Honda vfr400z nc21. Хонда nc 21

Honda vfr400k nc 21

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  • Honda fined $70 million for failing to report deaths, injuries

    The federal agency charged with keeping US motorists safe announced Thursday it has fined Honda $70 million for failing to report death and injury data in a timely manner. Honda failed to report 1,729 incidents involving death or injury over an 11-year period, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officials. Federal law requires automakers to report deaths, injuries and

  • Honda revamps F1 engine for McLaren

    Things haven't been going smoothly for Honda since returning to Formula One, and the Japanese automaker says the challenge has been greater than it anticipated. But after a stronger showing at the recent Hungarian Grand Prix, Honda says its reliability issues are behind it and is working on introducing a revamped engine for the second half of the season. "I am confident our reliability

  • Takata airbag victim looked like she had been stabbed

    We generally take certain principals for granted. The more water you drink, for example, the healthier you'll be. The more time you spend reading car news on Autoblog, the better informed you'll be. And the more airbags your car has, the safer you'll be. Because airbags equal safety. But that's not what some unfortunate drivers of vehicles equipped with Takata airbags are finding, and tragically

  • Honda FCEV could be hiding EV, PHEV surprises in Tokyo

    Honda has already detailed which vehicles it will bring to the Tokyo Motor Show next week, but we think there's something the automaker isn't telling us. We've been thinking about the company's various announcements regarding future powertrain plans, and we now think that the FCEV is going to house more than just a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain at some point down the road. We think that the


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Honda vfr400k nc21

Read also: recent reviews, test drives, automotive trends and the latest news from the world of cars.

  • Honda Wander Walker, Stand will roam around, around, around [w/video]

    They do things differently in Japan, and we're not just talking about the adorable kei car. No, the concept vehicles that debut at the Tokyo Motor Show are decidedly different than what you might see in Geneva or Detroit. Case in point – the Honda Wander Walker and Wander Stand Concepts, which we previewed late last month. Despite its name, the Wander Walker is quite obviously a four-wheeled

  • Honda recalling 143K Civic, Fit models for CVT

    Honda is recalling 143,676 examples of the 2014-2015 Civic and 2015 Fit for a problem with the way that its software controls the CVT. Currently, the system uses high hydraulic pressure in the transmission at times, which can put stress on the drive pulley shaft. Also, some of those parts "may have been produced at the low end of the hardness specification" during manufacturing, the automaker

  • It turns out Takata isn't willing to expand airbag recall nationally after all

    There have been "approximately 0.000006 failures per air bag deployment, which is far below the failure rate" of most recalls, Takata claims. Takata has seemingly made an about face following reports that it would expand its regional airbag recall into a nationwide repair effort, issuing a scathing, four-page letter rebutting allegations by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and

  • Honda CR-V set to grow in its next-generation

    It's been accepted that cars grow with each successive generation. Honda looks to be stretching that theory as it conducts testing of the next-generation CR-V. It's big. Judging by these images, Honda has essentially taken a CR-V and inserted a big, long door between the B- and C-pillars, stretching the wheelbase by what has to be several inches at the very least. This makes it a virtual


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Honda vfr400r nc21

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  • Honda recalls 2016 Pilot for warning light issue, 35k affected

    Honda is recalling 35,406 examples of the 2016 Pilot in the US because the vehicles' warning lamps might not activate immediately. Specifically, the campaign covers two-whee-drive models with build dates between May 4, 2015, and September 8, 2015, and four-wheel drive versions from between May 7, 2015, and September 4, 2015. Due to this issue, if there's a malfunction in aids like the tire

  • Honda updates Takata airbag recall status for some models

    The net enveloping vehicles in the Takata airbag inflator recall just seems to keep widening. Honda is now updating its previous campaign to revise the status for even more models that were ever registered in (or originally sold in) 13 high-humidity US states and territories. All of these vehicles were included in the company's earlier repairs. However, at the time this fix was titled "a

  • 2017 Honda Ridgeline boosts fuel economy by 5 mpg

    The 2017 Ridgeline brings Honda back into the pickup segment later this spring, but the automaker has so far kept quiet about many of the new truck's specs. Thanks to the government, we now have fuel-economy ratings for the new model, and they compare well to the competition. Front-drive versions of the new Ridgeline get 19 miles per gallon in the city and 26 mpg highway. If you opt for

  • Five signs Honda cares about enthusiasts, again

    It's a great time to be an enthusiast. From high-horsepower Hellcats to the purist BRZ, engaging automobiles are found in nearly every segment of the market. Everyone wants to join the performance parade. Everyone it seemed, but Honda. The company that built some of Formula One's most successful engines, helped launch the tuner market and gave the world a seminal supercar, has watched


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Honda vfr400z nc21

Read also: recent reviews, test drives, automotive trends and the latest news from the world of cars.

  • Honda scraps 2017 sales target amid concerns over quality

    Honda CEO Takanobu Ito thinks that the automaker he leads needs to go back to basics to avoid continuing quality concerns. To do that, the boss is making the radical shift of entirely chucking the company's six-million vehicle annual sale targets through 2017, and there's no intention to include the goals in the next midterm plan, either, according to Bloomberg. The move comes soon after last

  • 2016 Honda HR-V: Long-Term Introduction

    From the moment we first drove Honda's new HR-V, it was clear that this car would be a hit in the now-booming small crossover segment. Through October of this year, Honda moved 33,727 examples of its new HR-V, and last month alone, the CUV outsold its platform-mate Fit nearly three-and-a-half times over. Considering its importance not only for the segment, but for Honda as a brand, we knew a

  • Honda sending two NSX racers and new EV concept to Pikes Peak

    Honda is always good for a few interesting Pikes Peak entries. In 2015, Acura supplied a 2017 NSX prototype for pace-car duty. This time around, two NSXes will compete alongside a reconfigured version of the company's four-motor electric racecar. Those aren't the 2016 entries above. The one on the right is last year's pace car and the one on the left is a first-gen NSX that did the hillclimb

  • Honda To Expand Takata Air Bag Recall Nationwide

    Under pressure from federal regulators, Honda is expanding a recall of driver's side air bags to all 50 states. The air bags, made by Japanese supplier Takata Corp., can explode with too much force, sending metal shrapnel into the passenger compartment. Takata insists that current recalls covering 8 million U.S. cars in high-humidity areas are sufficient. But the National Highway Traffic


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