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Honda CB300F 2015 - мотоцикл для начинающих мотолюбителей

Honda CB300F 2015 года — новый мотоцикл в этом семействе моделей для начинающих мотолюбителей . В общем то это тот же CBR300R, только немного «раздетый». CB300F представляет собой 300R, только с него сняли почти весь пластмассовый корпус, который закрывал двигатель, сменили двойную фару на одинарную, также был поставлен новый руль. По остальным характеристикам мотоциклы считай одинаковые. Представителей Honda, сообщают что мощности нового Honda CB300F по сравнению со старой моделью увеличилась примерно на 18%.  

Технические характеристики

Мотоцикл выдаёт 27.3 лошадиные силы при 8700 оборотов в минуту. Крутящий момент, количество оборотов в минуту все это выше показателей CBR250R именно на 18% Мотоцикл рассчитан на удобство при повседневных поездок, и это сказывается на производительности в поворотах. Если не терять устойчивость и плавность движения мотоцикл будет вести себя спокойно и устойчиво. Кроме всего перечисленного, 300F будет легче на 5 килограмма и дешевле на 450$ долларов чем модель 250R. В США цена на новый Honda CB300F будет начинается с 4000$

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2015 Honda CB300F Review

Photos by: Evans Brasfield

2015 Honda CB300F
Editor Score: 83.0%
Engine 18.0/20
Suspension/Handling 11.5/15
Transmission/Clutch 8.0/10
Brakes 7.0/10
Ergonomics/Comfort 9.0/10
Appearance/Quality 8.0/10
Desirability 8.0/10
Value 9.5/10
Overall Score83/100

When we were introduced to the 2015 Honda CBR300R at its recent press introduction at Honda’s headquarters in Southern California, Honda reps teased us by displaying the 300R’s naked sibling, the CB300F, alongside it. We weren’t able to ride it, but there it sat, ready for the assembled press to sit, ogle and stare. Thankfully, Honda didn’t keep us waiting for long, as only weeks after I rode the fully faired 300R, we were given a 300F to throw around.

Less Is More

Judging the CB300F and CBR300R based on outward appearance really does reveal the difference between the two. Start with the latter, shed nearly all of the bodywork ahead of the engine, ditch the dual headlights for a single lamp, then swap the clip-ons for a handlebar and you’ve got the former. Otherwise, the two bikes are identical.

2015 Honda CBR300R First Ride Review

That is to say the 300F shares the same frame, wheels, brakes, tires and suspension as the 300R. Of course, both bikes also have the liquid-cooled, 286cc counterbalanced Single in common, too. Itself being simply a stroked version of the 249cc DOHC, four-valve engine first seen in yesteryear’s CBR250R. For full details on the CBR300R, click the link above to read all about it.

This illustration clearly shows the differences between the fully-faired CBR300R and the naked CB300F. It really is a matter of stripping bodywork and adding handlebars.

Honda claimed a 17% increase in power over its predecessor, and after running our 300F on the MotoGP Werks dyno in Anaheim, California, those claims appear to be spot-on. With 26.2 horses at 8500 rpm, our test bike put out exactly 17% more power than the last CBR250R we tested (22.5 hp). Torque output is 17.4 ft-lbs at 6800 rpm. Not mind blowing, but respectable in the class and also 17% greater than the 250R.

Being a stroked version of the CBR250R engine, it’s not surprising the graph for the 300F’s 286cc mill is almost identical to the outgoing engine, just higher on the chart.

“My first ride aboard the CB300F awakened me to the fact that the little Honda has considerably more oomph compared to the bikes against which we were testing in our forthcoming Lightweight Nakeds shootout,” says Content Editor, Tom Roderick.

When all is said and done, the 300F comes in 9 lbs lighter than the R model and also sheds some weight on price. Starting at $3999, it’s $400 cheaper than the R.

From The Saddle

As one would expect, riding the CB300F isn’t too dissimilar from the CBR300R. The obvious difference being the amount of forward tilt the rider experiences. While the 300R has the rider slightly hunched forward to grab the clip-ons, the 300F’s pilot is greeted to a much more neutral position thanks to the upright bars.

Handlebars instead of clip-ons give the rider a nearly upright riding position.

One of the nice aspects of the single-cylinder engine, especially for newer riders, is its narrow dimensions. This helps keep the rider’s legs from splaying too far apart once on the bike, and though the 300F’s 30.7-inch seat height is modest, the narrowness of the seat/gas tank junction aids shorter riders in planting both feet on the ground. For reference, my 30-inch inseam had no issues firmly getting both hoofs on tarmac.

Clutch pull is light, which should give the newer rider more confidence while leaving a stop. Most of our testers judged the Honda’s fueling to be fault-free, but kickstart-editor, John Burns, felt a slight hiccup during on/off throttle application. The shift lever easily moves from gear to gear, meaning its not only easy to pull away from a stop, but shifting as you pick up speed is simple, as well.

With more power and torque than the 250R, gaining forward momentum is done more briskly than before. Now that the 300F has more guts, merging with freeway traffic is less fear-inducing than we’ve experienced on other small-displacement bikes, including the 250R. There’s even a respectable amount of passing power in reserve, too, as the 300F will flirt with 90-plus mph if given enough room.

Suspension tuned for comfort on the daily commute results in diminished cornering performance. Keep it smooth and steady, and you’ll reap the rewards.

All the while, we were impressed at the relative lack of vibration from the engine. Singles are known to rumble at high engine speeds, but Honda has done a commendable job quelling vibes on the 300F. Vibes are really only felt once pushing past 80 mph, and are noticed more in the pegs than the bars. Keep speeds modest, and she’s virtually vibe-free.

Handling from the CB is neutral, as the bars provide good leverage to flick from one direction to the next. The 37mm fork and preload-adjustable shock are dialed on the soft side. So, backroad bombing isn’t its specialty, but the rider who emphasizes smoothness over aggression will be rewarded with a pleasant experience.

About the only thing we could fault from the CB300F are its brakes. Equipped with a 296mm disc in front and 220mm disc in the rear, stopping performance was merely adequate. While certainly not bad, our particular test bike had a spongy lever, which I don’t remember from the CBR300R. Some new pads and steel-braided lines would likely go a long way towards dramatically improving the 300’s stopping power.

Naked Learners

From practically the beginning of time, whenever we’ve been asked what bike a new rider should start on, we almost always side with the baby Ninja or CBR. However, those days might be coming to an end. With the CB300F, riders will get all the performance the fully-faired versions carry, with some added benefits.

First, handlebars instead of clip-ons are more comfortable for normal riding, and they make it slightly easier for riders to learn tight, slow-speed maneuvers. Second, the 300F costs less than the CBR (and Ninja 300). Third, and more importantly, the lack of bodywork means the inevitable tipover won’t have as severe a consequence. Factor in the ease of maintenance from the lack of bodywork, and the CB300F draws a strong case for itself as the prime starter bike.

Experienced riders will also find the 300F a fun bike. Its relative lack of power will keep them out of trouble while simultaneously serving as a great learning tool for instilling proper technique to maintain speed. Also, take into account the nearly 60 mpg we returned from our test unit, and riders of all experience levels should find the CB300F appealing for the daily grind.

+ Highs
  • More comfortable than the 300R
  • Cheaper, too!
  • Maybe the perfect motorcycle for the new rider
– Sighs
  • Mushy brakes
  • Uh …
  • Bueller?

2015 Honda CB300F Test

2015 Honda CB300F Review

You don’t have to be a novice rider to enjoy the 2015 Honda CB300F. With an inseam-friendly seat height, upright seating position, low curb weight, and an easy to manage power delivery, the CB300F is perfectly aimed at fledging riders, with styling that doesn’t label it as such. That is a good thing, as the CB300F is more than capable of delivering a fun ride to seasoned riders, as well.

The key to appreciating the 2015 Honda CB300F is all in your right wrist. The small displacement engine requires a generous hand on the throttle to find the meat of the power, and as long as you understand this, you and the CB300F will get along famously. Twist hard, shift fast, and you can rocket away from a stop in front of the traffic without anyone knowing you’re on a bike with a 286cc single-cylinder engine, albeit one that is liquid cooled, DOHC and fuel-injected, and Moto3-inspired.

Well, okay, maybe not rocket, but you won’t get swallowed up, and once you and the 2015 Honda CB300F have gotten well-acquainted, you’ll be surprised at how much can be wrung out of the oversquare engine when you keep the revs up.

The upside of the small displacement, of course, is that there’s less trouble to get into for those who haven’t yet developed their riding skills. Power off idle is soft, and the short gearing of the CB300F’s six-speed transmission won’t get you far in first gear. You’ll need to shift up to third before the end of the block to move along with moderate throttle input and keep up with traffic; it’s unlikely a ham-fisted neophyte will be spooked on the 300.

The upright seating position and neutral ergonomics make the CB300F a great about-town bike. Controls are within easy reach, and a flat-footed stance at stops is achievable to many with the 30.7-inch seat height, and a one-inch lower accessory seat is available from Honda.

The bike’s narrow physique and perfectly placed mirrors (sitting in the sweet spot above most car mirrors and under SUV mirrors) make it embarrassingly easy to scoot between vehicles, but the 300’s easy-going personality doesn’t encourage any kind of delinquent behavior. Instead, it’s quite satisfying to tool through the city, checking out the latest revitalization projects, and people-watch while waiting for the light to change. A minor complaint: the otherwise perfectly behaved transmission is sometimes cranky shifting from neutral into first at a stop.

When you’re finished sightseeing and ready for a more energetic ride, the CB300F is happy to oblige. Between 6500 and 7500 rpm, the bike sheds its conservative nature and is ready for action, just be prepared to work the throttle and gear box regularly. Acceleration is convincing in this range and you can have quite a blast along winding roads in the canyon, knees comfortably tucked against into the slim tank.

Handling on the CB300F is quite good, as long as you keep in mind the intended audience. Although the bike is willing and able to push a fast speed, there is a hint of twitchiness through moderate turns, reminding you of the necessarily narrow with of the standard IRC Road Winner RX-01 tires.

And while the bike is nimble, and wonderfully light with a claimed curb weight just under 350 pounds, it isn’t as easy to flick through turns as I would have expected from a short-wheelbase bike (an inch shorter than the Kawasaki Ninja 300) with a fairly aggressive rake (over a degree tighter than the Ninja).

Suspension on the 300 can be a bit harsh, and at higher speeds on well-worn roads you will be reminded that this is not a bike outfitted with top-notch suspension. For casual riding it is fine, however, and that’s the kind of action the CB300F will see most of the time.

Braking action at the front lever is appropriately dialed — powerful enough to confidently slow the bike quickly, without any over-zealous bite. The rear disk brake is on the weaker side, but is fitting for novice riders who are developing finesse at the controls.

Despite the small engine, the CB300F is freeway-worthy and feels stable well past the posted speed limit, the IRCs even getting along with the rain-grooved pavement. I did find myself trying to shift into a non-existent 7th gear several times, to drop down into a more typical 5500 rpm range, but that’s not how the CB300F rolls. If you’re in a hurry, it’s going to sound and feel like it.

Surprisingly, there is not as much windblast off the naked bike at high speeds as I would have expected, but, even so, the CB300F is more enjoyable at a relaxed speed. If you don’t need to tangle with highly aggressive urban freeways for long distances, the 300 is a perfect commuter bike. With a 3.4-gallon tank and a claimed 70+ mpg, you might get through the week without stopping to fill up.

Honda has done a commendable job with the 2015 CB300F, delivering an easy to handle, non-intimidating, stylish bike to the novice crowd, at a price point that is hard to argue with — just $800 more than the Honda Grom 125. The CB300F has a wide enough powerband to keep a developing rider satisfied long after he’s mastered the basics, which keeps the bike entertaining for the experienced rider who’s on a budget or wants an outstanding urban bike.

Photography by Don Williams

RIDING STYLEHelmet: HJC IS-Max BT SprintJacket + Gloves: Fly Racing CoolPro II LadiesJeans: UglyBros Guardian-GBoots: Sidi Livia Rain

2015 Honda CB300F SpecificationsEngine Type: 286cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-strokeBore and Stroke: 76mm x 63mmCompression ratio: 10.7:1Valve train: DOHC; four valves per cylinderInduction: PGM-FI, 38mm throttle bodyIgnition: Computer-controlled digital transistor with electronic advanceTransmission: Six-speedFinal drive: O-ring-sealed chainSuspensionFront: 37mm fork; 4.65 inches travelRear: Pro-Link single shock with five-position spring preload adjustability; 4.07 inches travelBrakesFront: Twin-piston caliper with single 296mm discRear: Single-caliper 220mm discTiresFront: IRC Road Winner RX-01 110/70-17 radialRear: IRC Road Winner RX-01 140/70-17 radialWheelbase: 54.3 inchesRake: 25.5°Trail: 98mm (3.9 inches)Seat height: 30.7 inchesFuel capacity: 3.4 gallonsEstimated fuel economy: 71 mpgColor: RedCurb weight: 348 pounds2015 Honda CB300F MSRP: $3999

Мотоцикл Honda CB300F 2015 характеристики, фотографии, обои, отзывы, цена, купить

Основная информацияМодель:Honda CB300FГод:2015Тип:Naked bikeРейтинг:69.3 out of 100. Show full rating and compare with other bikesЦена нового мотоцикла (MSRP):US$ 3999. Цена зависит от страны, налогов, аксессуаров, и т.д..Двигатель и приводРабочий объем:286.00 см3 (17.45 дюймов3)Тип двигателя:Одноцилиндровый, четырехтактныйКомпрессия:10.7:1Диаметр х Ход поршня:76.0 x 63.0 мм (3.0 x 2.5 дюймов)Клапаны на цилиндр:4Топливная система:Впрыск. PGM-Fi, 38mm throttle bodyКонтроль топлива:Double Overhead Cams/Twin Cam (DOHC)Зажигание:Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advanceОхлаждение:ЖидкоеКоробка передач:6-ступенчатаяТип трансмиссии,привод:ЦепьСцепление:Wet multi-plate coil springРасход топлива:3.31 л./100 km (30.2 km/l or 71.06 mpg)Выхлопные газы:76.8 CO2 g/km. (CO2 - Carbon dioxide emission) Стандарт топлива:Meets current EPA standards. Модельs sold in California meet current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.Шасси, подвеска, тормоза и колесаУгол наклона вилки:25.3Трейл:98 мм (3.9 дюймов)Передний амортизатор:37mm forkFront wheel ход:118 мм (4.7 дюймов)Задняя подвеска:Pro-Link single shock with five positions of spring preload adjustabilityRear wheel ход:103 мм (4.1 дюймов)Передняя покрышка:110/70-17 Задняя шина:140/70-17 Передний тормоз:Один дискПередний тормоз диаметр:296 мм (11.7 дюймов)Задний тормоз:Один дискЗадний тормоз диаметр:220 мм (8.7 дюймов)РазмерыВес, включая масло, газ и т.п.:157.9 кг (348.0 фунтов)Высота по седлу:755 мм (29.7 дюймов) If adjustable, lowest setting.Длина:2,040 мм (80.3 дюймов)Клиренс:130 мм (5.1 дюймов)Колесная база:1,560 мм (61.4 дюймов)Вместимость топливного бака:12.87 л. (3.40 галлонов)Прочие характеристикиЦветовые варианты:КрасныйСтартер:ЭлектрическийЗаводская гарантия:24 месяцевКомментарии:Модель ID: CB300FДополнительная информацияInsurance costsGet estimated US insurance cost with a quote from Allstate Motorcycle Insurance.Parts finder Motorcycle Superstore provides an easy-to-use parts finder. Ships to the US, Canada, UK and Australia. CMSNL ships low cost OEM motorcycle parts to Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, The United States and more. Also check out our overview of motorcycle webshops at, tests, etcSearch the web for dealers, loan costs, tests, customizing, etc.Задавать вопросыJoin the 15 Honda CB300F discussion group.Похожие моделиСписок связанных моделей для сравнения спецификации.

Обзор новинки от Honda – мотоцикл CB300F 2015

Модель Honda CB300F 2015 года – новинка нэйкед начального уровня. По факту – это все тот же CBR300R, только с меньшим функционалом. Внешний вид CBR300R и CB300F способен показать все различия между двумя моделями. По сути, CB300F представляет собой 300R, с которого сняли практически весь корпус с передней части мотора, поставили одинарную фару вместо двойной и добавили цельный руль. Во всем остальном транспортные средства практически идентичны.

Это говорит о том, что в модели 300F установлена все та же рама, подвеска, шины, тормоза и колеса, что и у 300R. На обеих моделях установлен одноцилиндровый 286-кубовый двигатель с жидкостным охлаждением, снабженный противовесом. В свою очередь такой мотор стал увеличенной версией четырехклапанной модели объемом в 249 кубов с двумя распредвалами верхнего расположения в головке цилиндра.

По заявлениям сотрудников компании Honda, по сравнению с прошлой моделью прирост мощности составляет 17% и, судя по проведенным на динамометре тесты, слова производителей правдивы. Новая модель способна выдать 26.2 лошадиные силы при 8500 оборотах в минуту, что выше показателей CBR250R именно на 17%. Крутящий момент равен 23.5 ньютон-метра при 6800 оборотах в минуту – конечно, это не очень высокий показатель, но все же выше чем у 250R на 17%.

Кроме того, модель 300F гораздо дешевле и легче R модель: на 400 долларов и 4 килограмма соответственно.

Проведенные тест-драйвы

Впечатления от вождения модели CB300F практически ничем не отличаются от CBR300R, в принципе чего и нужно было ожидать. Наиболее очевидным различием стала посадка водителя, а если быть точнее, то насколько вперед наклоняется водитель при езде. За рулем модели 300R, сидишь, слегка наклонившись вперед, дабы дотянуться к рулю, в то время как в модели 300F более нейтральная посадка, достигнутая за счет приподнятого и цельного руля.

Одним из достоинств одноцилиндрового двигателя особенно для новичков – это его узкая форма. Это позволяет водителю не раздвигать слишком сильно ноги, во время его нахождения за рулем. Кроме того, небольшая высота по сиденью (78 см), узость бензобака и сиденья позволяет стоять на земле обоими ногами даже водителю небольшого роста.

Чтобы выжать сцепление придется приложить усилия, такая особенность должна придавать на старте уверенность новичкам. Многие водители, испытывающие это транспортное средство, остались довольны плавностью работой мотора и подачей топлива. Хотя некоторым переходы на ускорение с холостого хода и наоборот могут показаться резкими. Переключение передач осуществляется максимально четко без заеданий, такая возможность позволяет не только с легкостью стартовать с места, но и по мере разгона переключать скорость.

Так как крутящего момента и мощности у нового нэйкеда больше в сравнении с 250R, разгон производится быстрей. На модели 300F на автостраде легче держаться в потоке автомобилей, в сравнении с другими мотоциклами, имеющими двигатель малого объема, в том числе и 250R. При обгоне даже можно повысить скорость, так как этот железный конь чувствует себя комфортно на скорости в 140 и больше километров в час.

Также сможет порадовать и низкий уровень вибрации мотора. Особенностью всех одноцилиндровых моторов является то, что при развитии высокой скорости они начинают греметь, но компания Honda решила тщательно поработать над сведением к минимуму всех вибраций на модели CB300F. Ощутить вибрацию можно лишь, разогнавшись до скорости в 120 километров в час и выше, да и то в большей степени только на подножках, а не на руле, как в других моделях. Если же не превышать этого показателя скорости, то мотоцикл станет работать без вибраций и очень плавно.

Мотоцикл отличается прекрасным управлением, при этом положение руля позволяет с легкостью пройти повороты. Амортизатор с регулировкой преднатяга и 37-миллиметровая вилка довольно мягки в настройке. Конечно, катание на проселочной дороге вряд ли будут комфортны, но в целом водители останутся довольны.

Единственное, что в новом CB300F находится на высшем уровне – это тормоза. Мотоцикл имеет 220-миллиметровый диск сзади и 296 миллиметровый диск спереди, в целом работу тормозов можно назвать хорошей. Конечно, в ее работе нет ничего плохого, но у тестовой модели железного коня, например, оказался не очень жесткий тормозной рычаг, а вот в CBR300R такой проблемы нет. Наверняка, улучшить ситуацию смогли бы тормозные магистрали, имеющие обмотку из стали, либо новые колодки. В целом же, мотоцикл CB300F хорошо подойдет для новичков.

Honda CB300F

The 2015 Honda CB300F is a lightweight and easily maneuverable small bike in a naked style that is fun, comfortable and that is capable of providing an ideal ride for beginners as well as more experienced riders. All that, and it’s extremely affordable, with a base price set at $3,999.

STATS Starting Retail Price As Tested Price HP / Lb-Ft
2015 Honda CB300F $3,999. $4,149. *Dealer prep and handling may vary. Honda does not publish horsepower/torque ratings.
EPA Rating As Tested MPG
Rating: BUY IT! Not tested Not tested

The Honda CB300F delivers the ideal solution for a variety of riding scenarios including tooling about town, dealing with a daily commute or taking off for a leisurely weekend sojourn.The power source for the Honda CB300F is a 300-class engine that displaces 286cc and delivers smooth, responsive power over the complete rev range. It is a DOHC, 4-valve, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder engine with programmed fuel injection, a 38mm throttle body and single right side exhaust, which was inspired by Honda’s stylish CBR500R, featuring a larger internal volume that not only looks good, but increases performance while emitting a pleasant, throaty exhaust thrum. The engine is derived from Honda’s CBR250R, but with a new crankshaft and connecting rod that creates a longer engine stroke, and adds 37cc. The PGM-FI fuel injection provides a constant crisp throttle response, and motive force is transmitted to the rear wheel through a six-speed sequential transmission, via an O-ring-chain final drive.The CB300F’s suspension componentry consists of inverted 37mm forks up front with 4.65 inches of travel and a Pro-Link® single shock with five-position spring preload adjustability and 4.07 inches of travel out back. The bike rolls on Road winner rubber – 110/70-17 M/C forward and 140/70-17 aft, mounted on 5-“swirl”-spoke black painted alloy wheels. Slowing and reining the CB300F to a halt is a twin-piston caliper with a single 296mm disc in front and a single-caliper and 220mm disc in the rear.

The bike’s wheelbase measures 54.3-inches and the overall length is 80.1-inches. Caster angle or rake is 25 degrees and 30 minutes, and the trail is 3.9-inches. It tips the scales at 348 pounds. Fuel capacity is 3.4 gallons and the estimated fuel economy is 71 mpg, but may vary dictated by riding style, terrain and load.My test Honda CB300F was finished in a bright Red gloss coat with flat black trim accents and White graphics. The base sticker read $3,999 with an estimated final tally of $4,149 accounting for dealer prep and handling which can vary.

SUMMARY: The 2015 Honda CB300F is a fun machine to ride, that also happens to be quite comfortable, with Its light weight, 30.7-inch specially configured seat height and indented side covers.The naked CB300F also displays an appealing sporty overall look and stance. Foot controls are mid- mounted and easily accessible, and the handlebars are ideally positioned, combining to provide a desirable and pleasing ergonomically proper riding position.

The power band, as already mentioned, is responsive across the entire rev range, and the transmission is one of the smoothest and most positive shifting units experienced of late, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Instrumentation is made up in the form of a full LCD multi-function meter with digital readout for speed, engine revs and time, with an odometer, trip meter and directional signal indicators. The signals are not self-canceling, and there is no gear indicator – hey, what do you want for $3,999.?The Honda CB300F invites customization and personalization with Honda Genuine Accessories such as: a Honda Racing Seat Bag; a Carbon Fiber Tank Pad; Carbon Fiber Fuel Lid Cover, Carbon-Style Drive Chain Case, Under Engine Cowl, Front Fender, Under Cowl, Front Headlight Cover, and Tank Shroud; a color-matched seat cowl; Chrome Bar Ends and Honda Racing Red Reflective Wheel Stripe Stickers. A Honda Signature accessory seat is available, which is 1-inch lower than the standard seat, making for an easier reach to the ground for vertically challenged riders. A one-year warranty begins on the day Honda Genuine Accessories are purchased.

The CB300F comes with a transferable one-year, unlimited-mileage limited warranty, and extended coverage is available with a Honda Protection Plan.

Bottom-line, the Honda CB300F is a great affordable choice for a beginning rider that is also capable of serving up an equally enjoyable ride for more experienced riders.

On the TFLcar scale of:

  • Buy it!
  • Lease it!
  • Rent it!
  • … or Forget it!

I give the 2015 Honda CB300F a Buy It! for an ideal entry naked sport bike


Base Price: $3,999.

Price as Tested: $4,149. *Dealer prep and handling may vary.

Engine Type and Size: 286cc DOHC, 4-valve, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder engine with programmed fuel injection, 38mm throttle body and single right side exhaust

Horsepower: Honda does not publish horsepower ratings.

Torque: Honda does not publish torque ratings.

Transmission: Six-speed sequential manual.

Drive Train: Final drive – O-ring-sealed chain.

Suspension: Front – inverted 37mm forks with 4.65-inches of travel.Rear – Pro-link® single shock with 5-position spring preloadadjustability and 4.07-inches of travel.

Brakes: Hydraulic, twin-piston caliper with single 296mm disc up front and asingle caliper 220mm disc out back.

Tires: Road Winner 110/70-17 radial M/C 54S front and 140/70-17 radial M/C 66Srear mounted on 5 swirl-spoke black painted alloy wheels.Wheelbase: 54.3 inches

Length Overall: 80.1 inches

Curb Weight: 348 lbs.

Fuel Capacity: 3.4 gallons.

EPA Mileage Estimates:Estimated fuel economy=71 mpg.

Seat Height: 30.7 inches

0 – 60 mph: Not tested

Arv Voss is a Northern California based freelance motoring Journalist and member and past officer of several noted Automotive Journalist organizations who contributes regularly to a number of national and international media outlets. He reviews not only cars, trucks and SUVs, but motorcycles as well.

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