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Honda Win 100cc Hire Hanoi


(Honda Win 100cc is a four-stroke light weight sport bike at 15 USD per day for long distance trip or 100$US a month for expatriates riding in the city)

Sorry, this motorcycle is not available for rent anymore.

About Honda Win 100cc

Honda Win 100cc: light weight, easy to ride, fast and reliable. This bike shares the same engine and many parts like the popular Honda Wave or Dream 100cc which makes it the cheapest option for a manual clutch bike in Vietnam. We upgraded the ignition system to CDI and 12V. The generic Chinese version of this Honda Win is now every where on the mountain roads, however, this genuine Honda Win (rebuilt in late 2010) is far more reliable than a Chinese copy! We feel that this bike doesn’t fit well with our Western customers and we use the much larger road bike or cruiser 125cc.

This model was made based on the Honda CD90cc model which started in 1971 by the joint venture between PT Federal Motor and Honda Japan as CKD (Completely Knocked Down). The first Honda Win 100cc was made in 1986 and the last one in 2005. There is no change in design, just mud guards and stickers.

About The Chinese Win

99% of used or new so called “Honda Win’s” now is a Chinese copy!

How to tell if it’s a Chinese copy that people lie as Honda Win?To tell if it’s a Honda product or a Chinese bike just do these checks:1. Look at the blue registration card and in case you don’t see Honda printed anywhere in the brand section then it’s a Chinese bike.2. If the bike comes with both electric start and kick-start, then 99% it’s a Chinese. In reality, the real Honda Win comes with only kick start like in the photos on this page. We’ve seen some Chinese copy cats with only kick start but they were very old models.3. Look at prices offered. 100-400$US range is for a Chinese bike. A working Japanese Honda Win usually starts from around 600$US to as much as 2,000$US!4. Follow this link and look at photos.

Bike dealers or rental companies in Vietnam usually cheat tourists and advertise Honda Win even it’s a Chinese copy. We are honest and against this plot, so we don’t use this model. Your experience with a Chinese fake, after all, can be more trouble than fun! Many people joked “Chinese Win is a Chinese Lose“!

1986 Honda Win 100cc

2005 Honda Win 100cc

Honda Win 100cc Specifications

Curb weight 100 kg
Overall length x width x height 1,910 x 700 x 1,065 mm
Wheel base 1,235 mm
Seat height 760 mm
Min-ground clearance 130 mm
Fuel tank capacity 8.0l
Chassis Tubes
Front Tires 2.75 – 18 – 42P
Rear Tires 3.00 – 17 – 44P
Front Brake Drum
Rear Brake Drum
Clutch Manual, Wet Type, & Double Clutch
Battery 12V – 4Ah
Spark Plug NGK C7HSA
Ignition CDI-DC, Battery
Cam Chain Silent chain
Fuel Consuming 51.4 km/liter speed 50 km/hour (standard gasoline)
Engine oil capacity 1.0 litre when dismantling machine; 0.7 litre when changing lubricant
Front suspension Spring, Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Rear suspension Modified Wave RSX Spring, Hydraulic Shock Absorber
Engine type 4-Stroke, OHC, Air Cooled
Displacement 100 cm3
Bore stroke 50 x 49.5 mm
Compression ratio 9.0 : 1
Max. output / rpm 10.8 hp / 8,000 rpm
Gear box 1-N-2-3-4, 4 Speed
Starting system Kick starter

For current Japanese Honda road bikes Offroad Vietnam hires out, please follow this link.

The Detech Honda Win manual




Locals use the Win for transporting, not because they’re reliable, but cheap and don’t need to bother much if confiscated by the police

A simple google of “Honda Win” will reveal the reputable sources and their opinions on the Honda Win motorbike. Most of us won’t touch the motorbike, the risk of reputation damage is not worth it. Some reputable places will stock it to get people in the door, but they don’t actually want backpackers to buy it.At Tigit we do not use the Honda Win. We deal with genuine motorbikes for travelling Vietnam.

The truth about the Honda Win.

Unreliable, unpredictable and generally expensive to fix. Even if they do work, they will never drive properly and have no handling and no build quality!

It is the new drivers who end up on these motorbikes. New drivers have no comparison to compare from driving a real motorbike. A shame in our eyes to see backpackers missing out on an amazing opportunity to drive a good motorbike through some of the greatest mountain roads in the world.

The worst motorbike in South East Asia.

You will ONLY see the Wins on remote mountains of the North, because there is no genuine service for genuine bikes there. Just buy the cheapest and throw away after a few years

Looking around the city streets and it can be seen that locals do not use the Honda Win. They can be found in the mountains used by farmers. The nice thing about the Win is that it is so cheap to buy that it never depreciates. For farmers who can do maintenance at Vietnamese prices then the Win serves a purpose. For backpackers, they are a disaster of breakdowns.

But all the other backpackers are on Honda Wins!

Yes, because all the other backpackers have no idea what they are doing and seem perfectly happy to lie to eachother to save cash on ruined holidays of over budget breakdowns.


the term “no breakdowns” is used in very Win adverts. Hmmmm


Just look on craigslist and facebook to see that every Honda Win advert has a copied and pasted “no breakdowns” and oil changes every “200-400km”. This is basically claiming an oil change for every single day of driving! Not particularly economical or cost efficient!

When should you buy a Honda Win?

Hopefully the answer is never, but perhaps a group of lads on a holiday aimed at laughing at each other whenever anything goes wrong. The Honda Win can provide some additional entertainment and story lines.Having said that, not even the Top Gear guys were dumb enough to buy these motorbikes, now that is saying something!

Don’t trust dealers? Backpacker to backpacker pact ? Ok then…. watch these!



Estimated value – $150-700The Win and the Detech Honda Win are the most common motorbike to be found in the backpacker street.A joke of a motorbike that wobbles around and breaks down all through the country. Surprisingly expensive to fix and generally an absolute burner of dollar notes in mechanic bills.




The Win looks “cool” so backpackers fall in love with it, only to find a holiday with unpredictable and expensive breakdowns.Choose the Win if:You are an adventure seeker!  You are a lad on tour wanting a “laugh”!


The cheapest motorbike with a classic “real” motorbike look


The Detech Honda Win have become popular on the backpacker market. A new brand and style of travelling where a new Detech Win can be purchased for around $600-700 with a guaranteed buyback. Essentially the same as a traditional motorbike rental.Backpackers now have the decision of renting a Detech Honda Win for the difference of $180 or renting a genuine Honda motorbike for $250.

It is common for backpackers to email Tigit and ask if we believe these Detech Wins are reliable, despite the fact we don’t operate in this market. Our thoughts from watching the backpacker sales is that these new Detech Wins tend to work without breakdowns, however they still drive like toy motorbikes that wobble around and have no quality.

Simply put: in performance they can’t be compared to the experience of riding a genuine Honda motorbike. This is something that is difficult to explain in words or even capture on video. It has created a split in the market where experienced riders who understand about performance will use a company like Tigit. Leaving the inexperienced first time riders to the Honda Win.

Huge improvements on years gone by where backpackers were buying and selling incredibly dangerous Honda Win motorbikes on a mass scale. This market still exists, but has become considerably smaller!

Chinese Copy Of The Honda Win


(This Chinese copy of the Honda Win 100cc is normally sold and advertised as Honda Win but things are very different. It’s straight out a lie and we will go over things you should know.)

Sorry, we don’t provide this model as we don’t consider it as a “touring bike”, even the real Japanese Honda Win.

First, look at the two photos below to have an idea of the original Honda Win and a Chinese copy of the Honda Win 100cc. A new Japanese Honda Win (imported from Indonesia) used to cost over 2,000$US and a new Chinese copy of the Honda Win is now sold for about 550$US. Vietnam has 100-120% taxes on imported motorbikes so expect a double price of the same bike here than in your home country!

Photo 1. Japanese Honda Win 100cc (restored)

Photo 2. Chinese Copy Of The Honda Win 100cc (Spray Painted)

Offroad Vietnam never offers, provides or uses Chinese copy of the Honda Win 100cc so there is nothing to speak ill about it. We only tell the truth because you don’t want to be cheated, right? Apparently, dishonest sellers tell lie right from the beginning by using the name Honda Win! We accept less business rather than cheating people.

Japanese Genuine Honda Win

This model was made based on the Honda CD90cc model which started in 1971 by the joint venture between PT Federal Motor and Honda Japan as CKD (Completely Knocked Down). The first Honda Win 100cc was made in 1986 and the last one in 2005. There is little change in design, just mud guards and stickers.

Japanese Honda Win 100cc was designed to light weight, easy to ride, fast and reliable. It shared the engine (except manual clutch) and many parts like the popular Honda Wave or Dream 100cc which made it the cheapest option for a manual clutch bike in Vietnam. However, with a demand for stronger and more reliable touring bikes, Honda PT Indonesia discontinued this model in early 2000’s.

Chinese Copy Of The Honda Win 100cc

About 99% of used or new so called “Honda Win’s” now is a Chinese copy! To tell if it’s a Honda product or a Chinese bike just look at the blue registration card and if you don’t see Honda printed then it’s a Chinese bike. The other way is if the bike comes with both electric start and kick start then it’s definitely a Chinese copy.

The real Honda Win comes with only kick start like in the first photo of this page. There are some Chinese Win’s that also have no electric starter. Bike dealers or rental companies in Vietnam usually cheat tourists and advertise Honda Win while in fact, it’s a Chinese copy. We are honest and against this plot, so we don’t use this model. Your experience with a Chinese fake, after all, can be more trouble than fun! Many people joked “Chinese Win is a Chinese Lose“!

Most of the used Chinese copy of the Honda Win motorbikes have bad idling due to many problems of engine, carburettor and electrical system. This affects the acceleration and performance of the bike. It’s not easy nor simple to fix the problem because it’s the quality of a Chinese copy, not just the carburettor! Imagine what would happen when you try to overtake other vehicles like buses or trucks? If you value your life for just around 300$US then go for it, we have no comment.

This crap is responsible for a fall in tourist number to Vietnam over the past few years. After all, it’s the Vietnamese sellers, not the tourists. Nobody is happy in the end, you get what you pay for.

Our Real Experience

Before you read a real experience from a tourist like you below, above is a photo of our own experience that we would like to share. This happened when we rented a Chinese Win from a restaurant owner back in October 2008 when one of our bikes broke down. Our guide was riding down a hill near Sapa and the rear brake hub broke and locked the wheel. He almost lost his life and this is the only time we tried a Chinese Win, never again!

Vietnam is not a place for beginners, so please consider a touring bike as your feet! Below is a copy of a thread on a forum that you can see in full details here. That’s Chris’ experience and I below = Chris. We only added some updated information, photos or our reviews. This came from a tourist with his real experience and should be very clear about a Chinese copy of the Honda Win. Let the truth speaks itself.

A Real Experience From A Tourist Like You

Many bikes shops try to sell second-hand Wins and they do not just give you an unsafe bike but make money on you (while you think you save money)! Then when you resell it to another tourist they will be the next person to pay. Is this what you really want?

Most of the bikes being sold by backpackers and buy-and-sell bike shops on most occasions have been bought from another backpacker who also is likely to have purchased the bike from a backpacker, which means that the bike has gone up and down Vietnam like a yo yo. During the trip, the bikes would have had multiple works and rebuilds done to them. Most of the time they will claim they bought it from someone else. You only need to check the clock to see the mileage on them to know they are no longer safe and reliable. Even still most of the time the mileage gauge has stopped working and it’s not difficult to adjust it to a lower figure or just have a new one replaced for around 3$US. On some of these bikes, the true mileage is normally 60,000 70,000 or maybe more.

Ok, so some facts about rebuilds, which all the shops claim have been done to most of their bikes. The figures below are on average and relating to the Chinese copy of the Honda Win.

Rebuilt Bikes

Most shops will rebuild an engine using second hand (or very cheap) parts. The engine should have a rebuild with brand new parts, once only after 20,000km, so after 40,000km the bike is on its way out and so shouldn’t be used for any long distance trips at all! Also, parts of the bike like the suspension should be changed when needed and properly fixed with new or at least with good second-hand parts. Ignoring the basic maintenance of a bike or doing up a bike just to make it look good (most Chinese Win were spray painted in black for this reason alone), this is when the bike can become unsafe and dangerous. (Offroad Vietnam tested some Chinese copy of the Honda Win bikes and found out that the rear suspension is dead or too hard and the front leaks oil).

Real Prices?

The price of the bike is often bumped up to tourists by a substantial amount in some cases over double the price of what a local would pay! The average price for a second-hand Chinese copy of the Honda Win being sold to a tourist is $350 to $400 and notice how the price is always similar and not priced on the condition, mileage and model, but apparently they have all had rebuilds, which I hope, but doubt they have used brand new parts and only rebuilt it once.

The true value should be judged upon each individual bike and can start from $50 to $550 for a brand new one! You can always get a deal from a backpacker trying to sell their bike. However, if you have no maniacal knowledge, you are buying blind. In my experience, I have seen bikes being bought for about $80 from a backpacker and then sprayed with paint to look new and only a few minor adjustments have been applied and then resold as a rebuild for $350 sometimes even $400.

Buy Back Promise?

When you purchase a Chinese copy of the Honda Win from a buy and sell shop you might be offered a guaranteed buy back at the other end through a connected company. A lot of times the customer would be told that they would buy it back for about $250. However, if you manage to find the other shop, I can assure you they will not be buying it back for $250 but most probably $50 to a maximum of $150. They will point out and find numerous problems with the bike and explain because it wasn’t looked after they cannot pay the full amount that was promised.

You might get lucky and be able to sell it to another backpacker. (Honestly speaking, backpackers who ride Chinese copy of the Honda Win know very little about mechanic basics. Some even didn’t change engine oil as needed or oil the drive chain every day. So this is not just the sellers.)

There are a lot of comments on forums of people claiming that they bought and then sold the bike and they lost hardly any money and this does happen. However, in my experience, it’s not often and what a lot of people fail to mention is the true amount they had to spend to keep it running during their trip. This can add up to much more than the true value of the bike.

History of the Honda win

Honda stopped making real wins in 2000. Soon after the Chinese copied it. It’s really hard to come across a real Honda win these days and often most people believe that their bike is a real Honda when in fact it is a bad copy. The Vietnamese copied it in late 2000’s and make a slightly more reliable version which is called a Sufat.

Offroad Vietnam also tested a Sufat Win and to be honest it’s just another Chinese copy of the Honda Win with a new name! This company now makes more electric bikes than motorbikes. For more details, visit the official website of the government office of Vietnam Register here and scroll down to Sufat in column 2 and in column 4 it said Trung Quoc va Viet Nam – China & Vietnam. Or simply copy this link and use Google Translate. Last motorcycle product of this company was updated in early 2013 so for the past few years they didn’t make more motorcycles due to low demand which means not welcome by buyers.

So what’s the solution to all this?

Take your time when buying a bike; don’t be pushed into buying something that you are not 100% sure about. Check the mileage. Look at the bike to see if it has been spray painted to cover anything up (like in the photo 2 above) and don’t buy into any promised buy backs.

Renting from a trusted rental shop is always a better option. However, if you want to buy a Chinese copy of the Honda Win you can buy a relatively new Win in very good condition with low mileage for about $300 (only from another backpacker if you are lucky, when you buy from a shop at this price it’s a crap! The Chinese copy of the Honda Win in this page was bought at 5.5 million VN Dongs – 250$US .).

For current real Honda motorbikes Offroad Vietnam is selling, please follow this link.

Honda WIN

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- 5. K.Raikkonen (McLaren)65
- 6. J.Button (Honda)56
- 7.R.Barricello (Honda)30

Кубок конструкторов 2006

- 1.Renault                      206
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- 3.McLaren110
- 4.Honda86
- 5.BMW36

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