Honda cb500x

Honda CB500X: our first drive review

The Honda CB500X is elaborate on the same frame as his/her sisters, roadster CB500F and “sporting” the CBR500R. All the same machine line entry which does not have large-thing to envy large.


Third of recent family CB 500 elaborate on a common platform, the “X” declines the trail kind with urban vocation. In common with his/her sisters: tally steel of the Diamond type, twin-cylinder of 471   Cm3 and 48 ch, and almost identical simple part-cycle.

The “X” is distinguished however: larger tank (17.3 liters against 15.7   L), suspensions with greater clearance (140   mm against 120), and tires with the profile trail, large handlebar and adjustable protection…

With the handlebar, the impression of comfort dominates: legs at ease (for less than 1.80 m), saddles roomy hardly higher that the roadster “F” (810 mm), broad handlebar offering a good handiness, protection of the bust and legs…

Test Honda CB500X: engine “allowed A2”


Even if it is a linear hair, the parallel twin does not disappoint. The power of 47.6 CH and the couple of 4.6 m/kg with 7000 tr/min are enough to make take off 195 announced kg of this Honda CB500SX.

Test Honda CB500X: instrument panel


Behind the flattering scented with amber color, way glasses of skiing specific to model X, the entirely digital instrumentation in fact not very readable. In complement of the rev counter with bar-graph, one finds 2 trips, a calculator of consumption, a calculation of the km on the way in reserve and a watch. It’s a pity that the unit either if pokey!

Test Honda CB500X: common platform


Already seen at Honda and taken again on recent family CB 500, the principle of the common platform makes it possible to tighten the costs while answering varied waiting.

Test Honda CB500X: that pumps

The 20 mm of clearance offer a surplus of comfort, but the modifications in order to rigidify the shock absorber postpones are not convincing. As soon as the rhythm accelerates, that pumps.

Test Honda CB500X: reasonable


Revisions every 12,000 km, completion of good omen face proof against time especially, reduced consumption: difficult not to currently regard X as the most reasonable motorcycle on the market.

Test Honda CB500X: protection


The small adjustable jump-wind does not make a miracle at motorway speed, but the protection of the bust and legs is welcome. The additional capacity of 1.6 liter in the tank (17.3 L on the whole) offers an autonomy which wills one suits with the travelers.

Test Honda CB500X: effective braking


Effective, braking with simple disc second perfectly a part-cycle healthy. ABS, not coupled, is delivered of series.

Flexible on the setting on the angle, light at exit, it part-cycle confers on X a reassuring behavior, consolidated by an effective braking. Rather discrete, ABS (not coupled) is delivered of series. The back is adjustable suspension, pump as soon as rhythm is increased.

The parallel twin with the tuning fork of the part-cycle: controlled injection, flexible gear box and maximum power – specifically developed for the license A2 (47.6 CH) – without surprise. And it does not disappoint. A linear hair, its couple is sufficient (4.6 mkg with 7,000 tr/min) to make take off 195 kg announced in functioning order.

Passed 6,000 turns, a light start of promptness even allows, for example, an easy going beyond while descending a report. More bluffing remains its appetite of sparrow: 3.5   l/100 km in “eco drives”, maximum 5 liters while having fun. Result: more than 450   km with full.


With 5,990 € (400 of more than “F”), this small trail does not make pay very expensive its supplement of comfort. Revisions every 12,000 km, completion of good omen face proof against time and, especially, reduced consumption: difficult not to currently regard Honda cb500x as the most reasonable motorcycle in the market.

Honda CB500X More Sufficient for Model 2014 with Modernization and Versatility.

The Honda CB500X 2014 Modernization features a brand-new engine and chassis like the machines that made Honda famous in the U.S., its 2-cylinder parallel-twin layout provides a wide power band and plenty of torque. Special touches like the CB500X’s more standing seating position, superior ground clearance and longer wheelbase make it perfectly suited for an adventure bike rider who values function.

Honda CB500X’s DOHC Twin Cylinder Engine

Honda twins are famous for their versatility, and the new Honda CB500X engine is one of our best ever. Using the same piston bore size as our CBR600RR sport bike.

Honda CB500X Unique Style

The CB500X is a lightweight, dynamic motorcycle that offers adventure style with an upright riding position. While not a dual-sport, the new CB500X still has the posture of an adventure machine with a unique fuel tank design that offers the capability to easily passage the body weight.

CB500X Ride Ready For Adventure.

The Honda CB500X is designed to give you an extreme view of the road and plenty of room to shift your weight for maximum control. Utilizing the classic upright riding position with a wide handlebar, taller seat and a tighter knees-in fuel tank design, you can maximize your sentiment of cohesion with the bike and the road.

Honda CB500X Look More Beautiful and Comfort

If you’re curious about riding, and to make your bike to different and unique we suggest you should include different extra necessaries accessories to make luxury your Honda CB500X

That’s good, because riding is awesome. Not only is it a stress reliever, a time saver and a money saver, it also makes you more attractive.* So whether you want to start riding on Honda CB500X at every kind of track with its full equipment’s you will feel a strong satisfaction and ride feelings at every step of the way.

Here are essenscial Accessories of Honda CB500X


The air deflector side-mounted shields deflect wind and cold away from the rider’s legs. Its price is




Honda CB500X sturdy stand provides more secure parking options on variable ground surfaces and simplifies working on bike’s rear wheel. Its price is




Stylish carbon style front fender adds a performance look to your ride to make good drive. With price of




This hand guard helps keep the elements away from your handgrip area to make secure.




This is required for Heated Grips to improve relaxation hold. It is available in



honda cb500x front fender Honda cb500x hand guard HONDA cb500x heated grip
HONDA CB500X Heated Grips

Slim heated grips with integrated control. 3-step variable heating levels. Integrated circuit to protect the battery from draining. Smart heat allocation that focuses on the area of the hand most sensitive to cold. Requires Heated Grip Attachment kit. Availability in price of




Steel perimeter bar adds a rugged look and a mounting point for foglights.




The one key cylinder allows the use of the ignition key to lock and unlock the rear trunk and saddlebags.




This Radiator Shroud is carbon style trim accents add a performance expression look to your motorbike.




Provides extra storage as u desire. (Not to be used to mount Honda Rear Trunk.)



honda cb500 one key cylinder honda cb500 lightbar honda cb500x rear carrier

Rear tire hugger adds style and protection to the under tail from getting damaged by rocks and debris.




Roomy 35L rear trunk features quick-detach mounting system. Requires Rear Carrier/ Trunk Mount Kit or Rear Carrier/ Trunk Mount/ Saddlebag Stays Kit and One Key Cylinder.




The saddlebag panels shown in color matched Matte Gunpowder Metallic. (Contains left and right panels).



honda cb500x saddlebag panels honda cb500x rear tire hugger honda cb500x rear trunk



This is required for installation of saddlebags.



honda cb500x saddlebag stays


The sleek, full integrated saddlebags feature quick-detach mounting system. Saddlebag stays and One Key Cylinders required. (Two sets required)



HONDA cb500x saddlebags


On bike riding the wind screen is very essential here for Honda CB500X the stylish windscreen provides increased wind protection.



honda cb500x tall windscreen

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2016 CB500X Adventure Motorcycle Review

– Detailed 2016 CB500X Review: Price, Accessories, HP & TQ, MPG + More! –

The CB500X is back again for 2016 as it should be because it’s been one of the better sellers out of the 500 cc trio from Honda that include the CBR500R sport bike, CB500F naked sport bike / streetfighter and the CB500X adventure bike that we’re covering here. The CB500X was first released back in 2013 and I’ve got to say I was rather surprised to see Honda was throwing some upgrades & changes at the CB500X so quickly. Typically, in Honda fashion we’ll see the BNG “Bold New Graphics” for a few years and then a slight tweak followed by more BNG and then it will receive some upgrades. The changes to the CB500X / CB500F / CBR500R are a good thing though as it means Honda wants to keep these bikes competitive when going up against Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki etc. These changes don’t come free though as Honda did a slight price increase on the CB500X but you are still getting a lot of bang for your buck…

2016 CB500X Changes: The CB500X adventure motorcycle gets a major boost to its crossover style with improved wind protection thanks to being able to adjust the compact windscreen to varying heights (plus it’s 100mm taller this year), other upgrades include a larger fuel tank that is carefully shaped to give the rider an unrestricted riding position, restyled LED lighting with a new headlight and tailight, spring preload adjustable front forks and adjustable brake lever. a hinged fuel-tank filler cap, front suspension that’s now adjustable for spring preload, and a front-brake lever that’s adjustable too.

2017 CB500X Review – Click Here
CB500X Review Contents:
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Model Overview
  • 3. Key Features
  • 4. Pricing / MSRP
  • 5. Development
  • 6. Technical Specifications

1. Introduction

With its all-round punchy performance, adventure styling, affordable price point and low running costs the twin-cylinder CB500X is a great place from which to begin a lifelong motorcycling journey. Its upright, roomy riding position, substantial tank range and long-travel suspension inject a genuine sense of adventure into every ride, and make it serve equally well through the weekly commute as on the weekend escape.

Furthermore, its free-revving, flexible engine performance – with internal design derived from the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR – has gained approval not only from riders stepping up to an A2 licence overseas, but also from experienced motorcyclists looking for a fun, practical and economical all-rounder.

For 2016 CB500X evolves further, with enhanced crossover style, function and desirability to offer a compelling package of all-round capability with an adventurous spirit at an affordable price.

2. Model Overview

While its 471cc DOHC engine – producing 49.6 HP / 35kW and returning 71 MPG – and steel diamond-tube frame remain unchanged, the CB500X’s outlook is revised for 2016 with a much larger windscreen, and the premium touch of LED headlight and taillight.

A slightly larger fuel tank extends range, and detail improvements such as the hinged fuel cap, adjustable reach brake lever, redesigned seat and ‘wave’ style ignition key elevate the overall owning experience. The ride is improved with the addition of adjustable spring preload in the front forks, new damping rates for the rear shock and redesigned shift drum for smoother gear changes.

3. Key Features

3.1 Styling & Equipment

The CB500X in its original form struck a fine balance between a compact, easy-to-manage size and its ability to inspire discovery and cover distance in comfort. For this next step Honda’s engineers aimed to boost the instinctive sense of freedom to travel under the styling concept of ‘Feel the Adventure.’

The new LED headlight is physically small but powerful. Its angular outline is crowned by twin position lights and a silver finish on the bottom of the windscreen giving the CB500X a closer resemblance to Honda’s bigger X machines – the NC700X, NC750X, VFR800X Crossrunner and VFR1200X Crosstourer. Two-part side panels tie the front and rear design aspects together, and feature painted uppers. Black engine covers underpin the new design.

Extended upwards by approx. 100mm compared to the previous model, the redesigned windscreen offers greater wind and weather protection for the rider’s upper body and features a central duct to equalize pressure and reduce turbulence around the helmet. Two height positions are possible to adjust for rider preference.

Fuel capacity has grown to 4.6 gallons, extending tank range to over 320 miles per tank on the 2016 CB500X. Detail upgrades for rider benefit include a hinged fuel cap and 5-step adjustable span brake lever. A ‘wave’ key also has a smoother, more premium feel in use. The seat unit is finished with a clear-lensed rear LED light.

The comprehensive dash features a digital speedometer, digital bar graph tachometer, odometer, dual trip meters, clock, plus digital fuel level gauge and fuel consumption. HISS (Honda Intelligent Security System) is built in to the ignition on overseas models. There’s space under the seat to store a U-lock and a bash-plate is fitted to protect the engine underside and exhaust pipe on rough, loose surfaces.

2016 CB500X Colors:

  • Matte Black Metallic (USA)
  • Matte Brown Metallic (USA)
  • Matt Fresco Brown
  • Asteroid Black
  • Millennium Red
  • Pearl Horizon White
  • Matt Gunpowder Black

3.2 Engine

The CB500X’s DOHC, 8-valve liquid-cooled parallel twin layout offers a great combination of compact physical size and flexible output. The ‘triangle’ proportion of crankshaft, main shaft and countershaft is very similar to that of Honda’s four-cylinder RR engines and much of the internal structure and engineering is taken directly from both the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR.

Bore and stroke is set at 67mm x 66.8mm; the crankshaft pins are phased at 180° and a primary couple-balancer sits behind the cylinders, close to the bike’s centre of gravity. The primary and balancer gears use scissor gears, reducing noise. The crank counterweight is specifically shaped for couple-balance and its light weight allows the engine to spin freely, with reduced inertia.

PGM-FI fuel injection provides superb throttle response; the gasflow route from airbox to exhaust is as straight as possible and a plate in the airbox separates the airflow to each cylinder. Peak horsepower of 49.6 arrives at 8,500 RPM, with 31.7 lb ft torque delivered at 7,000 RPM.

The engine acts as a stressed member, reinforcing the frame’s rigidity with four frame hangers on the cylinder head. Internally the cylinder head uses roller rocker arms; shim-type valve adjustment allows them to be light, for lower valve-spring load and reduced friction. A silent (SV Chain) cam chain has the surface of its pins treated with Vanadium, reducing friction with increased protection against dust. Inlet valve diameter is 26.0mm with exhaust valve diameter of 21.5mm.

Bore size of 67mm is identical to that of the CBR600RR. The piston shape is based upon those used in the CBR1000RR to reduce piston ‘noise’ at high rpm. Friction is reduced by the addition of striations on the piston skirt (a finish that increases surface area, introducing gaps in which oil can flow for better lubrication). As with the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR, an AB 1 salt bath process, used after isonite nitriding, forms a protective oxidisation membrane.

The crankcase uses centrifugally cast thin-walled sleeves, and the same bore interval as the CBR600RR helps them be as compact and light as possible. Their internal design reduces the ‘pumping’ losses that can occur with a 180° phased firing order. Using the same internal relief structure as that of the CBR1000RR, the oil pump features improved aeration performance, with reduced friction; a deep sump reduces oil movement under hard cornering and braking. Oil capacity is 3.4 quarts.

A six-speed gearbox mirrors that of its RR cousins which use the same gear change arm structure and link mechanism. In an update for 2016, the shift drum stopper spring load has been revised, along with the shape of the shift drum center, for smoother, easier gear changing.

  • 2016 CB500X Horsepower Rating: 49.6 HP at 8,500 RPM
  • 2016 CB500X Torque Rating: 31.7 lb ft TQ at 7,000 RPM
  • 2016 CB500X MPG Rating: 71 Miles Per Gallon

3.3 Chassis

The CB500X’s 35mm diameter steel diamond-tube mainframe is light and strong, with a tuned degree of yield that gives plenty of feedback to the rider as road surfaces change. The shape and position of the engine mounts, plus the frame’s rigidity balance, reduces vibration.

Wheelbase is 1420mm and rake and trail are set at 26.5°/108mm giving an agile, yet composed steering feel. Mass centralization, with the engine in very close proximity to the swingarm pivot point, delivers turning agility and optimum front/rear weight distribution ensures stability. Curb weight comes in at 427 pounds for the 2016 CB500X.

Seat height is low at 810mm, making the CB500X very easy to manage and its sporty riding position will comfortably accommodate riders of varying heights thanks to a relatively high handlebar position. Overall dimensions are 2095mm x 830mm x 1360mm, with 170mm ground clearance.

For 2016 the 41mm telescopic front fork (with 140mm stroke) gains spring preload adjustment and alongside the Pro-Link rear shock – which has 5-step preload adjustment and revised damping rates – offers the rider flexibility to adjust for loads. Final drive is via 520 sealed chain.

Lightweight, 17-inch cast aluminium wheels employ hollow cross-section Y-shaped spokes. Front wheel width is 3.5 inch; the rear 4.5 inch and tires are 120/70-ZR17 and 160/60-ZR17. A single front 320mm wavy disc and two-piston brake caliper is matched to a 240mm rear disc and single-piston caliper. ABS is fitted as standard.

4. 2016 Honda CB500X Pricing Update
  • 2016 CB500X Price / MSRP: $6,499
  • 2016 CB500X ABS Price / MSRP: $6,799

In the past, ABS has set you back $500 with Honda on the CB500X. In 2015 the CB500X standard model was $6,299 while the ABS brought the tally up to $6,799. I’d say ABS sales for the CB500X will rise as a lot of customers I’ve dealt with didn’t want to pony up and pay the extra $500 tab for the added safety. This will be the second price increase for the CB500X as it originally started out with an MSRP of $5,999 in 2013 shortly followed by the bump to $6,299. It’s still priced right though and bang for the buck you’ll have a difficult time finding anything to beat it. Especially when you start comparing MPG numbers and maintenance costs etc. That’s where the CB500X really shines when you look at the complete cost of ownership picture.

5. Honda CB500X Development Story (Including CBR500R / CB500F)

There’s a whole new generation of young riders looking to enter the sport of motorcycling on bikes that are fun to ride, nimble and easy to handle, affordable and economical to operate, plus distinctive in appearance. For this set of buyers, Honda has hit a grand slam by creating a trio of modern-era 500cc machines that redefine the middleweight category. These three bikes take aim at three popular styles of bikes that resonate with their own identity, yet all are filled with Honda quality and value, through and through.

First, there’s the CBR500R, a lightweight and nimble middleweight sport bike that’s just right for riders moving up in displacement categories, as well as for experienced riders who just love riding a great-handling bike. Next, there’s the CB500F naked sport bike, a great choice for independent-minded riders in search of a mid-sized entry-level bike with extra attitude, but one that’s also a great daily ride. And there’s also a middleweight adventure-style bike, the CB500X, a bike that follows the lead of the popular NC700X introduced in 2012. For riders who want to add a smaller, lighter and eminently affordable adventure-style bike to their lives, the CB500X is just the ticket.

Each of these brand-new models has its own look and personality plus a tie-in to larger bikes in the Honda lineup, and they also share that distinctive, high-quality Honda feel. Despite their unique appearances, these three bikes share the same basic chassis components and engine—a smart move, since sharing common elements helps reduce development and production costs, resulting in a markedly lower consumer price point.


As its name suggests, the CBR500R features full bodywork much like that found on the potent CBR600RR and CBR1000RR Honda sportbikes. Sportbike riders, whether well established in the sport or still developing their motorcycling skills, always prize the excellent handling traits that come with a light and responsive mount. And the new, lightweight and nimble CBR500R absolutely delivers in that department—there’s plenty of well-rounded performance on tap here. It’s just the right size for sport riders moving up from the entry-level Honda CBR250R, but even experienced sportbike riders will appreciate the handling characteristics of this 425-pound bike. Its aerodynamic bodywork provides significant advantages in air management for added rider comfort, along with a low drag coefficient and effective engine cooling, rounding out a package that looks as good as it works.


Naked sport bikes form another distinct category of motorcycling, one that fosters the image of independence and non-conformity. And that’s especially true with the CB500F, a bike that looks like a first-cousin to the liter-sized CB1000R. This modern and sporty 500cc naked bike not only carries a full load of attitude and style, it also delivers plenty of performance and versatility. Tipping the scales at only 420 pounds, it’s got everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. Whether it’s used as a daily commuter machine, an affordable weekend ride for backroad day trips, or a bike for hanging out at the local gathering spot, the CB500F serves as a great option for just about any kind of street use. Its comfortable, neutral riding position and slim profile let riders feel right at home in the saddle. For a bike that’s affordable, stylish and fun, it’s tough to top the new CB500F.


We all understand that half the fun of motorcycling is the mental escape it provides when you’re tied down at the 9 to 5 job. For riders who love to dream about getting far away on a ride, the middleweight CB500X is a fantastic option that follows in the tire prints of the recently introduced and highly acclaimed NC700X adventure-style bike. This is a bike that begs to travel new roads and discover new sights, a fun-to-ride motorcycle with an extra dose of versatility. The compact windscreen can be adjusted in height, and it also has a comfortable adventure-bike seating position, plus a larger-capacity fuel tank that has been carefully shaped to allow the rider unrestricted movement. It features a longer-stroke 41mm front fork that produces 4.9 inches of travel, and a wider handlebar allows for easy steering inputs. And while this the CB500X works well for longer-range adventure tours, it also serves as a versatile ride to fulfill those everyday needs too. For riders seeking a little more adventure in their lives, the CB500X delivers on that idea at a very affordable price.

Engine Technology

Regardless of market placement, all three bikes share an all-new engine and Honda’s engineers decided that a sleek parallel twin would serve best to generate sufficient torque in the low-rpm range to produce the kind of fun, easily accessible powerband that is a hallmark of all three bikes. And so this series of bikes became 500cc liquid-cooled parallel twins with a bore and stroke configuration of 67 x 66.8mm. The stroke of 66.8mm was the maximum possible, given the compact engine dimensions the engineers had also set as a priority. The 7mm bore interval in this engine is the same as the bore intervals in the CBR600RR; this tight distance results in a compact—and light weight—engine.

The valvetrain incorporates four valves per cylinder actuated by dual overhead camshafts. The intake valves measure 26mm in diameter, the exhaust valves 21.5mm, and narrow valve stems help reduce reciprocating weight and engine friction. This DOHC configuration was chosen for higher performance; it gave the engineering team greater latitude in developing the shape of the combustion chamber, the shape of the ports and the layout angle of the valves, while also allowing the use of lighter valves. Careful attention was paid in particular to creating a markedly straight-line flow from the air cleaner through the intake ports and out the exhaust pipe to maximize efficiency.

The cylinder head design also incorporates a roller rocker arm for a more compact layout along with reduced friction. The choice of a shim-type valve adjustment system allowed incorporation of a lighter rocker arm setup that, in turn, allowed for a lower valve-spring load to further reduce power losses through engine friction. The cams are driven by a silent-type cam chain for reduced engine friction, and the surfaces of the cam-chain pins are treated with vanadium for lower friction and increased toughness. Compression ratio is set at 10.7:1, and to reduce piston noise and friction at the relatively high top engine speeds slated for these bikes (redline is 8600 rpm and rev-cut occurs at 9100 rpm), the short 67mm piston features asymmetrical skirts that are the same length but differ in width. Using technology applied to the CBR600RR, striations on the piston skirts aid oil retention for better lubrication, and the piston pins and connecting rods are also treated with a friction-reducing special protective coating. The 180-degree crankpin design and an engine counterbalancer help smooth operation, and preloaded scissor gears are used for the primary and balancer gears to reduce gear whine/engine noise. All in all, a sophisticated package.

A six-speed gearbox complements the power output of this engine, and the triangulated layout between crankshaft, mainshaft and countershaft is very similar to that of the four-cylinder CBR-RR engines, which aids in creating a very compact unit. Engine weight, at 116 pounds, is laudably light. In addition, the gear-change mechanism uses the same gearshift structure and gearshift link design used in the ultra-high-performance CBR600RR and CBR1000RR sport bikes to yield high-quality shifting action and feel.

Honda’s Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system delivers the appropriate fuel mixture according to existing riding and atmospheric conditions for crisp throttle response. A pair of 34mm throttle bodies feed the engine, with the injectors located within the throttle-body assembly. All of this technology helps give all three 500s an especially responsive, revvy nature and a high-quality feel.

Chassis Technology

The engine hangs as a stressed frame member housed in a monocoque frame evocative of Honda’s MotoGP racing machines. The cylinder head features four solid attachment points for engine hangers, which allows the rigidity of the engine to add to chassis rigidity. Such a design lends itself to a more simplified frame shape, yielding a more lightweight and compact chassis. The resulting frame is a diamond-shaped unit with a 35mm steel tube main member, and the final design is significantly lighter than other comparable designs, which adds greatly to the handling prowess of all three bikes.

The CBR500R and CB500F share the same wheelbase of 55.5 inches, while the CB500X spans 55.9 inches between axles. The X model also has one degree more steering rake than its two siblings (26° 5′ versus 25° 5′), and its 41mm fork yields 4.9 inches of travel in contrast to the 4.3 inches of fork travel with the other two bikes. All three share the same Pro-Link® single-shock rear suspension system, which offers nine-step cam-style spring preload adjustability and 4.7 inches of travel. Thanks in part to this slightly taller suspension setup the CB500X seat is slightly taller at 31.9 inches, versus 30.9 inches for the CBR500R and CB500F. Even so, the CB500X seat is perched nearly an inch lower than that of the larger NC700X adventure-style bike, which makes it distinctly more friendly feeling for riders with shorter inseams.

All three models share the same lightweight cast aluminum wheels, a 120/70-17 front and 160/60-17 rear. These wheels follow the designs used for the latest CBR600RR and CBR1000RR wheels. The brake setups are likewise identical among all three 500s: a twin-piston caliper and 320mm wave-style disc up front, and a 240mm wave disc in back. The front brake in particular offers excellent stopping power and feel. The wave design reduces unsprung weight and it also offers excellent heat-dissipating qualities. ABS is an option with all three bikes and the ABS systems are independent, not linked, between the rear and front brakes.

So there you have it: three different bikes, three different riding experiences for three different kinds of riders. But all three bikes are lightweight, nimble and fun to ride, and each one possesses a level of quality and sophistication that makes it a fantastic value for the money.

Honda CB500X / CBR500R / CB500F Model Lineup Pictures

6. 2016 CB500X Technical Specifications

Type Liquid-Cooled, parallel twin
Displacement 471cc
Bore and stroke 67mm x 66.8mm
Compression Ratio 10.7 : 1
Max. Power Output 49.6 HP (35kW) @ 8500rpm
Max. Torque 31.7 lb/ft TQ (43Nm) @ 7000rpm
Oil Capacity 3.38 qt (3.2L)
Induction PGM FI
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.4 gal (17.5L) (inc reserve)
Fuel Consumption(WMTC)  71 MPG (29.4km/liter)
Starter Motor
Battery Capacity 12V 8.6AH
ACG Output 23.4A/2000rpm
Clutch Type Wet multiplate
Transmission Type 6 speed
Final Drive Chain
Type Steel, Diamond
Dimensions (L´W´H) 82.4 x 32.6 x 53.5 in (2095mm x 830mm x 1360mm) (Low screen) 54.7 in / 1390mm (Hi screen)
Wheelbase 55.9 in (1420mm)
Caster Angle 26.5 degrees
Trail 108mm
Seat Height 31.8 in (810mm)
Ground Clearance 6.6 in (170mm)
Curb Weight 427.6 lbs (196kg)
Type Front Conventional Telescopic, 41mm, pre-load adjustable
Type Rear Prolink mono with 9 stage Preload adjuster, steel square pipe swingarm
Type Front Multi-Spoke Aluminium Cast
Type Rear Multi-Spoke Aluminium Cast
Rim Size Front 17 X MT3.5
Rim Size Rear 17 X MT4.5
Tires Front 120/70ZR – 17M/C (On-Off Pattern)
Tires Rear 160/60ZR – 17M/C (On-Off Pattern)
ABS System Type 2-Channel
Type Front Single Wave Disk, 320mm, 2 POT caliper
Type Rear Single Wave Disk, 240mm, 1 POT caliper
Instruments Digital Speedometer, Digital Bar Graph Tachometer, Dual Trip Meters, Digital Fuel Level Gauge & Fuel Consumption Gauge, Digital Clock
Security System HISS (Honda Intelligent Security System) European models
Headlight  Low 4.8W, Hi 12W x 1 light
Engine: Specification, Units: mm (in) Final Drive: Specification Cooling System: Specification Fuel System: Specification Suspension: Specification Tires: Specification Battery/Charging System: Specification Lighting Equipment: Specification Ignition System: Specification Torque value: Specification, Unit: N.m (kgf.m, lbf.ft)
Cylinder arrangement: 2 cylinders in-line, inclined 20° from vertical
Bore and stroke: 67.0 x 66.8 mm (2.64 x 2.63 in)
Displacement: 471 cm³ (28.7 cu-in)
Cylinder compression at rpm: 1,372 kPa (14.0 kgf/cm², 119 psi)
Standard: 0.010 – 0.045 (0.0004 – 0.0018)
Service Limit: 0.10 (0.004)
Intake: 0.16 ± 0.03 (0.006 ± 0.001)
Exhaust: 0.27 ± 0.03 (0.011 ± 0.001)
Recommended engine oil/classification/viscosity: Pro Honda GN4 4-stroke oil/API: SG or higher, JASO T 903 standard: MA/SAE 1
Oil capacity after draining/engine oil filter change: 2.7 liters (2.9 US qt, 2.4 Imp qt)
Oil pressure at oil pressure switch: 93 kPa (0.9 kgf/cm², 13 psi) at 1,200 rpm/80°C (176°F)
Drive chain size (x) links: 520 x 112
Drive chain slack: 35 – 45 (1.4 – 1.8)
Recommended antifreeze/concentration: Pro Honda HP Coolant/1:1
Coolant capacity,radiator and engine: 1.4 liters (1.5 US qt, 1.2 Imp qt)
Type/throttle bore: PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)/34 mm (1.3 in)
Carburtetor/throttle body ID #: GQBJA (A-type), GQBJB (AC-type)
Idle speed (+/- 100 rpm): 1,200 ± 100 rpm
Fuel pressure at idle: 343 kPa (3.5 kgf/cm², 50 psi)
Throttle grip/lever free play: 2 – 6 mm (0.1 – 0.2 in)
Recommended fork fluid: Pro Honda Suspension Fluid SS-8 (10W)
Fork fluid capacity/and level: 453 ± 2.5 cm³ (15.3 ± 0.08 US oz)/160 (6.3)
Front  Size: 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
Cold tire pressure: 250 kPa (2.50 kgf/cm², 36 psi)
Rear  Size: 160/60ZR17M/C (69W)
Cold tire pressure: 290 kPa (2.90 kgf/cm², 42 psi)
Charging system type: Triple phase output alternator
BatteryCapacity/Model: 12 V – 8.6 Ah (10 HR)/FTZ
Fully charged: 13.0 – 13.2 V
Needs charging: Below 12.4 V
Normal: 0.9 A/5 – 10 h
Quick: 4.5 A/1 h
Regulated voltage at rpm: Measured BV < Measured CV < 15.5 V @ 5000 rpm
Alternator charging coil resistance: 0.1 – 1.0 O
Lo: 12 V – 60/55 W
Brake/tail light: 12 V – 21/5 W
Front turn signal/running light bulb: 12 V – 21/5 W x 2
Rear turn signal light bulb: 12 V – 21 W x 2
Ignition system type: Full transistorized ignition
Ignition timing (F mark): 6° BTDC at idle speed
Standard – NGK: CPR8EA-9
Spark plug gap: 0.80 – 0.90 mm (0.031 – 0.035 in)
Ignition coil peak voltage: 100 V minimum
Ignition pulse generator peak voltage: 0.7 V minimum
Front axle bolt/nut: 54 (5.5, 40)
Front axle holder/pinchbolt/nut: 22 (2.2, 16)
Rear axle nut: 88 (9.0, 65)

RideApart Review: Honda CB500X | RideApart

The third member of Big Red’s new 500 family adds adventure style and a tall riding position. The Honda CB500X is the only member of that range with significant mechanical differentiation — longer forks.

What’s NewThis diagram should help explain things. Starting with the same basic package as the CBR500R and CB500F — 471cc parallel-twin housed in a steel tube frame — Honda has bolted on 20mm longer forks. That creates more fork travel — up to 4.9 from 4.3 inches — obviously, but also has the effect of increasing rake by one degree to 26.5 degrees, trail grows from 4.05 inches to 4.29 and the wheelbase is increased by half an inch to 55.9 inches.

The ProLink shock remains the same as that used on the other bikes, with 4.7 inches of travel and preload adjustability. But, a taller seat and upright bars create a taller, more spacious riding position. The CB500X’s seat sits at 31.9 inches to the CBR500R and CB500F’s 30.9 inch height. Compared to those bikes, the fuel tank is larger too, increased from 4.1 to 4.5 gallons.

An adjustable windscreen and what appears to be the same headlight as fitted to the Honda NC700X rounds out the list of changes.

The rest remains identical to the other 500s. That liquid-cooled motor develops 47bhp at its 8,500rpm redline and 32lb/ft of torque at 7,000rpm. That motivates an all-up kerb weight of 430lbs. That’s measured with a full tank of fuel and is 5lbs up on the other 500s thanks to that extra capacity.

All three are designed to capture the hearts and minds of novice riders or someone more experienced just looking for something easy, fun and cheap.

None of them are outright performance bikes; instead of a laser-like focus on going fast (typically achieved at the expense of every other dynamic parameter), they’re broadly applicable, fun bikes that would be good to learn on, good to commute on, good to take trips on or good just to tool around on at the weekends. Motorcycles as exciting transportation, not ridiculous toys.

The RideSean came over one night on our new Suzuki V-Strom 650 long termer and ended up riding home on the CB500X just to try it out. Before he hopped on the Honda, he asked if it was going to be exactly like the CB500F and CBR500R we rode to Laguna Seca last month. With the exception of the handlebars and seat, those bikes feel exactly the same, so he was understandably skeptical that the CB500X could actually be different.

In response to that question, I told him that it really doesn’t feel much like the other bikes. It feels larger and more grown up, like a much bigger motorcycle. 30 minutes or so went by, enough for him to make the evening rush hour ride from Hollywood to Long Beach and I texted him to see what he thought.

“Damnit, I hate it when you’re right,” came the response.

That more spacious riding position, the extra inch between seat and peg, the wide, upright bars and the longer travel, more plushly damped forks really do add up to a bike that simply feels more mature than its siblings.

Steering feels faster, thanks to those wide handlebars, but the CB500X is also more stable and more able to hold a line without wobbling around thanks to the longer wheelbase and more conservative geometry. Better damping control means the longer forks aren’t softer, leaving able to soak up bumps, but also deliver both excellent feel and control over what that 17-inch front tire is doing.

The taller riding position means you can see over most traffic. The dinky windscreen is surprisingly effective in the higher of its two positions, redirecting air off your torso and onto the top of your shoulders, leaving your helmet buffet free in clean air.

The next day, Sean and I were feeling restless, so took the V-Strom and CB500X up Angeles Crest Highway to grab lunch at Newcomb’s Ranch. I rode the CB500X on the way up there, he rode it back. It was just a jeans-and-jackets casual ride, but on the way up the mountain I did my usual thing, passing supposedly larger, faster bikes — this time an R1200GS and a guy in a really unfortunate leather onesie on KTM 990 Super Duke. The little Honda proved a willing companion for fast riding, its height and upright riding position affording a great view around corners and cars and its Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires delivering plenty of confidence even over the melted tar snakes on this very hot day. A lot like the other 500s, just with better forks and vision.

Then, on the way down, I hopped on the V-Strom and followed Sean. That mid-capacity Suzuki is one of our favorite all-round bikes. It’s light and manageable in the city, all-day comfortable on the highway and, most surprisingly, a blast on twisty roads like this one. But man, after that Honda, it felt positively portly. It felt heavy to push around, slow to steer and its more powerful engine was less willing to rev match downshifts and just wasn’t as able to play along with spirited riding than the smaller Honda. Wow.

For the first time ever, I actually had a hard time keeping up with our very own Captain Slow, as he just merrily scooted down the mountain, with no idea that I was trying hard, but still falling back.

Back in town, things got even worse. A bike that we’d previously considered a good companion for splitting heavy traffic suddenly felt large and cumbersome trying to keep up with the dinky Honda. The CB500X would just scoot through gaps that were simply too small for the V-Strom to fit through at all.

Don’t get us wrong, the larger Suzuki is going to be the more capable tourer, but in town or on a mountain road, the little Honda is the much more capable machine.

What’s GoodLittle changes add up to a lot. The CB500X retains the agility, ease and willingness of its siblings, while gaining a more composed nature.

Longer travel forks are also better damped. So they increase control and comfort. There’s actually less dive under braking.

Another inch of leg room helps you spread out.

Despite their misleading name, the Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires are an excellent choice for real world street duty. They’re hugely confidence inspiring around town in sketchy conditions, but also willing and able to drag peg on a good road.

In an age where sportsbikes all seem to wear unnecessarily wide rubber, the Honda’s 160-section rear tire delivers light, neutral, quick steering. Riding narrow rubber is believing.

Even without adjusting the preload, the CB500X is totally at home carrying a passenger. The back seat is comfy and spacious, the pegs low and those grab handles are huge and well positioned.

We’re averaging 52mpg, giving us a 234-mile range from the 4.5 gallon tank.

A commanding riding position, wide bars and punchy engine combine with the light, fast handling delivered by the 17 inch wheels to create something of a supermoto-like feel around town. No, it’s not some race-tuned, snarling beast capable of 60 degrees of lean, but it is agile and responsive, even over bad pavement.

What’s BadYou need a specially designed C-spanner to reach the preload adjuster on the shock, but it’s not included in the stock tool kit.

The little Honda didn’t engender much respect from Harley poseurs when I rode it into their party.

The Price$6,000 base, add $500 for ABS. Same as the CBR500R; we’d buy the X. That’s $1,500 cheaper than the non-ABS/DCT NC700X. The difference between the two grows to a staggering TWO GRAND when you spec ABS on both and the CB500X doesn’t make you pay for an unnecessary transmission to get the good brakes. The NC700X is going to be a little better at carrying a passenger and its low center of gravity is awesome off-road, but I’ve gotta tell you, the difference is much less than that price differential suggests. We’d go for the 500X.

Outside Honda, the nearest competition comes from that V-Strom and the Kawasaki Versys. The CB500X is hands down better than both in town or on a good, winding road, but the Suzuki is the better choice if you’re mostly planning distance work. The Honda feels far lighter than the 30lbs advantage over the Versys makes it sound. This thing is just a killer deal.

The VerdictWant an easy-to-ride, fun, affordable bike to commute around the city during the week, then head off on a trip during the weekend? Whether you’re a novice looking for your first new bike or an experienced rider looking to save some money, you just found it.

To all my friends who’ve been waiting to hear if they should buy one: yes you should.

RideApart Rating: 10/10

2013 Honda CB500X specifications and pictures

Honda's profilation of this bikeIf you could use a little more adventure in your lifeand who couldnt the CB500X can deliver on that idea at a surprisingly affordable price. The adventure-style CB500X delivers a fun-to-ride option with an extra dose of versatility. The compact windscreen up front can be adjusted to varying heights, and the larger-capacity fuel tank has been carefully shaped to give the rider an unrestricted riding position. General informationModel:Honda CB500XYear:2013Category:SportRating:77.4 out of 100. Show full rating and compare with other bikesEngine and transmissionDisplacement:471.00 ccm (28.74 cubic inches)Engine type:Twin, four-strokePower:46.94 HP (34.3 kW)) @ 8500 RPMTorque:43.00 Nm (4.4 kgf-m or 31.7 ft.lbs) @ 7000 RPMCompression:10.7:1Bore x stroke:67.0 x 66.8 mm (2.6 x 2.6 inches)Valves per cylinder:4Fuel system:InjectionCooling system:LiquidGearbox:6-speedTransmission type,final drive:ChainClutch:Wet multiplateFuel consumption:3.70 litres/100 km (27.0 km/l or 63.57 mpg)Greenhouse gases:85.8 CO2 g/km. (CO2 - Carbon dioxide emission) Exhaust system:2-1 manifold with Catalyst and 02 feedbackChassis, suspension, brakes and wheelsFrame type:Steel, Diamond. Swing arm: 567.7mm.Front suspension:Conventional Telescopic, 41mmRear suspension:Prolink mono with 9 stage Preload adjuster, steel square pipe swingarmFront tyre:120/70-ZR17 Rear tyre:160/60-ZR17 Front brakes:Single discFront brakes diameter:320 mm (12.6 inches)Rear brakes:Single discRear brakes diameter:240 mm (9.4 inches)Wheels:Multi-Spoke Aluminium CastPhysical measures and capacitiesDry weight:178.0 kg (392.4 pounds)Weight incl. oil, gas, etc:195.0 kg (429.9 pounds)Power/weight ratio:0.2637 HP/kgSeat height:810 mm (31.9 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.Overall height:1,262 mm (49.7 inches)Overall length:2,096 mm (82.5 inches)Overall width:822 mm (32.4 inches)Ground clearance:165 mm (6.5 inches)Wheelbase:1,421 mm (55.9 inches)Fuel capacity:17.30 litres (4.57 gallons)Oil capacity:3.20 litres (0.21 quarts)Other specificationsColor options:BlackStarter:KickInstruments:Digital Speedometer, Digital Bar Graph Tachometer, Dual Trip Meters, Digital Fuel Level Gauge and Fuel Consumption Gauge, Digital ClockFurther informationInsurance costsGet estimated US insurance cost with a quote from Allstate Motorcycle Insurance. Parts finder Chaparral provides online schematics & OEM parts for the US. Motorcycle Superstore provides an easy-to-use parts finder. Ships to the US, Canada, UK and Australia. CMSNL ships low cost OEM motorcycle parts to Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom, The United States and more. Also check out our overview of motorcycle webshops at questionsJoin the 13 Honda CB500X discussion group or the general Honda discussion group.Loans, tests, etcSearch the web for dealers, loan costs, tests, customizing, etc.Related bikesList related bikes for comparison of specs.

2013 Honda CB500X ABS | Review

2013 Honda CB500X ABS Motorcycle Test

Honda has set its sights on a piece of the novice riding crowd with a trio of mid-size 500s based on the same engine and chassis, but tweaked slightly to focus on specific niches. Taller and heavier than its CBR500R (sport) and CB500F (naked) brothers, the 2013 Honda CB500X ABS is the more adventurous sibling, capable of journeying farther from home on a tank of gas.

The easy going personality of the 2013 Honda CB500X makes it a natural fit for those moving up from a smaller bike, or for the freshman rider needing a larger format. From your first leg over the CB500X’s saddle, you’ll find the bike has that comfortable, familiar feeling that comes from well-designed ergonomics, creating instant rapport. Flick up the kickstand, turn the key, and off you go.

The smooth and light engagement of the clutch makes pulling away from a stop as easy as pie. While the CB500X doesn’t have big muscles to flex, the 471cc liquid-cooled parallel twin is surprisingly capable thanks to good mid-range torque and a responsive, yet unhurried, power delivery. The mid-size engine is large enough to get the job done without being a handful for anyone, and this is a welcome trait for everyday casual riding.

Commuting to work for an extended period on the modest looking bike, I had a blast. The upright ergonomics and 32-inch saddle provide a good view over the four-wheeled traffic, and the good-sized mirrors only have to dodge the larger and higher truck or SUV mirrors. Shifting smoothly and easily, and with a relatively narrow physique, the CB500X maneuvers down the channel between lanes like a commuting champ.

In fast-moving suburban environments, the Honda CB500X has no trouble keeping up with the speed of traffic. Yes, you will get caught out sometimes when you should have downshifted, but didn’t; the engine is responsive enough that you think you can get away with just twisting the throttle all the way to the stop.

Downshifting to get to the meat of the motor will keep your speed up when you’re trying to make time across a busy freeway. I did find myself trying to shift up into a seventh gear on more than one occasion, but even so, the bike easily carries a fast pace, and feels solid while doing so, thanks to its nearly 60-inch wheelbase.

One of the great things about the CB500X is how much you can get out of it. While it is simple fun at relaxed speeds, responding in a predictable and controlled manner, you can also wring a surprising amount of action out of it with aggressive downshifting and throttle twisting. I was able to keep up with larger bikes through some winding mountain roads by pushing hard.

The longish travel suspension strikes a satisfying balance; with 5.5-inches up front and 4.7-inches of pre-load adjustable travel at the rear, the CB500X feels plush around town, but is firm enough for spirited riding and affords good cornering clearance. Sure, if sport riding is your main focus, you might want to look at the CBR500R, but if you like to mix some lively sport riding into your weekend adventures, the 500X is convincingly capable.

The Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires never gave me pause, even though they’re ostensibly off-roadable tires. Feel at both ends is good, and it’s hard to imagine the Pirellis being pushed too far or hard by the intended rider.

The Honda CB500X may look like an adventure bike, but it’s pretty much a pavement machine (Honda describes the bike as “adventure-style”). Sure, you can take the Scorpion Trail tires on a dirt road and the bottom cowling will protect the motor from pit-inducing rocks, but it’s not a serious adventure bike. The suspension, while fine for fun pavement riding, is quickly overwhelmed off-road.

Additional confidence for sporty riding comes from a single 320mm disc up front that is more than capable of slowing the CB500X’s 430-pound claimed curb weight. Never grabby, the four-piston calipers provide reassurance. The 240mm rear rotor is also effective and has good feel. 

For novice riders, as well as experienced hands, ABS is a good idea. Because I always rode in good weather, I had to force it to show its hand, but the Honda ABS system’s behavior is exemplary. It’s not a necessity, but if you can afford it, spring for the extra safety.

With a 4.5-gallon tank and impressive mileage (over 50 mpg), the CB500X is absolutely ready to take on weekend adventures. The comfortable seat is roomy, the ride is all-day plush, and the adjustable windscreen takes the edge off the windblast.

The agreeably wide bars afford extra control over rough pavement, which happens to be the range of the suspension.

The CB500X is comfortable and strong enough for light weekend touring duty. Honda Genuine Accessories offer such options as a centerstand, rear trunk, saddlebags, and a tall windscreen. However, adding those four options adds $2000 to what starts off as an inexpensive machine. Still, for touring on a budget, it’s doable.

The 2013 Honda CB500X is a surprisingly fun, versatile bike, well positioned in the mid-size sport/touring/adventure categories. Flying under the radar in an unassuming matte black (with odd digitized gray camo stickers), the CB500X’s appearance downplays its capabilities and fun factor. The Honda CB500X will confidently satisfy a variety of everyday riding duties, and will be on the short list for many new riders, those looking to move up from a 250-class machine, or a returning rider who wants to ease back into the sport.

Photography by Don Williams

Riding Style– Helmet: Shoei RF-1100– Jacket: Joe Rocket Ladies Trixie– Backpack: Alpinestars Protection Pack– Gloves: Cortech DX2– Jeans: Ugly Bros Aegis-K– Boots: Tour Master Solution Waterproof Road

2013 Honda CB500X ABS Specs:

Engine– Engine Type: 471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin– Bore And Stroke: 67mm x 66.8mm– Compression Ratio: 10.7:1– Induction: PGM-FI with 34mm throttle bodies– Ignition: Computer-controlled digital transistorized with electronic advance– Valve Train: DOHC; four valves per cylinder

Drive Train– Transmission: Six-speed– Final Drive: O-ring-sealed chain

Chassis/Suspension/Brakes– Front Suspension: 41mm fork; 5.5 inches travel– Rear Suspension: Pro-Link single shock with nine-position spring preload adjustability; 4.7 inches travel– Front Brake: Twin-piston caliper with single 320mm wave disc; Combined ABS– Rear Brake: Single caliper 240mm wave disc; Combined ABS– Front Tire: 120/70-17 radial– Rear Tire: 160/60-17 radial

Dimensions:– Rake: 26.5 degrees– Trail: 109mm (4.29 inches)– Wheelbase: 55.9 inches– Seat Height: 31.9 inches– Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gallons

Other:– Model Id: CB500X ABS– Emissions: Meets current EPA standards. Models sold in California meet current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.– Available Colors: Matte Black Metallic– Price: $6499; non-ABS: $5999

Honda CB500X – если мотоцикл, то универсальный|Статьи

Главная → Статьи → Honda CB500X – если мотоцикл, то универсальный

13.05.2014, 1266 просмотров.

Так уж сложилась ситуация, что сейчас все любители мототехники наперебой заговорили о «Хонде». В условиях прекращения гонки мощностей это можно легко понять. Японцы создали своей продукции хорошую репутацию. Когда слышишь о марке Honda, то на ум приходят такие слова, как надёжность, универсальность, качество, функциональность и прочие подобные. Пришло время вспомнить ещё об одном восточном красавчике. Если вы хотите сделать свою жизнь ярче и интенсивнее, то тогда Honda CB500X создан для вас.

В самом начале скажем, что он идеально подходит для начинающих, тех, кто только открыл для себя чудесный мир спортивних байков. Этот мотоцикл лёгок в управлении, надёжен и безопасен. Удобность и многофункциональность Honda CB500X, выпуск которого стартовал в 2013 году, делает его универсальным вариантом для новичков и для профессионалов. Он обладает просто неисчерпаемым потенциалом.

Honda CB500X – успех в чистом виде

Модель CB500X интересна прежде всего тем, что сможет себя проявить практически на любом покрытии. Он полетит и по гладенькой трассе, и по грунтовке, и по горной неровной дороге. Японцы создали Honda CB500X цена которого зависит от комплектующих, с расчетом на широкие требования клиентов. Мотоцикл удовлетворит и любителей коротких поездочек, и долгих путешествий. Надёжность этой техники не позволит вам усомниться в том, что стоит отправиться на ней, куда глаза глядят.

То, что Honda CB500X способен эффективно передвигаться по пересечённой местности подтверждает его телескопическая вилка со 140-миллиметровым ходом и задняя подвеска ProLink. Движет мотоциклом высококлассный мотор с двумя цилиндрами. Объём впечатляющий, а именно – 471 см3. Вместительность топливного бака также была увеличена по сравнению с предшественниками. Кроме технологических плюсов это чревато также тем, что теперь у Honda CB500X более удобная посадка и хороший обзор. Сиденье находится на 80-сантиметровой высоте, а руль на достаточно высокой. Это значит, что мотоцикл подойдёт водителям с разной комплекцией.

Доступная цена Honda CB500X

Всех, кто только услышал о новом мотоцикле от Хонды, безусловно, заинтересовали возможные цены на данную модель. Как известно, японским производителям важно, чтобы клиентов не отпугивали цены. Honda CB500X цена которого варьируется в пределах 8 – 10 тысяч долларов, сравним по этой характеристике с другими представителями линии CB. Стоимость может колебаться в зависимости от запчастей, двигателя и аксессуаров, которые вы захотите приобрести для своего железного коня, чтобы Honda CB500X был совершенно индивидуален.

Среди основных особенностей модели стоит отметить инжекторный движок с высоким уровнем балансировки, впрыскивающий соответствующую условиям езды смесь топлива, длинный ход передней вилки, очень лёгкие диски из алюминия и довольно невысокий расход горючего. Напомним, что Honda CB500X цена которого делает его достаточно доступным покупателю, выпускается с пришлого года.

Технические характеристики Honda CB500X


Тип двигателя

Р2 — 2-цилиндровый, 8-клапановый с жидкостным охлаждением (DOHC)


471 куб. см

Диаметр цилиндра и ход поршня

67.0 x 66.8 мм

Степень сжатия


Максимальная мощность

54 л. с. при 8500 об/мин

Максимальный момент

43 Нм при 7000 об/мин

Система смазки

Смазка под давлением, мокрый картер


Впрыск топлива PGM FI

Тип сцепления


Система зажигания

Компьютерно цифровое управление

Система запуска


Система трансмиссии

Постоянного зацепления, 6-скоростная

Тип привода




Стальная, ромбовидня

Передняя подвеска

Телескопические вилки, Ø 41 мм.

Ход передней подвески:

120 мм

Задняя подвеска

Pro-Link mono с девятью позиций регулировки предварительной нагрузки пружины;

Ход задней подвески

105 мм

Угол наклона вилки


Передний тормоз

Полуплавающий 320 мм лепестковый диск, 2-поршневые супорты.

Задний тормоз

Однодисковый, Ø 240 мм, 1-поршневой супорт.

Размер передней шины

120/70-17 Multi-Spoke Алюминиевое литье, MT 3,5

Размер задней шины

160/60-17 Multi-Spoke Алюминиевое литье, MT 4,5

Габаритные размеры Honda CB500X


2096 мм


822 мм


1262 мм

Высота по седлу

810 мм

Колесная база

1421 мм

Минимальный дорожный просвет

165 мм

Емкость топливного бака

17,3 л

Емкость масляной системы

3.2 л

Масса с техническими жидкостями

195 кг

Видео с Honda CB500X

Honda CB500X на выставке

Промовидео мотоциклов CB500F, CB500X и CBR500R


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Testing the 0-100 acceleration on the 35 kW Honda. Acceleration starts at 0:36 100 kmh is done in 3rd gear.

1 г. назад

We put the face-lifted 2016 Honda CB500X ABS side-by-side with its 2013 predecessor to see the changes in greater detail. Read the full story and see more ...

1 мес. назад

Honda mostra três opções de utilização da família CB500, com versão naked, sport e adventure. No Autódromo de Curvelo/MG, Alfredo Guedes, da Moto ...

4 мес. назад

Alhamdulillah saya berkesempatan untuk testride moge Honda CB500X Indonesia, motor ini motor adventure yang nyaman banget!! Terimakasih MPM Honda ...

8 мес. назад

CB500 X @18:13 accelerations @0:25 @2:07 @13:58 @35:23 A propos de la CB 500F : + : accessible à tout le monde sans bridage légère et maniable on peut ...

3 мес. назад

Comparamos la recién llegada al mercado Benelli TRK 502 con una de las referencias en este segmento, la Honda CB500X, para salir de la duda que se ...

5 мес. назад

Motornya @hondabigbikejateng (Follow on Instagram) ===================================================== Akun Social Media yang lain ...

2 г. назад

See the first production conversion in the U.S. 2013 Honda CB500X-non ABS Assembly videos to follow.. ...

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