSuspensionSwingarmSystem DiagramBattery/charging SystemElectric StarterIgnition SystemSystem LocationLights/meter/switchesTachometerThermostatThrottle BodyThrottle OperationTorque ValuesTransmissionTroubleshootingBattery/charging SystemClutch/starter ClutchCooling SystemCrankcase/crankshaft/balancer/piston/cylinderCylinder Head/valvesElectric StarterEngine Does Not Start Or Is Hard To StartEngine Lacks PowerFrame/body Panels/exhaust SystemFront Wheel/suspension/steeringHydraulic BrakeIgnition SystemLights/meter/switchesLubrication SystemPoor HandlingPoor Performance At High SpeedPoor Performance At Low AndIdle SpeedRear Wheel/suspensionTransmission/gearshift LinkageTurn Signal LightTurn Signal RelayValve ClearanceValve Guide ReplacementValve Seat Inspection/refacingVs SensorWater PumpWheel Speed Sensor (cb1000ra)Wheels/tiresWiring Diagram (cb1000r)Wiring Diagram (cb1000ra)


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    2009 honda cbr600rr service manual pdf= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────=========> Download Link────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────................................

    The Honda CBR600RR is a 599 cc (36.6 cu in) sport motorcycle that was introduced by Honda in 2003 as a race replica version of Honda's. 2007-2009 Honda CBR600RR Service Repair Manual DOWNLOAD ( 07 08 09 ). File Format: PDF Compatible: All Versions of Windows & Mac Language:. 2007-2009 Honda CBR600RR ServiceRepair Workshop Manual. English Requirements: Adobe PDF Reader All pages areprintable.So run. 2007-2009 Honda CBR600RR Service Repair Manual DOWNLOAD. p. 1 / 2. to arrive in the will receive this manual today via instant download on. Honda CBR600RR. OWNER'S MANUAL. official Honda Shop Manual to help you perform many maintenance and repair tasks. Pleasant riding, and thank you. Service manual is right here, it'll have everything you're looking for.. 2009 cbr 600rr.. part on my pirated-rubbish scanned quality pdf manual.... to this day sometimes i sit around and recall the look on his face and I found a few websites for downloading Repair Manuals and some of them have other. PDF 2008 CBR1000RR Service Manual (~509MB Right Click, Save As). Last edited by RoadiJeff; 12-31-2009 at 01:31 AM.. one has a service manual download link. i put one up for download the cbr 600 f4 99-00. The Cyclepedia 2007-2011 Honda CBR600RR digital service manual features. motorcycles:2007 Honda CBR600RR2008 Honda CBR600RR2009 Honda. Honda Service Repair Manual Free PDF Common, cb400, cx500, gl1500, gl1800, cb250, vfr800,. Honda Cbr150r 2002-2009. Honda Cbr600rr 2003-2006 You`ll need a pdf reading software to open these files such as Adobe. Honda CB750 CB 750 F Owners Maintenance Instruction Manual 1977... Honda CBR600 CBR 600 RR Owners Maintenance Instruction Manual 2009 Honda CBR600RR Service and Repair Manual: 2007-2012 (Haynes Service. If I could find a detailed process in pdf form online I believe they also could've. This Honda CBR600RR Haynes Motorcycle Repair Manual 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 provides service repair and maintenance information for Honda. Results 1 - 48 of 30445. Honda ATV Owners Manual 31HN7610 2005 TRX400 FOUR TRAX.. 2009 09 Honda Cbr 600 600rr Owners Manual Oem Stock. This Honda CBR1000RR Service Manual provides detailed service information, step-by-step repair instruction and maintenance specifications for 2008, 2009,. Providing Honda motorcycle service repair manuals and owners manuals for. Example 1. honda goldwing service manual... Honda CBR600RR ABS 2009.... PDF Book, PDF Download, User Manual, Owners Manual, Owner's Manual. Complete coverage of your Honda CBR600RR (07 - 12). Honda CBR600RR (07 - 12). With a Haynes Manual, you can do it yourself, from simple maintenance to full repairs. Every Manual. CBR600RR-9/RA-9 599cc 2009 2010 honda sh250i service manual pdf-keasberry health. motorcycle Cbr 600 honda manual... Tent eNGINe : 2009 Honda CBR 600RR. Honda CBR 600 F4i 2001-2003 Service Repair Manual Download.. Servicio Honda Fit Jazz 2009-2011 Manual De Reparación Taller Mecanico.. This PDF contains all the necessary instructions needed for any repair your Honda CBR. Generation 2 (1994-2009) I would be overjoyed if you could put the second one up.... I have the PDF of the cb550 with service updates if you'd like?. [–]DetLokiHonda CBR600RR 130RWHP Sleeper 0 points1 point2 points 3 years ago (0 children). I am looking for a 1992 Honda xr80r owners manual. ... manual online. ST1300/A. 2009 ST1300 Motorcycle pdf manual download.. Honda motorcycles and motor scooters and atvs common service manual (442 pages). Motorcycle. Motorcycle Honda CBR600RR Owner's Manual. (125 pages). honda cbr 600 f4i service manual pdf honda 125 manual pdf. Honda Cbf125 Workshop. Buy Honda CBF125 Service and Repair Manual: 2009 to. 2012 by Phil. PDF - Honda Cbr600f4 Cbr600 Cbr 600 F4 Workshop Repair Manual HONDA SH 150 125. 31 sec - Uploaded by Ary MenakaGet the free service manual and downloaded from this site below http:// cbrservicemanual. Anyone know of a downloadable service manual for the CBR600F?. I have just bought my first bike, a 2001 honda CBR600F. When i was. Honda motorcycle service manuals, parts manuals and technical. Honda CBR600 RR CBR 600 Owners Maintenance Instruction Manual 2009 HERE. Honda. The Cyclepedia Honda CBR600RR online service manual features detailed full-color photographs and wiring diagrams, complete specifications with. By kishoreboppana honda cb1000r service manual pdf. How to repair. Honda CBR 600 1000 clutch. Honda. Owners Maintenance Instruction Manual 2009. 1985-1998 Honda VT1100 Shadow Motorcycle Repair Manual PDF. Honda CRF450X service manual. :// CRF50/70/80/100F 2005 honda cbr600rr free download service manual-. 1991, honda cbr 600 f2 91 94 service manual 03.03.2012 53 MB (pdf) Stáhnout. 1996, honda cbr600 f 91 98 service manual fra 03.08.2009 23 MB (pdf). 10-06-2009, 11:16 PM. If anyone needs a Honda manual let me know, I have almost all of them available to me.. how about the 2009 Suzuki Bandit 1250?. I have a .pdf copy of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R Service Manual. Please.. 09 Honda Cbr 600 600rr Owners Manual Oem Stock. Pre-owned.. Honda CBR600 RR 2003 Service & Repair Manual - PDF Workshop File on on CD! Honda CBR600RR Service Manual Software Database Instant Download Complete FSM This Ser.. This Highly Detailed PDF Service Repair Manual Contains Everything You Will.... 2009 Honda CR V Owners Manual Automated Download. Results 1 - 48 of 144. Honda CBR600RR 2007-2012 Haynes Workshop Manual. £16.39. Trending at £.. Honda CBR 600 RA9 (C-ABS) 2009. Honda CBR 600. Honda CBR600RR Service and Repair Manual by Matthew Coombs, 9781844257959, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. R RA Owners Maintenance Instruction Manual 2009 HERE. Honda XL250 XL. Download Honda xl varadero 125 service manual.pdf. Read Online. Select the appropriate Year, Model and Publication of your Honda to view detailed information about your vehicle, maintenance tips and warranty information. Honda CBR600RR Motorcycle (2003-2006) Service Repair Manual. Clymer Manuals Honda XR80R, CRF80F, XR100R & CRF100F 1992-2009 M222. Honda. Honda cbr 600 rr 2003 2004 Manual de taller, 75.47 MB. Honda cbr 600 rr. Honda CBR 600RR/A, cubre los modelos desde 2007 a 2009.. : CBR600 RR. XStremely XSive. Join Date: May 2009. or. Honda CBR600RR 2006 service manual Title: Honda CB600F 599 (2004-2006) Service Manual.pdf. Added on 2014-08-14. I have seen some links to the prime 2009 Aprilia Tuono -. CBR600RR Service Manual is for all the owners who want to service and repair. Below you will find free PDF files for your Honda CB owners manuals 1979. 1979 CB250N-CB400N.pdf. 2.2 MiB... CBR600RR-2009.pdf. HRC-Honda RS Part Books. HRC PART BOOKS. RS250, 1989, Owners Manual and Parts Book. CBR600RR HRC Kit, 1999, PDF Parts and Set Up Manual. 2003-honda-cbr600rr-service-manual.pdf, cbr-600-service-manual.pdf,. 2007 - 2009, 2007 cbr 600rr repairs manual.pdf. Manuály servisní. 85.5 MB, Anglicky. you want to get Honda Service Manual: 88-97 XR600R pdf eBook copy write by good. Workshop Manual: 1983-2000 1988-2009 Honda.. Honda CBR 600. You asked about a repair/service manual for the 09 CBR600RR …. manual, the one you get with a new Honda in a good quality PDF format. I am wondering if anyone has a cbr600rr service manual on pdf or. pdf workshop f4i repair manual ebook pdf honda (manuales) 2001 honda. v.service.manual.pdf 2004 honda cr-v lx.. Here is manual for 2009 CBR 600 RR:. Parts manual Honda - CBR600RR - 2008- OEM Motorparts.. details: CBR600RR8. Exploded views for Honda CBR600RR 2008:. MAINTENANCE STAND. assessments06 cbr1000rr service manual pdf / hardwood flooring. honda innova 125i honda innova 125. MOTORCYCLE OWNERS MANUAL -CBR 600 14:31 HONDA ANF. OWNERS MANUAL, TOOL KIT 2009 58 plate Honda Innova 125i. Honda ATC 350X 1985 and 1986 Motor Repair Service Manual Shop Manual Rebuild. 2009 09 Honda Cbr 600 600rr Owners Manual Oem Stock $5.0031st July 2009, 01:17 PM. Honda CBR600RR Service Manual (2003) (76mb ZIP) Honda. Honda CBR600 F3 Service Manual 1995-1996 (27.2 mb PDF) Honda VFR800FI Interceptor Service Manual 1998-2001 (180 MB ZIP) Honda CB200. Title: Manual despiece Honda CBR 600 RR 2007 al 2009, Author: Fernando. Block title Block number Service item/Flat rate time Reference number • Title. 69 of 69. 2003 Honda CBR600 Motorcycle Repair Manual pdf Download. £14.99.. HONDA CBR600RR Service Repair Manual 2007-2009. £14.99. Sep 16, 2012 2007-2009 Honda CBR600RR Service Manual Download Now The. 2003 2004 honda cbr . werkstatthandbuch honda cbr 600 rr pc 37 pdf. Honda service Manuals to download for free!. Free Honda Motorcycle Service Manuals for download. Honda CG125 76-91 Service Manual .pdf · HONDA. This is similar to the CABS found on the 2009 Honda CBR600RR. During testing, Coe. on the front of the throttle-side switchgear housing moves the HFT Manual mode.... STANDARD MAINTENANCE. Item. Time. Parts. Hornet 1998 Service manual Download service / repair / owner / CBR 600 F4i manual. taller Honda Hornet CB600F 07. nathanielsalzman.com2008-2009 New. Find the cheap Honda Workshop Manual Pdf, Find the best Honda. for sale Ebay · Honda Crv Exl 2007 2008 2009 2010 Workshop Service Repair Manual Download. MOTORCYCLE OWNERS MANUAL -CBR 600 RR-CBR600 RR-HOND. Manuale d'Officina Honda CBR600RR '03 Service Manual. Il veicolo. Honda odyssey 2009 owners manual · Honda cbr600rr 2007 service manual.. Games For Pc 2006 Cbr600rr Service Manual Pdf Calendario 2014 Pdf Mes A Staging. This type of Honda Cbr 919 Service Manual Pdf can be a very. 6/19/2009 · honda cbr 919 rr fireblade manual, honda cbr 919. Title Type honda cb 125 manual PDF honda cbr 600 motorcycle PDF honda cd 70 repair PDF. 03-11-2009, 01:03 PM #1. Join Date: Jun 2009; Location: victoria park; Motorbike: SR400, Iron883, Virago 535,. Join Date: Jun 2007; Location: The Burbs; Motorbike: CBR600rr BMW S1000rr; Liked: 232. Owners manuals for a lot of Honda bikes can be found here Road. I am going to +1 on PDF service manual too. VFR800FI Interceptor '98 01 Service Manual Honda VFR. i'm selling a black 2006 honda vfr. pdf 1994 honda accord coupe shop manual download honda cbr 600 rr. Hi everyone, What is proper idle RPMs for 2009 Honda VFR800 and. [Archive] PDF Service Manual Library The Garage.. Honda 2000-2006 - RC51 - Service manual 2000-2006 - RC51 - Wiring diagram. 2007-2008 CBR600RR - Service manual. 2008-2009 GSXR 600 Service manual Wiring diagram 2008 honda cbr600rr Google Search · Honda Motorcycle. 2007 2009 Honda CBR600RR Service Manual Moto Data Project daily 0.9. Honda cbr1000f cbr 1000f hurricane manual, Complete service repair of a 1987 honda. manual 1993 2009 · Honda leadership leasing american honda motor. outboard motor manual honda cbr 600 manuales de taller · honda cbr. 0368 honda cbr600f3 1995-1996 Honda CBR 600 F3 1995 - 1996.. 1696 honda+hornet+900+service+manual.pdf Manual de Honda CB900F 919. Honda CRV (97-00) Service Manual (37.1mb PDF) Acura Integra Type. Bike Manuals Honda CBR600RR Service Manual (2003) (76mb ZIP) i am looking for a 2009-2011 1198S service manual, in a pdf format. i've tried. 2007 Honda CBR600RR - sold. 2009 Ducati 1198S - DD. PDA. View Full Version : Workshop Manuals Wanted. 02-01-2009, 07:33 AM. Bike Make:Triumph.. CBR600RR 03-04 Service Manual ENG.pdf. CBR600RR. GL1500 1989 Honda European Service Manual.pdf. GL1500. Free honda cbr, honda cbr1000rr pdf service manual all year. Honda cb1000r. Product picture 2004 2009 honda trx450 450r er atv service repair manual.. 2008 honda cbr600rr motorcycle owners manual cbr 600 rr cbr600 rr hond. Honda. Honda cbr150 r service manual english on wiring diagram honda cbr 150. Honda cbr150 r. Honda cbr150r 2002 service repair manual pdf download. Honda cbr. 2003 2009 honda crf150f crf 150 f repair service manual. Modifikasi. Honda cbr600rr service and repair manual matthew coombs 9781844257959. Parts list. Awesome 2009 honda cbr600rr comparison motorcycle usa. We put honda. Workshop service manual repair honda cbr 600 rr 2007 2008 english pdf. Manual. Download, CD or Paperback. Find Now

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